What to Do If Nintendo Switch Controller Won’t Connect

Joy-Con controllers for the Nintendo Switch are extremely popular among Switch owners who wish to modify their systems to their liking. On each hand, you can use two Joy-Con controllers individually.

You may also utilize the Joy-Con grip to combine them into a single controller. If you connect them to the main console, they can also be used in handheld mode. If you like to play games with your buddies, the Joy-Con may be used to play two-player action games.

Joy-Con controllers are extremely durable, and you can count on them to last a very long time. However, they may not always work as planned, or they may cease working completely.

If you have some of these issues stated below then, these tips will work well for you.

  • Right or left Joy-Con on Nintendo Switch isn’t reacting The Joy-Con buttons on the Nintendo Switch aren’t working.
  • When connected to the Switch, the Joy-Con does not work.
  • The Joy-Con isn’t turning on.
  • In portable mode, the Joy-Con isn’t working.
  • Let’s get started and see what you can do to resolve all of the aforementioned concerns.

What to Do If Nintendo Switch Controller Won’t Connect

To begin, double-check that both Joy-Con is properly connected to your console. If they didn’t move all the way through, the connection could be shaky, and the controllers won’t be able to detect and process your input properly. When you hear a click, slide the Joy-Con from top to bottom on the rails of your Switch. Also, make certain that the controllers are powered up. Remove any sources of interference from the room where your Switch is being used. Turn off all computers, laptops, wireless headphones, speakers, smartphones, and other similar devices. Use the techniques listed below if your Joy-Con controllers are still not working.

Clean your Joy-Cons and reboot your Switch.

  • Turn off your console by holding the Power Button until the Power Options appear.
  • Make sure your Joy-Con controllers are clean and free of any dust spots. 
  • Clean the area surrounding the control sticks and buttons with a soft toothbrush or cloth.
  • Remove any skins or covers you might have on your controllers and see whether you can use them normally now. 
  • To put the console on, press down the Power Button.

Update your console

Hardware difficulties, flecks of dust, and debris aren’t the only things that could be causing your Joy-Con issues. It’s also possible that using older system versions will cause your Switch to act erratically. To update your Nintendo Switch, follow these steps:

  • Open the System Preferences window.
  • Choose a system.
  • System Update is the option to choose.
  • Allow the console to seek for and install the newest updates by starting the update process.
  • Following the installation of the available updates, your console will restart.

Press the round button after disconnecting the Joy-Con.

If your Joy-Con controllers aren’t responding, you’re experiencing a desync issue. Disconnect the Joy-Con, then push and hold the little round button next to the SR button until the lights turn back on. The console should reconnect to the controllers automatically.

Recalibrate your Joy-Con

  • Follow these steps to calibrate the Joy-control Con’s sticks and motion controls:
  • Go to System Preferences.
  • Select Controllers from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Calibrate Control Sticks to calibrate the joy-control con’s sticks.
  • To calibrate a control stick, press down on it.
  • To calibrate it, follow the on-screen directions. Switch to motion controls once you’re finished.
  • Return to System Settings and select Controllers and Sensors once more.
  • Select Calibrate Motion Controls this time.
  • On the controller, you want to calibrate, hold down the – or + button.
  • All straps, skins, and accessories should be removed.
  • Place the controller on a table with the stick facing up to calibrate the motion controls joy-con.
  • When the Calibration completed notification shows on the screen, select OK.


The Nintendo Switch is a cutting-edge gaming device that allows gamers to “switch” between portable tablet mode and traditional TV play. The joy-cons, or controllers, must, however, be correctly connected to experience the benefits of this hybrid gameplay.

If the joy-con isn’t working, it’s most likely due to a common technological issue, such as a requirement for a reset or a new battery. If this fails, you may need to do a manual upgrade to ensure you have the most recent software version.

Test alternate joy-cons before purchasing a new one or having one repaired to ensure that the problem is caused by a faulty controller.