Why Is My LoL Stuck In Loading Screen?

League of legends is an online-based game that features over 140 champs for you and your team to choose from. However, just like other games that are played on a computer, league of legends has been reported to come with some bugs and issues.

In this article, therefore, we will be shining the limelight on one of those bugs. We will be considering why your league of legends is stuck on the loading screen.

Stick around as we explore.

Why Is My LoL Stuck In Loading Screen?

If you have tried playing league of legends and it just keeps getting stuck on the loading screen, then, the issue might most likely be with your computer. There are different reasons why your computer could experience difficulties in loading the game in full.

Let’s, therefore, check out some of the reasons why your lol could be stuck on the loading screen.

Problem 1: System Requirement Issues

The system requirements are the first point of call if your lol is getting stuck on the loading screen. If your computer does not have the right configuration to be compatible enough with the game, then the game won’t launch

on your computer. Even if it does, you will experience serious issues with gameplay.

You will therefore have to make sure to verify the system requirements of the game and see if it is what your computer can run with.

Problem 2: Low Virtual RAM

The virtual memory combines the RAM and temporary space on the same disk. So, if your device’s virtual RAM is running low or the default size of the temporary space is not enough to load the league of legends, then you will have difficulties launching the game.

Also, if there is any dirt around the RAM component of your computer, your computer could experience issues launching this game.

Problem 3: Game or System Updates

If you have tried playing league of legends and you have not had any issues with it on your computer before it suddenly started getting stuck on the loading screen, then you most likely need to update the game. Chances are that you have not updated the game in a while. You will have to check for updates and update the game for this issue to be rectified.

Sometimes, it might not be the game, it could also be that your Windows OS has become outdated or corrupted. If it is either of the two, then, the league of legends game will keep getting stuck on the loading screen. You will also have to check for updates and update your Windows OS.

Problem 4: Overlaying Apps

Some popular apps could have their overlay program in the background and this can hinder the flow of the league of legends game.

These apps run in the background and they will cause issues with the launching and performance of the game. This could be a reason why your league of Legends is stuck on the loading screen.

How To Fix LOL Stuck In The Loading Screen

Fixing all these issues that make your lol game gets stuck on the loading screen is not something so difficult. We have tried out some hacks that worked well in the past and we will be running you through them. They are easy to do and self-explanatory.

All set? Let’s get right into it.

Fix 1: System requirements fix

For your league of legends game to run smoothly, there is a minimum system requirement for your computer. We recommend that your computer should be running on a 64-bit Windows OS, it should boast of 16GB RAM, 80GB available space, intel core i7 4790, and AMD Ryzen 7 2700X.

If your computer meets this requirement, then, you would not experience issues loading the league of legends. Before launching the game, you must therefore check out the configurations of your computer and see if it will be able to see you through the game.

Fix 2: Increase The Virtual Space

If your RAM is running low and you have figured that the temporary space on your computer cannot meet the requirements of the game, you can try increasing it manually. Let’s guide you through how to do that in the simple steps below:

  • Try locating the key with the Windows logo on your keyboard.
  • Have you found it? Great. Click on it and enter advanced system settings.
  • Then, go ahead and view these settings.
  • Once you are in, click on settings.
  • Then, click on the advanced section and select change.
  • You should see an option that indicates automatic that option? Great. Uncheck that box.
  • You know the drive where you have your windows installed, right? Exactly, go ahead and select it.
  • There should be an option tagged custom size in this section, right? Exactly what we thought.
  • Click the options section next to it and enter 4096 in the initial size and maximum size.
  • You are all but done now. Just click on settings and then ok so that the changes can be saved.

The best practice is to restart your computer when you have just applied these settings. Your game should run effectively if you figured out this is the issue.

Fix 3: Check for lol and windows updates

If you have not updated your league of legends game in a while, it could be responsible for why your game is getting stuck. Sometimes, the game could be outdated and this could hinder gameplay.

Let’s quickly run you through how to check for updates and the installation process.

  • Launch the steam client.
  • Once you are in, locate the library section and click on it. That was not too hard to find right? Great.
  • You should see the league of legends section on the left pane. Click on it.
  • This will immediately search for the latest update if there are any.
  • If you find an update available, go ahead and update it.
  • Once the update is done, close the steam client and reboot your computer.
  • This should help solve the issue.

Remember how we said that if your Windows OS is outdated, your lol could have issues with launching and gameplay, right? Exactly. This means that you will also have to ensure that your OS is up to date. You can check that in your windows settings menu. You should be able to see if there is any update available.

Once you’re good on the updates, your lol game should run smoothly.

Fix 4: Disable overlaying apps

Some apps that run in the background can ultimately affect the performance of your league of legends game. So, you have to disable these overlaying apps to fix this issue. Let’s run you through a quick hack on how to do that.

  • Try to locate your task manager.
  • You can use the Ctrl+ Shift + Esc shortcut or go through your windows logo button.
  • Click on the processes and see the apps consuming the system resources.
  • Close the ones eating up the chunk of the space.
  • Your lol game should run smoothly now.


It is not uncommon for PC games like League of legends to sometimes have bugs or issues with launching and gameplay. Sometimes, it could be an update, a system requirement, or an app overlay. Whatever it is though, we have provided sufficient hacks to help you through.

So, go get your lol up and running.

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