How To Type In Valorant and Types of Chats

Valorant is a very addictive game developed by Riot Games. It is one of the highly-rated games released by Riot Games. If you use Microsoft Windows, this game is a perfect game for you. It started being developed in 2014. It was however released in June 2020.

Since its release, this game has gone ahead to become one of the most highly-rated games on the web. With its adventure and characters, there is no surprise that this game keeps generating a lot of buzz on the internet.

Different people from different parts of the world play this game. Just like the other game from Riot Game called League of Legends, this game is another game you will get addicted to. If you have a thing for adventure games or shooting games, you will fall in love with Valorant

What Are The Types of Chat In Valorant?

Since you are going to b playing as a team in this game, you need to know that there are 3 types of chats in Valorant. Below is a list of the types of chats in Valorant

– All chats

In this chat, you will not only be able to send messages to your team members, but you will also be able to send messages to other members of the game. That is, any message you send will be seen by your team members and your opponents.

It is a way to tease and cause more rivalry in the game. This type of chat makes the game more interesting. 

– Team Chat

This is also another type of chat in Valorant. This type of chat allows you to communicate with your team members while playing this game. With the team chat, you will be able to strategize and plan how to battle your opponents while the game is ongoing.

You do not need to worry about your opponents seeing your chats as the chats will not be accessible to your opponents. The team chat is one good way to make the game more fun within your team.

– Whisper (Direct Message)

This is another method you can use to communicate with your friends while playing the League of Legends.  You can send a whisper or a direct message to a friend as you play the game. You must note that the person you intend to message must be a friend on your list.

That is, the person has to be on your friend list for you to be able to message the person directly. If the person isn’t on your list, you will not be able to direct chat or send a message to the person. 

How Can I Type In Valorant Team Chat?

If you will like to type in the team chat in Valorant, all you need to do is follow the steps listed below.

  • The first thing you need to know when you want to chat in the Valorant game is the location of the chat box. The chat box is usually located at the bottom left of the screen whenever you are playing the game.
  • If you will like to send a message or messages to your team, all you need to do I to press the <enter> key in any of the game modes you intend to play. 
  • With this step, you will be able to send messages to members of your team. You should also keep that each message you send in the chat box will come with the prefix <team>. This is to notify you that the chat is being sent to your team members alone.

How Can I Type In All Valorant Chat?

The steps to chatting in all chats are just as simple as chatting in team chats. To chat in all chats, simply follow the steps listed above.

  • First off, you will have to play any game mode you wish.
  • Once you enter the game mode and the map has successfully loaded,  you should press the <shift> and <enter> keys. 
  • If you don’t want to use this method, you can simply type /all-in team mode. This command will automatically change the chat from team chat mode t all chat more.
  • If you are looking for a confirmation that you are in an all-chat, you will see the prefix <all> in all the messages you send.

How to Whisper or Send a Direct Message in Valorant

While sending a message in team chat or Valorant is relatively easy, sending a direct message might be a little bit technical.  If you are in the middle of a game and you will like to send a direct message, simply follow the steps listed below.

  • Press the <enter> key to open the chat box. 
  • Once you have pressed the <enter> key, open the chat box and press the <shift> key.
  • Hold the <tab> key 
  • Once this is done, a new tab that is pink in colour should appear. 
  • Type the first few alphabets or numbers of your friend’s name. A list of your friends with the alphabet will appear, you can then move on to selecting the friend you will like to direct message. 
  • You can then begin to type and press the enter key to send the message.

How Can I Mute a Chat In Valorant?

While communication might be pretty important when it comes to playing the Valorant game, you might find it necessary to mute a chat if you find the chat a little distracting or abusive. Some individuals have complained of being distracted by their opponents or teammates while playing the game.

If you don’t want to go through the stress of reading disturbing messages, you can simply mute the chat by pressing the <escape> button. You can then lower the soundbar or press the audio icon to ute all messages.

Can I Voice Chat in the Valorant Game?

Yes, you can voice chat in the Valorant game. All you need to do is to activate the voice chat session.

Also, make sure your computer microphone is connected to the game so you will be able to communicate with your teammates.

Can I Voice Chat With My Opponents in Valorant

You can’t voice chat with your opponents in Valorant. You can only voice chat with your teammates. If you will like to communicate with your opponents, you can only do so through the all-chat system.


Valorant is a pretty exciting game that promises to give you all the fun and adventure. If you will like to type or chat in the game, simply follow the steps listed above. You will have a fun time.

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