Valorant Error Code 7: Possible Causes & Solutions

If you are experiencing an error code 7 whenever you try to play Valorant on your PC, this is the perfect article for you. In this article, we are going to be discussing everything you need to know about Valorant error code 7, the causes, solutions, and a lot more.

Valorant error code 7 can be a pretty frustrating thing. No one likes a situation whereby they will be getting error codes when they are trying to enjoy the fun and thrill of this game. Let’s go straight into what could be the possible causes of the error code 7 you keep getting whenever you try to play the game.

What Are The Causes of Valorant Error Code 7?

Several things could be responsible for the error code 7 you keep getting whenever you try to play Valorant on your PC. below is a list of the things you should consider or check out the moment you get this error code.

1. Servers being Down

This is the first major reason why you are getting a Valorant error code 7 whenever you try to play the game. Although the server being down doesn’t happen every time, it happens occasionally when there is too much load on the Riot server.

There have been several reported cases of the server being down. One way to know if the error code 7 is a result of the server being down is to check their official Twitter handle. If you see different complaints from different individuals at that time, it means their general server is down. You can also check the status of their server from your PC. 

2. Account being Banned or Suspended

This is another reason why you might be finding it difficult or impossible to connect to Riot Client servers or sessions. If you are using an account that is banned or suspended, there is no way you will be able to connect to their server. This is because your account has already been blacklisted on their server

Different things could be responsible for your account being banned. From breaking the terms and conditions to reports of abusive behaviors. Once you have done any of these and you subsequently start getting an error code 7, it means your account has been banned.

3. Internal Connectivity Issue

If you notice that the problem isn’t from the previous 2 stated above, then there is a pretty good chance that it is likely an internal connectivity issue. If you are not using a good network or your internet connection is bad, it could likely result in a valorant error code 7.

Apart from a bad internet connection. There is also the probability of the background apps drawing the internet connection on your PC. if you leave too many background apps working while trying to play this game, you will have an error code problem. One of such problems is error code 7.

4. Outdated or Faulty PC

This is another thing you should consider if you keep getting an error code 7. If the drivers in your PC are outdated, there is a petty good chance you will have one or two problems playing this game smoothly. You will have to check if your drivers are up to date

It isn’t just an outdated driver that can give you an error code 7 whenever you try to play this game. If your PC operating system is out of date or faulty, you might also encounter this problem. Although this rarely happens, it is still something you should consider the moment you get an error code 7.

Tips on How Can I Fix Valorant Error Code 7

There are different methods you can use to fix the error code 7 message you keep getting whenever you want to play the game. Below is a list of quick fixes you can use to fix this problem

– Reinstall/Reboot the game

This is the first thing you should consider doing the moment you get any error code problem while trying to play the valorant game. If you notice that you are having difficulties logging in, you can simply wait a while before restarting the game.

By restarting the game, the problem of riot servers being temporarily down should have been settled. Also, any bug issues that are resulting in an error code 7 should have been settled. If a restart doesn’t work, you can simply delete and reinstall the game. This often works for most people who complained about getting an error code.

– Fix your Internet Connection

This is another thing you should do the moment you get any type of error code while trying to play Valorant on your PC. the moment you get an error code such as an error code 7, you should consider checking your internet connection to know if they are working properly.

You should also check the background apps that are currently running on your PC. turn off the background apps and check if the firewall of your PC is turned on. If they are turned on, you will also do well to also switch them off. The moment you do so, the error code 7 problem on your PC should be gone with a simple restart.

– Update your Operating System and your Drivers

If the previous two options didn’t work for you, you should consider updating the operating system of your PC. who knows, it could be the outdated system that is resulting in the Valorant error code 7 message you keep receiving.

Update your operating system and do well to update your drivers too. If the drivers are up to date, it would help the game give a better performance. With better performance, the chances of the error code 7 and other types of error codes coming up are pretty low.

– Contact Support Team

Once you notice that you are getting an error code 7 because your account has been banned, it will be a pretty smart thing for you to contact support and look for ways to unban your account. You should get a mail whenever your account gets banned or suspended.

Check the mail and follow the instructions written in the mail. Once you do, you automatically begin the process of trying to get your account back. The moment it is unbanned, the error code 7 should be gone.

Why Does My Valorant Keep Crashing?

There are different reasons Valorant keeps crashing whenever you try to play the game on your PC. it could be that the game version you are trying to play is outdated. There is also the possibility of your drivers being outdated, a bad network connection, and a lot more. 

Whenever Valorant crashes while you are in game mode, you should do well to check the options listed in the paragraph above. 

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While Valorant is one game you will enjoy, you will not be too pleased to be having an error code 7 whenever you try to play the game. We have discussed possible reasons why you might be getting this error code 7 on your PC. We have also given you possible solutions to the problem of these error codes. 

With a read-through, you will be well acquainted with everything you need to know about Valorant and the error code 9. You shouldn’t have any problem solving this error code whenever it comes up while you are trying to play the game.

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