How Can I Get More Rune Pages In League of Legends?

The League of Legends is one game that you will likely get addicted to as time goes on. The fun and adventure of the game make this game highly played and loved among core gamers across different parts of the world. It is one game that will keep you rooted on your pc.

Enough of talking about the reasons why this game is the perfect game for you. Let’s go to the more complicated part. There are a few tricks you should learn before you begin playing this game as these tricks will go a long way in helping you as you progress in each stage of the league of legends game.

One important thing you should know about when playing the league of legends is the rune. The rune is an enhancement that can add new abilities to your champion. It gives your champion new powers which you can use to trade or battle other champions.

How Can I Get More Rune Pages In League of Legends?

There are different ways you can get more runes pages when playing the League of Legends.  Most players in League of Legends start with 3 rune pages. That is, if you are a newbie in this game, as you open this game and select your champion, you will begin your battles with 3 rune pages.  You will get access to some extra 5 pages rune which have been programmed by the writer. 

The 3 rune pages in the game cannot be used till you can unlock summoner level 10. You will have to get to a certain level for you to be able to use the pages. However, if you are interested in getting and customizing more runes pages for your account, simply follow the steps listed below.

  • Log into the league of legends client or site; The league of legend client is the account that is specially customized for your needs. You can get access to various things here such as buying different abilities for your champion and a lot more. 
  • Once you have successfully logged in, the next thing you need to do is to click on the ‘store ‘ icon. You will find the “store” icon on the top right.  The store icon looks like 3 stacks of coins and it should be relatively easy for you to find.  You will also find the icon to the left of your currency in-game balance. Once you click on the “store” icon, you can then proceed to the next stage below.
  • After clicking the store icon, you can then click on the accessories tab. You will find the accessories tab on the store’s main menu
  • After clicking on the accessories tab, you can then select rune pages on the menu from the left.
  • Once you click on the select rune, you will have to make a choice by choosing the one you will rather buy between the runes and others. There is other stuff you can buy on the page such as blue essence and others.
  • Once you have selected and purchased what you need between the blue essence and the rune pages,  you will be able to get access to what you bought through your collection menu. 

How Can I Access The Bought Rune Pages The Selection Menu?


Follow the steps below to access the rube pages on your selection menu

  • Click on the backpack icon. You will see the icon at the top bar
  • You will see a list of options. Simply select the rune tab 
  • After selecting the rune tab, click on “create new” to create a new rune page.

The steps listed above are the easy steps you can take if you will like to add more rune pages to your account.

There is also another way you can get rune pages for your account in the league of Legends. It depends on the server you use. If you use the Genera Server, you stand a chance of being among the people that can win a rune page by simply spinning the wheel on the server. – This way, you don’t have to spend a dime or any amount of money in purchasing a rune page.

What Is The Price of a Rune Page?

There are two methods you can use when you want to buy a rune page. You can either buy the rune pages one at a time or you can select the bundle pack and buy different rune pages all at once.

The price of buying a rune page one at a time differs from the price of buying different rune pages all in one bundle. Buying the rune pages all in one bundle is way cheaper and more profitable than buying it once at a time.

If you are buying the rune pages one at a time, it is going to cost you 6300 Blue Essence(BE). This can be equivalent to 590 RP. On the other hand, if you are buying a 7 rune pages bundle, you can get it for as low as 2700 RP. which is close to a 35 per cent discount. 

You might be wondering what blue essence and RP is. It’s pretty simple. Blue essence is the game’s in-platform currency. You can get blue essence daily by logging in, playing the game, and successfully carrying out different missions.

RP on the other hand is the riot point. It is the point you get to buy with actual money. The price of these riot points varies according to the country you reside in and the server you use. The quantity you plan to buy and your payment method also influence the price. 

If you stay in the US, you can pay just 5 dollars for 650 RP.  if you intend to buy a bigger amount of riot points, you will get to pay less. That is, with 20 dollars, you can buy as much as 2800 RP.

How Many Rune Pages Can You Get In League of Legends?

When you start playing league of legends, you will be able to see 3 rune pages. However, if you decide to buy, 25 rune pages are the maximum you can get.

How Many Free Rune Pages Can I Get?

Once you begin playing the game, you will be given 3 free rune pages which you do not have access to until sermoner level 13.


Rune pages are a great way for you to enhance the abilities of your champion. In this article, we have discussed different steps you can use if you will like to buy more rune pages. Simply follow the steps listed and you will be good to go.

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