Valorant Not Enough Disk Space: Why and Solutions

It can be pretty frustrating to try to play the Valorant game on your pc and be hindered by the problem of not having enough disk space for the game to work well. This problem is a pretty common problem among people who use their PC to play the game.

You might be wondering why you are having a disk space error whenever you try to play the game. You might also be wondering about the possible solutions or quick fixes you can use to solve this problem. We are going to be giving you everything you need in this article.

Why Is There Not Enough Disk Space for Valorant?

There are a couple of reasons why there isn’t enough disk space for you to either install or successfully update Valorant on your pc. Below are possible reasons why you keep getting a disk space problem.

1. Full Hard Disk

This is likely the first and most obvious reason why you keep having a disk space problem whenever you try to play the Valorant game.  We all know that Valorant requires a lot of space for it to actively run without any issues, if there isn’t enough space on your hard disk, you will likely have a disk space problem.

If you will like to play the Valorant game, you will need at least 30 gig of free space on your hard disk. This will allow the game to update when necessary. It will also allow you to play without any problem of lagging. A full hard disk will affect your ability to play the game.

2. No External Storage

This is another possible reason why you might be having the problem of not having enough disk space whenever you try to play the Valorant game. External storage is pretty useful when it comes to playing a game like this. Not having external storage is probably the reason why you are having a disk space problem.

It isn’t necessary to install the game on your external storage as you will still need space on your hard disk before the game can run. However, you can move a lot of files from your hard disk to your external storage. That way, you will have enough space for Valorant to run on your hard disk.

3. No Hard Disk Extension

One method a lot of people use nowadays when they want to have enough space on their hard disk for updates and new files is to use a hard disk extension. With a hard disk extension, you will be able to save yourself the problem of not having space on your PC.

The main reason why your hard disk keeps getting full hereby causing the Valorant game to not work is that there isn’t a hard disk extension. You will have to take your time to add a hard disk extension to your PC if you are looking to solve this problem.

How Do I Fix Valorant Not Enough Disk Space Problem?

Once you notice that you have a disk space problem whenever you want to play Valorant on your PC, you might be looking for ways to fix this problem. Below are simple ways to fix the disk space problem.

Method 1: Uninstall Apps or Games

This is the first thing you should do if you are looking to solve the problem of not having enough disk space on your PC. once you notice you are having a disk space problem, you can simply uninstall the apps or games on your PC.

You will likely have several apps and games on your pc that you are not using. These apps consume space even though you do not use them often. You will be amazed at how much space they consume. Simply uninstall them from your pc and you should have enough space for Valorant.

Method 2: Get a Larger Hard Disk

While this might not be a relatively easy solution, it is a solution that can benefit you for a very long time. If the hard disk of your PC isn’t large enough, there is a pretty big probability that you will have a disk space problem when playing Valorant.

You can simply get a hard disk that is relatively larger. When you do this, you will have more than enough space for your Valorant and other games. You can also move all the files from your previous hard disk to the new one. That way, you do not get to miss out or lose anything.

Method 3: Use External Storage

If you are the type that loves to download things on your PC, you can simply make use of external storage. By making use of external storage, you will not necessarily have the problem of a full hard disk.

You can move your movies, songs, files, and unnecessary apps to the external storage of your pc. That way, you get to not lose the files while you create space for the game. It is a win/ win for you.

How Much Space Does Valorant Consume on Your PC?

This is one thing you might be curious about when installing or playing the Valorant game. You should know that Valorant takes up a lot of space on your PC. this is because of the updates available, and the logs it will save as you progress in each stage of the game.

If you will like to download Valorant, the first thing you will need to do is to download the Riot game client file. You will see this file on the Valorant website. This file is basically around 70 MB in size. 

Once you have downloaded the client file, you can then move on to downloading the game. This will take around 27 GIG of space and data.  If the download the successful, the Riot client will take on another additional 378 MB for space for you to launch the game. 

The amount of space it consumes keeps increasing as you play the game. This space is saved as the game log on your computer device.

Can You Play Valorant Without Vanguard?

Vanguard is the anti-cheat system or software that riot game uses to prevent their games from being exploited by cheat codes and a lot more. This thing puts everyone on the same level as the ability to move up to the next stage now largely depends on how good you are.

There is no way you can play the Valorant game without the vanguard. You should know that the game will not run or operate without the software. It is the software that allows the game to run successfully.  You will always need vanguard whenever you want to play the Valorant game as that is how the game has been programmed or configured from riot games.


You do not have to worry whenever get a Valorant not having enough space problem. We have already discussed the possible reasons why you keep having this problem. We have also discussed possible solutions you can use ranging from getting a larger hard disk to removing unnecessary files from your pc and a lot more. 

All the steps listed will help you solve your Valorant not having enough space problem. You should also know that Valorant takes a lot of space on your PC. the more you play the game, the more space it consumes, however, the fun, attention, and thrills of the game are definitely worth the space it consumes.

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