How To Play Valorant On Mac Without Bootcamp

Valorant is a free first-person shooter game that was developed by Riot Games. It is a tactical shooting game that gets interesting once you start with it. However, Valorant is only available for Windows OS users. This means that Mac users have to use something called Bootcamp which is not the best choice.

We will therefore be considering how you can play valorant on Mac without Bootcamp. If this has been your worry for a while now, stick around as we explore the possible solution.

How To Play Valorant on Mac Without Bootcamp

Boot camp is an Apple software that helps Mac users install Windows applications however, Bootcamp requires a lot of disk space. Most Mac computers come with an average space of 128GB or 256 GB disk space and Bootcamp alone requires about a quarter of that space which is not something everyone can afford. This makes playing valorant on a Mac computer with Bootcamp somewhat difficult.

Let’s, therefore, consider some of the possible solutions that you can work around.

Method 1: Install Parallel Desktop

Using a virtual environment like the parallel desktop can help you play valorant on your Mac computer without having to go through the hassle of using Bootcamp. Some Mac computers are not even compatible with Bootcamp so this might just be your best bet.

However, you will be required to install the parallel desktop. So, let’s see how you can get that sorted.

  • The first thing to do will be to visit the app store or the official site of the parallel desktop through this link to download the application.
  • Once you have located it, download the application on your device.
  • You should have the application on your desktop by now, right? Great. Locate the icon of the application and right-click on it. A drop-down menu will appear, go ahead and click on the new option.
  • Having done this, a window will display on your screen, right? Excellent, we are on track. Click on the option install windows or install OS from a DVD or image file.
  • Then, select the continue option.
  • If you have any Windows version downloaded, you would have to select the choose manually option and select the iso file. Once you have done this, you can simply download any version from the list.
  • You’d be required to enter a license key now, right? Great. There is nothing to fret about. simply uncheck the box and click on the continue option.
  • You have to choose the purpose of using Windows now to the game-only option and select the continue option.
  • Click on the create option and then, the installation process will commence.
  • Once the installation process is completed and you have verified that it has, make sure you close the application.
  • Again, go and right-click on the Parallel icon on your desktop. A drop-down menu will appear, right? Exactly. Click on the Windows operating system option from this list. The windows will start opening. Wait until it does so normally.

We are all just about done with the process. We know you can’t hold your excitement and can’t wait to play the game already. Once you have the parallel application installed, there is just a tiny bit of process required for you to install and play the valorant game on your Mac OS.

  • Visit the root directory file where you have downloaded the Valorant game.
  • Then, you will have to run the installation setup. Immediately, the installation assistant window will display on your screen. You can see it on your Mac desktop, right? Great.
  • Select the advanced option and choose the path folder where you will want the game to be downloaded on your computer.
  • Click on the install option and the game will start installing.
  • So, we are done with the installation process. Once the installation is complete, you can now play valorant on your Mac computer without the trouble of using Bootcamp.

You must bear in mind that this Parallel software is not a free application. So, you will be required to subscribe for you to be able to download and use it. Once you have installed the application as we stated, you will have to install Windows and then, subsequently Valorant just as our guide has stated.

Method 2: Creating a portable windows USB drive for your Mac computer

There are third-party platforms like EaseUS OS2Go that you can use in creating a portable windows USB drive for your computer. You can work with a configured windows computer and create a clone of all the system drive files and disk layout to an external storage drive. This way, you can use this external storage medium to boot on another computer.

This method comes with many advantages as it will help you save the space that Bootcamp would have otherwise used up. This method also helps to keep the game in sync both on a Windows and Mac PC and there is no additional setup required. Once you start your Mac computer from the USB drive, then, you are good to go.

So, let’s run you through how you can work with this process to play Valorant.

  • First off, you will have to prepare a Windows computer and ensure that Valorant is installed on the system drive.
  • You must bear in mind that the USB drive that you prepared must be larger than the used space, so you have to ensure you check the used space on this system drive.
  • Then, you would have to install the third-party platform you have decided on to create the portable windows USB drive.
  • Click on the third-party platform that you have installed. If you are using EaseUS OS2Go, it will show you the space you have left in your system’s drive.
  • Look for a USB drive that has a larger space than that of your systems drive and plug it in. Select this USB drive on the third-party platform and click on the continue option.
  • By now, you will be notified that this process will delete the data that you have on your drive, right? Great. Make sure you have backed up all your important data.
  • If you are sure you have backed up the data, select the continue option and then, proceed.
  • The next thing to do will be to adjust the disk layout. You can edit the layout depending on what you have required for the drive. The default disk layout will be the same as the resource drive.
  • If you are using SSD as the bootable drive, tick that option. If not, you can leave that box unchecked and just select the continue option.
  • The third-party platform will start creating the portable USB drive. Depending on your computer’s OS and internet connection, this might take some time. Usually, you should go ahead with this process when you are sure that your internet connection is optimal enough.
  • Once the progress of the process reaches 100%, the USB drive is bootable now.
  • Take that USB drive and install it on your Mac computer.
  • Select the option/alt key.
  • Then, go ahead and click on the yellow EFI boot icon to boot from the USB drive.
  • Follow the instructions that appear to boot your Mac computer.

You should be able to play the Valorant game after this process. We hope we did not lose you at any point.

Technically, this procedure does not just hold through for only playing Valorant games. You can even use the portable USB drive to work from home as it can aid your operations. This portable USB drive can be considered a portable computer.

Final words

We believe by now, you should have Valorant up and running from either of the two methods that we have highlighted. Once you follow our instructions, then, you should not have issues playing Valoarant on your Mac again.






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