Tips on How To Fix Valorant Error Code 43 and Causes

Error code 43 is a pretty common problem among a lot of people who play Valorant. It can be frustrating to turn on your PC to spend a couple of minutes playing this game to only be greeted by an error code 43 on the screen of your PC.

The error code 43 when you are trying to play the Valorant game simply means there is a problem connecting to the server. A lot of core Valorant players have complained about this problem at different times. You do not have to worry if you are having his problem. We are going to be guiding you through the causes and possible solutions to the error code 43 problem.

What Causes Valorant Error Code 43?

Once you get the error code 43 when trying to play the game, you might be wondering why you are having this problem. Below is a list of possible reasons why you are having the error code 43 problem when you try to play the Valorant game on your PC.

1. Server being Down

This is the first possible reason why you might be getting an error code 43 whenever you try to play the game on your PC. it could be as a result of the server being down generally. This thing usually happens from time to time.

Whenever the riot server is down, it will become impossible for you to connect to any of Riot games such as valorant and the league of legends. You will have to wait till the server comes back on. To confirm if the server is down when you get an error code 43, you can simply go to their official social media handles on Twitter and Instagram. 

If you get to see different complaints from people around the same time, then your error code 43 is a server issue.

2. Poor Internet Connection

It isn’t all the time that your error code 43 is caused by a server problem. Sometimes, the error code 43 problem you get could be a result of your internet connection. If your internet connection isn’t good, it will likely affect the ability to connect to the server when playing the Valorant game.

You have to check your internet connection to know if it is okay whenever you get the error code 43 problem. Apart from checking your internet connection, you can also check their social media page. If there are no complaints from other people around the time you got the error code 43, then you should know it is not a server problem. 

A bad internet will affect the ability for you to connect to the server thereby causing an error code 43.

3. Opening different Taps at the Same Time

This is another thing that can cause the error code 43 you keep seeing on your screen whenever you try to play the valorant game on your PC. if different tabs are working at the same time, it might affect your ability of you to connect to the server.

Most of the time, while a lot of people are trying to load the valorant game, they open another tab and go through websites such as Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, and a lot more. Once they do this, the ability for valorant to load quicker and connect to the server becomes a problem. This then causes an error code 43.

You should check the number of tabs that are running on your browser and your PC background the moment you see the error code. Closing the tabs and apps will allow your PC to connect faster to the server.

How Do I Fix Valorant Error Code 43?

There are different things you can do to fix the error code 43 message you keep seeing on your PC whenever you want to play the game. However, you should know that a number of these solutions largely depend on the cause of the error code. Below is a list of the solutions to can apply to fix this problem.

Method 1: Wait for The Server to Come Back Online

If your error code 43 is a result of a server problem, the best thing you can do is to wait for the server to come back online. This is because this problem is general and it isn’t much you can do to fix it from your end.

You can also contact Riot support on their official Twitter page. This allows them to work faster towards bringing the server back online. Usually, when the server is down, it should take not more than a couple of hours to get it fixed and back to working perfectly again.

Method 2: Change your Internet Connection or Router

As said earlier, it isn’t all the time that a server problem could be the cause of the error code 43 message displayed on the screen. You should know sometimes that it might likely be your internet connection. 

All you need to do to confirm if it is an internet connection is to check their Twitter handle. If there are no complaints, then the fault is definitely from your end. Simply change the route and check to confirm if your internet connection is strong. Once it is done, your error code message will disappear.

Method 3: Close backup Tabs/ Apps

This is another thing you should try if you are looking to fix your Valorant error codec43 on your PC. I know it is tempting enough to want to surf the web as the game is loading but you have to stop yourself from doing such if you want to enjoy valorant.

Some people open as many as 15 to 20 tabs on their PC while trying to play the Valorant game. Doing something like this will affect the chances of the game connecting to the server. You have to take your time to close all the unnecessary tabs that are running. This way, the game will connect to the server almost immediately.

Why Isn’t Valorant Launching on My PC?

A lot of people try to stall Valorant with the expectation that it will launch and run smoothly on their PC. however, you should know that it is not always the case. There are times when Valorant might not launch or be installed on your PC.

This is because your PC doesn’t have the requirements needed for the game to run successfully. It could be the RAM, graphic card, hard disk, or a host of other things, the fact remains that if your PC doesn’t have a certain minimum requirement for Valorant to work, the game will not work on your PC.

Take your time to check the requirements of the game and check the specs of your PC whenever the game isn’t launching, you will likely see why it isn’t running the moment you compare the specs of your PC with the requirements for Valorant.



There are a couple of reasons why you might be getting an error code 43 when you try to play Valorant on your PC. from the server being down to the internet connection, all these points and more have been discussed in this article.

There are also a couple of quick fixes to your error code 43 problem. Some of them which can work for you have been discussed in this article. A read-through and you will grasp everything you need about Valorant and error code 43.

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