Step-by-Step Guide on How To Walk Without Sound In Valorant

Quickly moving around maps is important in valorant. Even though you have to walk across to help your teammates sometimes to help them out, you have to be wary of the enemy not detecting your movement.

This is why in this guide; we have compiled how to walk without sound in valorant. So, stick around as we explore this subject matter.

Step-by-Step Guide on How To Walk Without Sound In Valorant

Attackers in the game often have to adjust their intentions based on the enemy’s locations, and defenders will have to walk around sites once they detect a teammate needs help Even though sprinting to the location is the ideal option, you might need some stealth.

In the valorant game, when you initiate a jump normally, there will be an audible sound. However, there is a way to walk without sound in the game. To do this, you can hold the walk button as you jump, and the sound will be eliminated.

Timing multiple jumps as you enter the game might be tough, because you could lose precious time, as this can slow you down. When you bind the walk to the space bar, however, the sound will be eliminated, which means the enemy won’t be able to predict your movements. Players that use the space bar to jump can try this method, as it is helpful. Binding walk to the space bar helps players jump ramps and stairs quickly, and they will barely make noise or lose momentum as they do so.

When you run in the game, as much as possible to get into the thick of the action fast, it causes your footsteps to be heard more. This means enemies can easily detect your location. When you toggle-walk in the game, however, you can avoid giving away the sound of your footsteps.

How Do You Master Sound In The Valorant Game?

Valorant is a noisy game, and taking advantage of the noise feature can do you a lot. Controlling noise in the game can give you the much-needed upper hand over your enemies. Alongside motor functions and mechanical qualities, a player’s ability to gather information is pivotal to his efficiency and talent.

Even though sight seems like the most pronounced factor of the game, the sound is often more important. In the game, you will hear your opponents more than you see them. This means that how you manage sound in the game is important for your progress.

In valorant, the activity of players leads to some form of noise. The noise peculiar to different actions is different. For instance, the noise you make when walking on a wooden floor is different from the one you will make when walking on an iron floor.

The sound you make when you walk is completely different from the one you make when you jump. This means that if you pay attention to the game well, you can detect movements and capture your enemies easily.

Your movements are not the only things that make noise in the game, your skills will also make sounds. The attempt to use spikes, reload weapons, and fire weapons are other things that make noise in the game.

Sound is spatialized in the valorant game. Depending on the position of a player or the point of origin of the sound, what you hear will be different. So, the noise you make can be detected by a very attentive player, and this can be the reason why you lose in a match.

This is why knowing where the enemy is located is more by sound than sight. You must therefore ensure that you can spot sounds made by opponents. This means you also have to reduce the noise you make in the game. Making no noise in the game is largely impossible, but teams that know how to reduce the noise they make will be more discreet and efficient in the game.

As you move around in the game, you will notice a large circle around your character when you look at the mini map. This circle relates to the area where your opponents will hear your footsteps coming from. Any player within the circle can hear you as you walk. When playing the game, you must therefore pay attention to that circle.

By knowing the volume of sounds in the game, you can create different strategies to take advantage of your opponents. Even though this might not work for every game, it will be pivotal in you capitalizing on the enemy’s disadvantage.

Even though you must be aware of the noise you are making, you must also be careful of the relevance of these noises. An example is that a footstep will not give as much information to your opponent as when you use a rope. You might walk without being detected, but when you use a rope, your opponent can easily guess where you are.

This is where you start mapping out your strategies. Even if this sounds weird, you should make a big common noise in the game, rather than a rare little noise. This is because the big noise is shared in the game, and the opponent might not detect who exactly is making the noise.

A good example will be the sound that Sage’s resurrection gives off. This resurrection sound can make you vulnerable, and the opponent can make the most of this opportunity. However, when you shoot your weapon when reviving a teammate, this will cover up the resurrection sound, and as such, the enemy will not pounce in their crystal.

Even though your opponents may know where you are, they won’t know that you have brought back a teammate to battle. This strategy can apply to many other cases. In the case of a fall, there are places where you will fall, and the enemy will detect where you are.

When you fire your weapon as you land, even though you will make more noise when you fall, the noise of the fall will be covered, and the enemy will not detect that you have fallen. Imagine a scenario where your opponents defend a bomb site. This strategy will allow you to penetrate their location undetected. The enemy will not know the access you used.

In scenarios that involve high pressures on the defender end, such as a duel with spike planted, you can use utilities like a flash. If you can get the timing for the flash to detonate correctly, the sound of the flash will cover the duel with the spike planted.

You can make different audio sounds to cover up other sounds, so you can distract your opponents. Even though some of these sounds can be distinguished, your opponents might not predict which sound is which easily.

In all, strategies that take advantage of sound are vital for a team’s performance, rather than when you are playing solo. When you throw raze paint shells or teleport with omen as your teammates bang around enemies, they will be surprised.

Noises you make in the game, as we have seen, can betray you and also serve you well. This means you must know how to control noise in the game for your good. Denying your opponents as much information as possible is important for your survival in the game.

Learning and playing around with sounds in the valorant game can help improve your skills and abilities as you rank up in the game.


Walking without sound in the valorant game can help you stay undetected by the enemy. A bit of stealth can be helpful. We have offered you insights into how to do that. We have also added some bit of information on how you can manage sound in the game.

Read through and stay informed. 


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