League Of Legends Can’t Gift Friend – Why & The Way Out

There is a feature in league of legends that allows you to send champions, riot points, or skins to your friends. Sometimes you could experience some issues with sending these gift items to friends in the game.

In this article, therefore, we will be reviewing some of the reasons why you can’t gift a friend in league of legends. We will also consider the methods you can go about sending gifts to your friends appropriately.

Why League Of Legends Can’t Gift a Friend?

In the league of legends, you can send your friends champions, ward skins, riot points, hextech keys, hextech chests, event loots, summoner icons, and rune pages. There are some requirements that you must meet though for you to be able to send these gifts. This is the major reason why you might be experiencing issues with gifting your friend.

The following factors will determine whether you can send a gift to a friend or not:

  • The player you are sending the gift to must have been on your friend’s list for at least one day. This means that if your friend has only been on your list for a few hours, your league of legends will not be able to gift a friend.
  • The player you want to send a gift to must not be banned or suspended. This also has to do with the instant feedback system. This means that if the player you want to send the gift to is facing a ban or suspension, you will experience difficulty in sending that gift.
  • To send a gift, you must have attained summoner level 10. This means that you will not be able to send gifts to a friend if you are at a level lower than 10.

In sending gifts too, there are also requirements for each gift type. This could be another reason why you’d have issues with sending out gifts to your friends. Let’s check out some of those requirements.

  • For content gifts that include champions, rune pages, and skins, you have a limit per 24 hours. You can send only ten gifts every 24 hours. This means that if you have sent ten gifts, you will experience difficulty with sending another within 24 hours.
  • In sending riot points, you must have attained level 15. This means that if you have not attained level 15, you will certainly experience issues with sending riot points.
  • With riot points, you also have a limit that you can send out per day. You cannot send more than five riot points per day.

Apart from sending gifts, players of the league of legends can also send mystery champions, wards, skin, or icons. This also comes with its requirements and if you don’t meet them, you will have difficulty sending these mystery gifts. Let’s consider the requirements too.

  • In sending mystery skins, the friend you want to send to must have at least ten unowned skins that they can receive for the champions they have. This means that if your friend has lesser than ten unowned skins, you won’t be able to send them mystery skins.
  • For mystery champions, the players receiving the gift must have at least ten unowned champions. If they have it lesser, you won’t be able to send them mystery champions.

Something you will notice about sending mystery gifts is the fact that the issue is from the receiving end. This means that even though you are eligible to give the gift, the friend might not be able to receive it. Also, with the mystery gifting, you can unlock almost any champion or skin. It also comes with its restrictions. You can only receive champions or skins that are available in the store. You must also have at least 520 riot points for mystery gifts and 975 riot points for mystery chests.

These are some of the reasons why you will have issues with sending gifts in the league of legends. So, let’s guide you through how you can send gifts more appropriately.

Troubleshooting Why League Of Legends Can’t Gift a Friend

There are different ways you can use in sending gifts to your friends in league of legends. As long as you have met the requirements we have listed, you can go through either of the processes below to send gifts.

– Through the store
  • Visit the store and look for a gift box in the top corner. Have you found it yet? Great.
  • You will have to select the friend from your list that you want to gift. Remember that the friend must have been on your list for at least a day.
  • Pick the kind of gift that you want to send.
  • Choose the content you want to gift to your friend.
  • Enter your message and select the send gift option.
– Through the Social Panel
  • There should be an option for you to gift your friend through the social panel when you right-click on that friend in your list. If this option is missing, this means that the friend has been banned or suspended and cannot receive gifts from you.
  • You can then click on the give gift option and it will take you to a tab where you can select the gifts you want.

After you send your friend the gift, it could take a while before the friend receives the gift. This usually does not take more than a day. So, after 24 hours, the player should be able to receive the gift, open it and use it.

– Through third-party platforms

Apart from the classic methods that we have listed for sending gifts, there are also other methods that you can use in sending gifts. This is particularly if you are experiencing issues with those other methods. You can buy gifts from some websites that allow you to send gifts to your friends.

This method has grown to be popular among players of the game and this is because it is faster and more reliable. Different sites give this option. So, you could peruse those sites, look for the best options and send the gifts to your friend at a very affordable rate.

The price of the gift will most certainly depend on the item you are buying. In doing this though, you must be wary of scam sites. In a bid to want to look for the most affordable option, you might fall victim to some scam sites. So, the best practice will be to check with other players about the most reliable platform to do this.

Gifting is a feature that is available to different players and you can send as many gifts as you like within the confines that the game has in place. Sometimes, you might want to send a gift that your friend already has. Lol client will warn you in this case via a notification. 

If you observe the store in the game, some items will have a small gift box next to them, these are the gifts that your friend does not have. For the ones without the gift box, it means the friend in question already has them.

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Gifting your friend in the league of legends is pretty much straightforward. The issues you will most likely run into will be with the requirements in sending the gifts.

We have listed what those requirements are. So, you could go through them, note them and go send as many gifts as you want.

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