How To Surrender In Valorant Without F5: FAQs and Tips

So long as everything goes according to plan, Valorant is an enjoyable FPS game that you would not want to miss out on. Sometimes though, you might be experiencing an off match, and it might just not be your day. Surrendering might be your last resort, but sometimes it is inevitable.

In this article, we will consider how you can surrender in valorant without using F5.

How To Surrender In Valorant Without F5: FAQs and Tips

Many times, in playing the valorant game, you might have an off day, and everything might not work for you. Imagine missing simple gunshots, your teammates not responding to team calls, or even having a cheater as an opponent. It can be frustrating, right? Exactly.

If you are having such a bad day in the game, sometimes it is best to bow out. It is best to surrender the game, wait a while, and start another fresh match. A few months after the initial launch, Riot Games introduced the surrender option in the game.

We will therefore guide you through everything you need to know about surrendering a match.

In the valorant game, there are different options for surrendering without the conventional F5 method. You can choose the main menu option, and there is also the special scenario option. Let’s quickly brief you on these options, so you can surrender whenever you are having a bad day.

Method 1: The Main Menu Option

This is a very straightforward way to surrender in a match. If you have decided the best option is to quit the current game, then you can follow the steps below:

  • Press the Esc key to access the main menu tab.
  • In the main menu, try locating the option of surrendering the match. You will find it under the team scores tab.
  • Once you click this button, the system will trigger the voting system that allows you to surrender the match.
  • If your teammates agree with you, the match will be over.
Method 2: The Special Scenario (AFK Remake)

Sometimes, one or more players may be experiencing issues joining, and this could be because of a bad network. If this is the scenario you find yourself in, you will have to trigger the vote for remaking with the players left in the second round.

You can do this by entering the command “/remake” and the game will be forfeited with no loss of MMR for both teams, as long as the voting has been concluded.

Although surrendering a match is a much-needed feature of the game, Riot Games is creating systems to ensure that players do not abuse this option with certain conditions. This is why a surrender will only take effect if all your teammates agree.

This means that even if you have one teammate who does not agree, the surrender option will definitely not take effect. This is why you must find a way to talk to your teammates before initiating the voting system for them to surrender.

Your teammates might have figured out a way for the team to win the match, or they might just need you to be more convincing for them to buy into your idea of surrendering the match. You must also remember that the options for surrender are limited, which means you must use these options judiciously.

For competitive games, valorant only allows you two chances to surrender, one in each half. You might end up wasting your surrender option if you don’t talk to your teammates before initiating the voting system.

Another thing is that an instant surrender is impossible, so players don’t abuse this option. You can only surrender after the first eight rounds of the first half. With these conditions, it is clear that Riot games want this surrender option to be the last resort for players.

Even though leaving a match mid-way is not recommended, developers have been forced to add this option because of the increasing number of hackers, AFK teammates, and toxic chats. However, players of the game must ensure they don’t abuse this option.

What Are The Consequences of Surrendering in a Ranked Match?

The consequences of surrendering a ranked game are more severe when you compare it to a regular match. This is due to the MMR loss attached to surrendering a competitive match. You and your teammates might have to check the consequences before going ahead to quit the match.

Surrendering a ranked game means you will lose MMR points, even though this will save you time. The loss of points from surrendering a match is higher than when you lose the match. This is why you should complete the match, even if you lose it.

When Should You Go For The Surrender Option?

Surrendering a match should be your last resort, just as we have said. You must ensure that you and your teammates are fine with the decision before going ahead to trigger the voting system. Some scenarios that you might want to consider surrendering include:

– Hackers/Cheaters

In the vanguard, Riot Games has developed a unique anti-cheat system. However, even with the setup of such a system, you might be prone to the activities of hackers in some matches. In this scenario, it is better to report and surrender the match.

– Feeding

As valorant is a team game, it means every team member is required to win matches. Each teammate must be on the same pedestal to achieve cohesive gameplay. However, you might come across some players who intentionally feed the enemy and sacrifice themselves. In such a scenario, it is best to just surrender the game.


Surrendering a match should be the last resort for any team, as the valorant has been set up that way. We have considered how you can surrender matches without using F5. We have also highlighted what scenarios you can surrender.

Read through and implement our insights. 

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