How to Fix Valorant’s Could Not Enter Matchmaking Error

If there is one problem you might have when trying to play the Valorant game, it is the problem of the valorant game not being able to enter a matchmaking error. This is a pretty common problem you are likely to have when you try to play the game with a bad network connection.

It isn’t only a bad network connection that could be the problem as the matchmaking error can be caused by other things. We are going to be discussing all these possible causes and more. We are also going to be giving you methods you can use to fix this matchmaking error. 

Causes of Valorant’s could not Enter Matchmaking Error

Different things could be responsible if you keep getting an error message whenever you are trying to matchmake while playing Valorant. From network issues to a host of other things, below is a list of possible reasons why you are getting a Valorant Matchmaking Error.

1. Poor Internet Connection

When it comes to playing games like this, you need the internet connection to be strong and work at its possible best. If the internet connection isn’t too good, you will likely have a matchmaking error wherever you are trying to pair with someone in the game.

You need to take your time out to check the internet connection. Check if your routers are working perfectly if you use a router for your internet connection. If they are not working perfectly, it will affect the ability for you to pair successfully with other people while playing the game.

2. Server Being Down

This is another thing that could be responsible for your matchmaking error on the Valorant. If the server of the game is down, it will become impossible for you to connect or pair with other users online when playing the game.

The valorant or Riot game server being down usually happened from time to time. When this happens, it will become impossible for you to do anything in the game. You will have to check if the server is offline.

You can also check their official Twitter page to know if there are any complaints from other individuals as you will likely not be the only person affected if the server is down.

3. Corrupted System Memory

This is another thing that can affect the ability of you to connect or pair successfully with other players in the game. If you have a corrupted system or file memory, it could lead to you experiencing matchmaking errors when you try to play the game.

Viruses and other things could get into your computer thereby corrupting the system, file memory, or the game log of Valorant. When it happens, it becomes increasingly hard for you to play the valorant game without the game lagging or having a matchmaking error.

4. Unwanted Task Running in the Background

Whenever you are playing the Valorant and you notice that you are getting a matchmaking error, you should try to check if any apps or tabs are running in the background. This is because background apps sometimes affect the ability of the game to function well without lagging.

Some background apps or tabs draw a lot of internet connections to themselves. When this happens, other apps that are in use such as Valorant will not be able to function well because they have a much lesser internet connection. Take your time to close the tabs as leaving them running can cause a matchmaking error.

How to Fix Valorants Could Not Enter Matchmaking Error

Once you get a matchmaking error on Valorant, you should know that there are different things you can do to fix this error. However, the method you use to fix it largely depends on the cause of the matchmaking error.

Below are some methods that will come in handy if you are looking to fix your matchmaking error.

Method 1: Use a Good Internet Connection

This is the first thing you can do if you are looking to fix your match-making error problem. Once you notice that you have a match-making error, you need to check if your internet connection is pretty good. If it isn’t, you can change it for something relatively good and affordable.

Most of the errors you get in a game like this are usually caused by a bad internet connection. Once you change or improve the internet connection, you will be good to go. Your matchmaking error should stop immediately

Method 2: Restart the Device

This is another thing you can do if you will like to solve your Valorant matchmaking error problem. You can simply go ahead and restart the game as a simple restart sometimes can fix the bug or minor issues that could be responsible for this problem.

Restart the game and if it isn’t okay, you can go ahead and restart the device. This should clear every bug issue or every problem of background apps running which might be responsible for the matchmaking errors you get.

Method 3: Delete and Reinstall Valorant and Riot Launcher

If you are having a matchmaking error because your valorant game files have been corrupted, it might be a relatively smart thing to delete and reinstall the Valorant app on your PC.  once you do this, the corrupted game file should clear from your PC. this should allow the game to work smoothly.

On the other hand, if you do not want to delete the app, you can simply delete and reinstall the Riot launcher instead. Follow the steps below to reinstall the launcher

  • Go to the settings of your PC. then, go to the apps and features
  • Click on <add and remove program>. Search for Riot vanguard
  • Click on uninstall and restart the game.

The moment you restart the game, a new Riot launcher will be downloaded automatically.

Method 4: Check your Firewall

When you get a matchmaking error while trying to play Valorant, this error may be caused by the firewall or antivirus you use. Sometimes, some of these antiviruses restrict the number of things an app can do. With such restrictions, the app will not be able to perform at full capacity.

Check your fireward to confirm if valorant isn’t restricted. If it is restricted, you will have to remove the restrictions. With the removal of the restriction, your matchmaking error problem should stop.

Why Can’t I Enter a Game in Valorant?

There are different reasons why you might be finding it difficult to enter a game in Valorant. It could be that you are using outdated graphic drivers. If your drivers are outdated, you will have a problem playing the Valorant game. 

Apart from outdated drivers, you will also have one or two problems playing Valorant if the server is down or if your network connection is bad. You should check out all of these the moment you start finding it difficult to enter a game in Valorant.



There are different reasons why you might be having a matchmaking error whenever you try to play Valorant. From network issues to firewalls and a lot more, a couple of these reasons have been discussed in this article.

Apart from the causes, we have also given you possible solutions to help fix the problem for you. With these solutions, the matchmaking error should disappear in no time. 

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