Everything on How To Replay League of Legend Games 2022

There are different reasons why you might want to watch a match replay. Playing a great game, doing some funny things with friends, and sending the game to a coach are some of the common reasons.

There is a built-in video recorder in the game to help out with this but saving the video can be a lot more convenient. Finding these replays might not always be straightforward but our guidelines will help you through this. So, we will be running you through how you can replay league games in the league of legends.

Let’s dive in.

Everything on How To Replay League of Legend Games 2022

You can find all of your recent matches listed in your match history. You will also locate an option here where you can get to download the replay file and this allows you to watch it.

  • First off, you have to open the league of legends client.
  • Then, you can visit the profile tab next to the home tab.
  • Click on the match history that you find beneath.
  • If you would like to watch the replay, then you should click on the play button that replaces the download button.

Sometimes, a play button might not appear, what you can do is click the download button first. You must have the current version of the league of legends to play this video though. This means that once there is an update, you must make sure that you have updated your version too. Otherwise, you might not be able to watch the replays because of the mismatch in versions.

Replays are usually saved as.ROFL formats and you cannot convert them to MP4 or other formats. The files do not contain any media frames and that is why they cannot be converted to other formats. So, the league of legends client can understand and play the file but it will be difficult for other software to do so.

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How Can I Download League of Legends Replays?

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To be able to watch the replays of matches in the league of legends, you have to first download it. There are two different ways to download a match replay in the game. Let us consider the two methods.

– Method 1: End of the Game Screen Menu

Once you have completed a game, you will be directed to the statistics menu. In this menu, you have an option hidden there where you can get to download the replay of the game.

When you look at the top right corner of the screen, there is an advanced detail option there. Besides this option, you will find a download button. This download button will give you the option to download the full replay of the match.

– Method 2: Through The Match History

This is the only way you can get to watch replays for previous games that you have played. You must bear in mind that the client will only show you the last twenty games played. This means that you won’t be able to get replays for matches older than this. The best practice will be to get the replay as soon as possible.

So, first off, open the league of legends client, then go to the profile tab. The match history comes up underneath. You can scroll down the history to find the replay you want to watch. Click on the download tab next to the replay icon.

This will ensure that the replay is downloaded to your hard drive. Then, you can proceed to watch the replay you have downloaded. You can choose to change the location of the files that you have downloaded. As much as it is not a necessity, it can make finding the files easier.

So, let’s consider how you can change the file location in the simple steps below:

  •   Open the league of legends client.
  •   You will find a cog icon at the top right corner of the screen, click on it.
  •   A replay button will appear on the left side of the screen, click on this too.
  •   This will take you to the folder location for the replays and highlights.
  •   Click the pin icon that is beside the box you want to change.

You can also set the location for the downloaded replays on your computer. This will make it very convenient especially if you watch replays a lot.

How Can I Download and Watch Replays From Other Players

This feature might not be well known but it is possible in the league of legends. There is a system to download and watch ranked replays from your buddies in the game. The few steps below will help you with watching replays of those on your friend list.

  •   Open the league of legends client.
  •   Then, locate the profile of the friend you want to download the replay for.
  •   The next thing to do will be to go to their match history tab.
  •   Click on the download button beside the game you want to watch.
  •   After the replay has been downloaded, you can click on the play button.

You can also get to watch replays from other players who are not your friends. Many players share their replays online that can be downloaded and watched. You will have to download the replay from another player.

Oftentimes, file-sharing websites are used to host these replays. You will have to be sure that the file is safe and it is from a trustworthy source though. So, you have to scan the file you have downloaded with antivirus software.

Once you have downloaded the file, the process becomes a little complicated. Let us run you through what you need to do.

  • Go to your main hard drive.
  • Locate the riot games folder and visit the league of legends folder.
  • Try to locate the LeagueClient.exe application.
  • Right-click on this application and make a shortcut for it.
  • Then, drag the shortcut to your desktop.
  • You can now close the riot games folder and go to the replay that you want to watch.
  • Drag the replay and drop it to the shortcut that you have created.
  • The replay will launch almost immediately.

Once there is an update in the client, you might not be able to access the replay again. It follows the same restrictions that come with watching your replays too. Installing an older client patch might offer a solution here. It could help you watch the old replay although there is no guarantee that this will work.

How Can I Share My League of Legends Replays With Other Players?

Trying to share replays with other players is considerably easy. All you need is a website where you can upload your files like google drive or even MEGA. You should have one already as a gamer.

All you have to do is go to the file location where your replays are saved to. Then, you can upload it to the file-sharing website. The client version might still be an issue here. Your replay will not be watchable with a new client update.

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We have shown you how you can replay league games in the league of legends. So, now, you can watch your replays, watch those of your friends and even share yours with other friends too.