8 Alternative Mobile Games like Starcraft

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Starcraft tops the list of real-time strategy games for several reasons; the excitement the game comes with, and the competition in it are almost second to none. However, Starcraft is not available on mobile devices. This doesn’t mean that you can’t indulge your competitive and real-time strategy desires on your mobile device. We have searched and put together a list of what we think are the best mobile games like starcraft.

starcraft home page
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8. Revenge of Sultans

This game has its setting in a fantasy world where you play the part of a warrior with a mission to establish his empire in the Arabian Peninsula, assemble his army and defeat rivals with his power. The game’s storyline has the entire world in chaos and everyone expects a new king to restore peace to the land. You as the king are expected to fight enemies and protect your people. You can make use of features like the defense towers to make this happen. You also have units that can attack the enemies at your command.

7. Game of Thrones: Conquest

This is a strategy game based on the HBO series, Game of Thrones. You, as the player, take up the role of a lord who must defend his home from enemies. You have to build houses, recruit an army, equip them, and fight your way to dominating the states of power, making you the leader of seven kingdoms. According to this game’s story, as the hero of these kingdoms, you have to step out and join the war between the dragon that rules the sky and the deadly army that has invaded your environment. The game has features such as a fantasy environment, landscapes, allegiance system, and more.

6. Star Commander

This game is a single-player role-playing simulation. Your main job is to explore a massive environment from an isometric perspective, manage your starship, lead your army and partake in battles to defend your empire. You earn points after completing each task; these points allow you to hire more soldiers for your crew. The game has super cool features with fantastic gameplay and soothing sound. It is one of the mobile games like Starcraft in terms of combat.

5. March of Empires

March of Empire is a strategy and fantasy-based game that lets you play as a ruler who builds his empire, creates a military force, and leads them into battle. You are expected to defeat all your enemies to expand your empire. You can also interact with other online players and makes teams out of them. This game is a mobile game like starcraft that offers fast-paced and action-packed gameplay. It has features like power-ups, character customization, upgrades, etc.

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4. Underworld Empire

This game features different criminal empires like Diabolical Cartel, Ruthless Mafia, Sinister Syndicate, etc. You choose your preferred empire and lead your army to battle. You get to play with many other players worldwide and defeat other empires to gain access to resources. The game has a truckload of weapons and weapon boosts. You can build your empire with an army of fifty unique lieutenants and can team up with up to two hundred other players to take down huge bosses of different empires.

3. War Dragons

This game is a single-player strategy and exploration game. The game is set in a beautiful environment with horrific dragons inspired by werewolves, gargoyles, and mummies. War Dragons are one of the mobile games like Starcraft that has its focus on real-time strategy. It puts you in control of a dragon army, and your main aim is to create or join a guild and help your teammates launch attacks against enemies. The game has hundreds of dragons available with different abilities and attack styles. To defeat your enemies, you have to launch an attack on their bases and destroy their units.

2. Operation:New Earth

This game shares the sci-fi and strategy gameplay similarity with Starcraft. You have a mission to control a military facility to protect the Earth from an alien invasion. You have to start with creating an alliance, collecting resources, and access to advanced technology. While playing, you can interact with other players and engage them in the massive fight to repossess the Earth.

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1. League of War:Mercenaries

This game has to be the best of mobile games like Starcraft. League of War: Mercenaries is a Military-themed strategy game that can be played as a single-player or multiplayer. The gameplay is an exciting one that is based on war. You find yourself in a 3D world experience where you can create a base, recruit an army, engage in battles against other players or AI-controlled armies. The game has different levels, with each level having different objectives that have to be completed.

There are more than eight games like Starcraft. more options are here

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