League Of Legends Lagging But Internet Is Fine – Fixing

The league of legends is one of the most popular games in this generation. It boasts about thousands of active players ranging from casual to professional players. With such popularity, players can become very impatient when their games start experiencing lags.

In this article, therefore, we will be considering what could be responsible for your league of legends lagging but your internet is fine. We will also be reviewing how you can troubleshoot this lag.

Why Is My League Of Legends Lagging But The Internet Is Fine?

Lag in the league of legends can come in different forms. It can be a result of FPS loss, delay, or even stuttering in the league of legends. Lag is different from high ping-related issues that have to do with your internet connection.

Lag is a little more complicated than internet connection issues as it encompasses issues with your gaming setup. It can include unoptimized settings or even insufficient hardware requirements. Lag issues in the league of legends might take some effort to solve but there are some solutions you can work around.

First off, you must ensure that your system meets the requirements of the game. Otherwise, lags that are due to FPS loss will occur. This means that insufficient system requirements can also cause lag issues for your game.

Let’s check out the system requirements for the game first.

The recommended system requirements for lol are as follows: a 3 GHz processor, 2GB RAM, at least 12 GB available space, Nvidia GeForce 8800/AMD Radeon HD 5670, support for DirectX v9.0c, and the most recent update of the .NET framework from Microsoft.

You must therefore ensure that the specifications of your system are within this recommended range. Apart from these requirements, several other issues could cause your game to lag. This could be down to your internet connection or computer’s performance.

Before you upgrade your computer’s settings, make sure you check with the task manager first. It will help you identify your computer’s performance. You can equally optimize its performance from there.

Troubleshooting League Of Legends Lags Issues

Even though your lol might be experiencing some lags, there are ways you can work around it to help solve the lags. We will therefore be showing some hacks that can make those lags a thing of the past. Let’s start digging.

1. Restrict background applications

Remember how we spoke about checking your computer’s performance in the task manager, right? Exactly. The task manager is multifunctional and it can also help to restrict background applications. This will help to boost the performance of your computer.

To do this, launch your task manager just like you did the other time. You will then have to monitor the applications that are affecting the performance of your computer. If some of those applications are not useful at the time you are playing the game, you can right-click on those applications and select the end task.

This process will help reduce the applications that are using up your computer’s resources. You can also make your game of high priority to further enhance the performance of the league of legends. You can launch the game again and see if there are any other lag issues.

2. Boost your computer’s performance

With options such as game mode, Windows comes with an optimization feature that helps players get the best out of games. Some less popular features can help reduce lol lag issues. You can easily run performance tweaks to boost the FPS by some margin.

To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Access the control panel section of your computer settings.
  • Once you are in, locate the option tagged system and security.
  • You’ve found that, right? Great. Now, select the option tagged system and locate the advanced system settings option.
  • You should notice a tab-tagged performance, right? Excellent. Select that option and navigate its settings.
  • In this tab, you should see an option tagged adjust for best performance. Have you found it? Good. Go ahead and hit the apply button.

If you have followed the steps we have highlighted correctly, it should help sort out the lag issues you are experiencing. You can also make a few tweaks particularly if you are playing lol on your laptop to improve the performance.

You can set your laptop to high performance to enhance the operations of the game. As simple as connecting your laptop to its charger is, it can also help to boost the performance of the game.

3. Change lol graphic settings

If you have observed that the lag in the game is due to your computer’s performance, you can try reducing the graphic settings. Doing this can help sort out the lag issues you are experiencing. We, therefore, recommend that you reduce your graphic settings if you have been experiencing lag consistently.

Reducing the graphic settings can also help if your computer does not meet the recommended requirements. Lowering the game’s resolution and changing the resolution to a window-full screen can also help reduce the lag issues you are experiencing.

4. Use the latest version of the client’s update

You must ensure that everything with the lol file is up-to-date. If not, you could be experiencing lag issues when your lol or client’s file is outdated.

So, your best bet here will be to log out of the game and restart the launcher. Try checking if the patch you have is in tandem with the current update available. If the patcher claims that it is the latest version, yet you observed that it isn’t, you might have to update it manually.

To patch the game manually, you must have a certain level of knowledge before going ahead with things. Otherwise, you could cause a lot of havoc. So, you can try speaking to a friend that you know has some form of knowledge and can help out.

5. Update your device drivers

Sometimes, your lag issues could be caused by an outdated or damaged driver. This means you must make sure your computer’s drivers are up-to-date. This will include video drivers and network adapter drivers.

You will have to check and find out if you have the most recent version. You can do this by accessing your device manager. You must however bear in mind that this will require a lot of time and patience. If any of the drivers are outdated, then, you have to work a way around updating them.

However, updating your driver is not something you should dabble into if you do not have the time, patience, and most importantly, the skills. You can simply download software that will help you sort this out automatically.

There is much software out there that you can download and install. It will scan and see if there are any problems with any of your drivers. You can easily update the defaulting driver through this software.

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Having a very good internet connection does not mean lol cannot be vulnerable to lags. Many other things can make the league of legends game experience lags. We have highlighted what some of those issues could be.

We have also presented the possible solutions that can make the lag issues a thing of the past. So, look through and go sort out those lags.

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