Is Overwatch 1 Shutting Down and What To Expect?

Overwatch 1 is a competitive online multiplayer game that was released in 2016. In recent times, however, there has been news spread around that when Overwatch 2 launches, Overwatch 1 might be shutting down.

In this article, therefore, we will be considering all you need to know about whether Overwatch 1 is shutting down or not.

So, let’s get right into it.

Is Overwatch 1 Shutting Down?

Overwatch 1 is shutting down and Overwatch 2 will be taking its place. The game has been stipulated to shut down this October with Overwatch 2 taking centre stage. All the players in Overwatch 1 will therefore be moved to Overwatch 2, although their progression in the game will still be maintained.

To participate in Overwatch 2, you will need to have a registered mobile number. This is because Blizzard is trying to track the activities of cheaters and smurfs. So, you might not be able to play the game if your number is not registered.

Precisely on the 4th of October, this Overwatch 2 will be released. Unlike Overwatch 1, this game will be free to play. You won’t even need to make some purchases for you to gain entry into the game. Overwatch 1 will no longer be accessible by then but just as we said, players will be migrated from Overwatch 1 to Overwatch 2.

What Does This Mean For The Players Of The Game?

For players of Overwatch 1, the progress and unlocks that they have made will still be intact. So, there is nothing to bother about. Overwatch 2 will be coming with a multiplayer that is free-to-play. This means that Overwatch 2 will limit unnecessary purchases.

The Overwatch 1 will no longer be available in the 6v6 format that everyone has been used to. If you were hoping that this format will continue, you can bid that thought farewell. Even though this change might be disappointing for many players, it does come with its advantages.

Overwatch 2 matches will rely on the 5v5 structure. So, a lot of players have been wondering whether this feat is achievable. Whether this is feasible or not in the long term remains to be seen. We will still keep our fingers crossed as to whether these changes will massively affect players of the game. All eyes seem to be on October 4th and what it will come with.

What Are The Features That Overwatch 2 Will Come With?

Overwatch 2 will be released in October but only the player-versus-player mode will be available. The co-op content could take longer as it has been stipulated to be released next year even though there is no release date yet.

  • At the moment, there is a Watchpoint pack that Blizzard has made available that comes with early beta access, cosmetics and so much more. The disappointing news is that the players of the game will have to wait till next year before they can have access to all of the co-op story content as that is when it will be released.
  • The only component that will be available in October is the player-versus-player mode. There is no said date for the player versus environment mode yet. The game’s next character was revealed as Junker’s Queen. This character will be the ruler of Junkertown, a location that will be available for players in Overwatch 2.
  • It is no longer news that Junkrat, Hammond, and Roadhog have ties with Junkertown. What remains to be seen however is who will eventually become the ruler of Junkertown. It is currently available in the beta version that was released a while back.
  • Progress from Overwatch 1 will be transferred to Overwatch 2 and whatever weapons or cosmetics you might have earned in the game will be transferred as well. So, you don’t have to bother about losing all of your laurels. Players of the Overwatch 1 will have their version of the game upgraded once the game launches in October. So, just stay updated and look out for these changes.
  • Different players have been bothered about their unopened loot boxes and what will become of them. In Overwatch 2, you will no longer have loot boxes and the boxes of all players will be automatically opened. All the drops will be added to each player’s account just in case any loot boxes are not opened.
  • In simple terms, the loot boxes you have saved in Overwatch 1 will not guarantee you having loot boxes in Overwatch 2. This might seem like another drawdown, right? Well, the game developers are just trying to put checks on scams. However, all the sprays, highlight intros, golden weapons, and skins will be maintained in the new version of the game and this will be done automatically.
  • Overwatch 2 will also come with a new map system that is called a push. This is quite simple as it comprises two teams that fight over the control of a robot. This robot will push back barriers back and forth across the map. Whoever succeeds in pushing farther a team’s territory wins the match.
  • This push is a new twist that motivates different hero abilities based on which team succeeds in pushing farther. This mode comes in flaky as players can check out different points in the robot’s path through shortcuts and connections.
  • The player-versus-player mode in Overwatch 2 will come with a new slate of maps, although more will come in as the season progresses. The first four that we are aware of our Toronto, Monte Carlo, Rio De Janeiro, and Gothenburg. The last one is still a mystery and we are all keeping our fingers crossed as regards where it will be.
  • The main campaign of the Overwatch 2 comprises story missions. This will entail new and old overwatch players setting up against the null sector. The null sector is the robotic army players that battled in the uprising event from Overwatch 1. This story mission will include item pickup that can be used to modify the playing method of any hero.
  • Heroes will be able to pick up corrosive grenades, HP generators, and a barrier shield. These items can be picked up at any time in missions. The only downside is that you cannot carry it over from one mission to another.
  • There are also Hero missions in the game that are entirely different from the story mode. These missions have been designed to be entirely replayable. Through this mode, players can level up their heroes, and customization points can be picked up to enhance the abilities of the heroes. These ability modifiers are only exclusive to the player-versus-environment mode. It is not available in the player-versus-player mode.
  • Heroes will also come with distinct skill trees that will provide some amazing abilities that are not available in the player-versus-payer mode. An example will be Junkrat’s dual-wielding ability to use grenade launchers. The player-versus-environment mode is still in development for the Overwatch 2 game. It is intended to drive the story of Overwatch’s setting and characters.

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Even though Overwatch 1 might be shutting down later this year, the game is not coming to an end. Its replacement is being prepared in the form of Overwatch 2.

There are several juicy details about the new game mode as it features different game modes and settings. We have covered all of those juicy details in our article. Read through and anticipate Overwatch 2. 

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