Guide on How To Fix Valorant Error Code 4 Explained(Updated)

Valorant error code 4 is one problem a couple of players encounter when playing this game. If you get an error code 4, it simply means there is a problem with your display name. It could also mean you are using an invalid display name.

It is one problem that usually happens when you are new to valorant. It could also happen if you decide to change the name on your riot id. We are going to be giving you the possible causes of the problem and what you should do to solve the problem in no time.

What Causes Valorant Error Code 4?

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Valorant error code 4 can only be caused by one major thing which is your name not meeting the criteria for the game. When you choose a display name, you should know that there are some rules guiding the name your pick. If any of those rules are broken, you will definitely get a valorant error code 4 when you try to play the game.

Below are things you should avoid when choosing a name in valorant.

1. Riot

This is the first thing you should avoid when selecting a name in valorant. Riot client is trying to avoid a scenario whereby some people think players playing the game represent the staff of the company. This is why there is a rule against adding riot to your name in valorant.

2. Valorant

This is another name that will result in an error code 4. If you add valorant to your name, you will get an error code 4 when you try to play the game. Valorant frowns upon people using or adding its name to their game names or IDs.

3. Any Riot Game Name

Valorant isn’t the only game under riot clients. There are some other games such as league of legends, Teamfight tactics, and a host of others. The names of these games are not allowed to be part of your riot id. This is to protect the users from falsely assuming you work with valorant. It guarantees your safety and that of the company.

4. Any Offensive Word

Some people love to add offensive or derogatory words to their names when playing a game like this. Doing such a thing isn’t allowed when playing valorant. If you do, you will get error code 4 when playing the game. You need to ensure your name is devoid of any offensive words.

5. Riot Employee’s Name

There is a database storing the first name and last names of riot employees. This is to protect their privacy and enhance their security. If you use any of the riot employee names as your riot id, you will get an error code 4. This is because riot clients don’t want the names of its staff going public as it is a risk to the company ad the staff.

6. Valorant Agent Name

This is another thing that can cause an error code 4 when you play this game on your device. Just like the rules apply to the names of their employees, you cannot use any of the agents’ names as your riot id. This is to avoid impersonation. It is also to guarantee the safety of the agents and a host of other things.

How Do I Fix Valorant Error Code 4?

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Fixing valorant error code 4 is pretty easy, however, let’s first discuss how to avoid this error code. It is simple to avoid this error code. All you need to do is simply avoid any of the names listed above. By following the rules or guides given, you will save yourself the stress of getting a valorant error code 4.

Before we go ahead and discuss how you can change your name, you should know that there is a rule guiding changing the names of riot IDs. You can’t change your name more than once a month. That is, you are only allowed to change your name just once in 30 days. You will not be eligible to change your name the moment you have changed it within the previous 30 days.

Now that it is cleared, below is the step-by-step guide on how to change your name on valorant.

Step 1: Navigate and Log Into the Riot Account

Riot sign in page

This is practically the first thing you need to do if you want to change your name on valorant. You will have to go to the riot homepage and click on login. Once you click on login, you can then go ahead to input your username and password. You should be able to log in successfully if your details are correct.

Step 2: Click on the Riot Id Section

Account Management Riot

This is the next thing you need to do once you have successfully logged into your riot account. You will have to click on the edit pen in your riot id section. Once you do this, you will have the option to change your display name to any name you desire.

Step 3: Type any Name You Desire

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The moment you click on the edit button, you will have access to edit or change your valorant display name. You can go ahead and type any name you desire. You should remember that there are rules guiding the selection of names and you have to follow the rules when choosing a new name. You can also click on the randomize tagline if you don’t have any particular name in mind.

Step 4: Click on Save Changes

Account management Save changes

This is the last thing you need to do. Once you have selected your display name, you can go ahead and click on save changes. Once you do this, your new name takes effect immediately and your error code 4 should disappear in no time.

You should note that you will not be eligible to change your name for the next 30 days the moment you change your name. The new name you pick has to apply for 30 days before you will be eligible to change or pick another name.

How Long Does It Take before Valorant Error Code 4 Disappears once I Change My Display Name?

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Valorant error code 4 should disappear immediately after you change your display name. That is, as long as the new name meets the criteria and requirements, you have nothing to worry about. The error code 4 should disappear when you try to play the game.

However, there might be cases where the error code doesn’t disappear immediately. In such cases, all you need to do is reboot or restart the game. Once you restart the game, the error code 4 that keeps appearing when you try to play valorant should disappear.

And you can as well watch the how to fix Error Code 4 Valorant for everything you need to know on how to get rid of the error, even if you are a new gamer or not a professional:


Many people often choose random names when trying to play valorant error code 4. Sometimes, these names contradict the rules or guidelines for name selections for this game, when this happens, it results in an error code 4.

However, you shouldn’t worry much about this. All the guidelines regarding the selection of names have been discussed in this article. We have also discussed the steps to change your display name, the duration it takes for the new name to take effect, and a lot more. All of them and more can be read in this article.

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