Best Hack: Here is the best N64 Emulator for Mac

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Nitendo64 (N64) game console has long been out of the market as Nintendo no longer produces it. However, people still love it and still want to play N64 games whichever way they can. N64 emulator for Mac devices does that for you. If you are a lover of N64 games and you also have access to a Mac device, here’s good news for you. You can play Mario 64, Smash Bros., Mario Kart, and all of your favorite N64 games on your Mac device.

We know that Mac devices would typically not support games available exclusively on gaming consoles, but with the help of emulators, you can find your way around this challenge. We have decided to put together a step-by-step procedure to make the process of getting access to N64 games on your Mac device easier through the use of an N64 emulator for Mac.

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Step 1

Download Sixty Force which is an N64 emulator for Mac. There are other emulators available, but Sixty Force works on any Mac device irrespective of the version. You can follow this link to download the Sixty Force emulator. Click on the Sixty Force 1.0.1zip option. After downloading the emulator, open it. Click on the ‘Open with’ option, then click ‘Ok.’ Doing that makes the emulator unzip automatically.

If you want to create a shortcut to your emulator icon, you can drag the application from your download folder and drop it on your desktop. If you get a notification pop-up when you open the application for the first time, do not fret. It is just a device letting you know that the application is not from the Apple store.

Step 2

In case your device stops you from downloading Sixty Force, click on the apple icon at the top left corner of your device’ screen. Select ‘System Preference’ from the dropdown menu, and then click on ‘Security and Privacy’ option. Alternatively, you can click on the small lock and provide the admin name and password for your computer. Doing this will allow you to download applications on the internet. Go back to your web browser and select ‘OK’ on the Sixty Force window opened of your browser. This takes the popup off your screen. Selecting register would mean that you are ready to pay subscription fee to have access to the elements of the full version of Sixty Force Application.

Step 3

Download N64 Rom files. The ROM files contain the games; they are the emulator that would run to process the games. N64 ROMs are available online, so you can search for them using your browser. To ensure reliability, take your time to assess the platform you intend to download the ROMs from. Ensure that you save the game ROMs after downloading them.

Step 4:

The game ROMs may also download as zipped files. To unzip them, right-click on the game icons and select ‘Open with Sixty Force.’ Every time you want to play your games, you will have to open the ROMs with Sixty Force to enable the program to run through the emulator.

After following all the above steps, you should play N64 games on your Mac device without any form of disturbance using your preferred N64 emulator for Mac. You might want to get yourself a USB N64 remote that enhances a hitch-free gaming experience.

Find more emulators for Mac OS devices here


We do not know if N64 games would return to our gaming consoles, but while we wait and hope, we can enjoy them using as many emulators available for different devices. While we anticipate emulators that make console games available on mobile devices, let’s have some fun playing flash games. Find them here

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