15 PSP Anime Games Perfect for You

dissidia final fantasy final fantasy PSP BestOfAllTime

Anime games almost always take the lead in the gaming world with the strong influence they have across the globe, and their story design is one feature that stands them out. These games leave a lasting impression on people’s hearts even after years of their release. Anime games are evergreen, and you can play them repeatedly without getting bored one bit. If you want to enjoy the best of PSP Anime Games, then you should check this out.

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dissidia final fantasy final fantasy PSP BestOfAllTime

1. Black Rock Shooter

This single-player RPG is based on the Black Rock shooter franchise, and the story’s main character is a female who defends her planet from alien invasion. The game also has a lot of modernized content.

2. Kamen Rider:Super Climax

Simply put, this game is the anime version of the Power Ranger series.  Kamen Rider has been the foremost choice for most players, and our suspected reason behind this is the excellent graphic content of the game. It is one of the best PSP Anime games

3. Ghost in The Cell: Stand Alone

: How the makers of this game were able to connect with such a modernized sense of animation is still unbelievable. However, what is believable is the fun that comes with playing the game. Ghost in the Cell is a shooting RPG with its visualization focused on Artificial Intelligence and hard-core level of villains.

4. Naruto Shippuden:Ultimate Ninja

With over 100 individual battles and many characters, this game has certainly taken Anime gaming to another level. The game has a new set of characters introduced. However, the fascinating thing about it is the 360-degree rotating camera. These features make the game a total RPG fighting anime game package.

5. The Fruit of Grisaia

This game is an adventure-based one where the player takes the part of a teenage killer who starts school with dark secrets.  While you’re playing, you get to guide the story’s plot in many alternate directions.

6. Digimon Adveture

In this game, you travel into the digital world and do all you can to defend it from the might enemy’s attack.

digimon adventure 02

7. Persona 3 Portable

This game was released as an educational simulation game. You get an option to choose the gender of the game’s main character. Whichever gender you choose for your character, know that they face different challenges. Which one would you choose; Elizabeth or Theodore?

8. Hunter X Hunter:Wonder Adventure

This game is the definition of new content unlocked as it takes content to an entirely new level. It is an action-adventure game Anime game with multiple characters, so you have the liberty to switch characters with different abilities and weapons. The game is not just content-loaded but also feature-loaded.

9. Initial D: Street Stage

A racing game with comprehensive options of characters and automobiles is one you should not miss out on. We are still talking Anime games, and this game is a perfect combination of Anime and racing games. It is safe to say that it is the Anime version of the Need for Speed series. Many years after its release, this masterpiece is still the choice of many gamers and a great option for Anime games for PSP.

10. Bakumatsu Rock

This game is of the adventure and rhythm genre. In this game, you are a protagonist in the Bakumatsu era in Japan. Along with your teammates amid other people, you bring a rock revolution. Bakumatsu should be on the list of PSP Anime games you want to try out.


11. Sword Art Online:Infinity Moment

Contrary to what its name suggests, this game is not an online game. The game is about completing missions and indulging in fights with several characters. You can upgrade your weapons and set your journey to your preference. Also, In its upgraded version, you can play a four-player mode and face giants in the game. Players can also choose between playing the ‘story mode’ and the ‘mission mode.’

12. Corpse Party:Book of Shadows

Corpse Party is a mix of thrill and horror. The creepy animations and music will send chills down your spine. There are many fascinating characters, and the game is designed to allow you to make in-built decisions. Although it has a presence of horror in it, Corpse party would still be a good pick on your handheld PSP.

13. Power Stone Collection

This game presents a complete stack of playable combatants who light up the arenas with explosive action. The PSP is the venue for brilliant fun, and Power Stone Collection is undoubtedly one of the glowing games.

14. Monster Hunter Freedom

This game demands the best of your patience and ability to take a beating. This experience is, however, a rewarding one. There’s a host of preys that will put your warrior through hell and back, so as you progress in the game, the enemies get bigger.

Monster Hunter Freedom Un 001

15. Lumines

Lumines is a timeless puzzler scratch that uses light and sound to make every level as new and exciting as possible. The game turns block-matching into art, changing the view with every skin and concept.

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