How to Play Pokemon on Android

Pokemon on Android

If you enjoyed playing Pokemon games on your Nintendo handheld or gaming console and would like to have an experience on your Android device, we’ve got you covered with steps on how to play Pokemon on Android. Many games are available on Android devices, but no good Pokemon game is available on the Google Play store. However,  there’s a platform on Android devices for Pokemon game lovers to play their favorite games. This platform has emulators that execute codes written for different games that enable Android users to play them on their devices.

There are two ways to play Pokemon games on your Android device. The first method is through the John GBA Lite and the second method is by using Gameboid. We will give detailed explanations of the two ways.

how to play poke on android
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Method 1: John GBA Lite

Here is a simple way to get Pokemon games on your Android device. The GBA lite is a Game Boy emulator available for download here. This method is easily the best way of solving the problem of how to play pokemon on android devices.

Step 1: After successfully downloading the GBA Lite emulator, tap the Game boy icon on your device’s home screen. A pop-up notification shows, thereafter the App searches for the available game. Select the OK option beneath the notification.

Step 2: To have access to Pokemon games on your device, you need to download the ROM file for the game on your device. Type the game’s name in your Google search box to download the ROM. Only ROMs with the ‘.gba files’ extension work, so ensure to check the extension before downloading the file.

Step 3: Open file manager on your device, then move the downloaded ROMs to sd card/games/GBA location. Ensure that you move the files to this location to enable the game emulator to find them.

Step 4: Open the emulator by tapping on the Game boy shaped icon on your home screen. The app loads the list of games installed through the ROM file. Search for and select ‘Pokemon.’

Method 2: Using Gameboid

This is a second method of how to play Pokemon on android. Unlike the John GBA Lite, the Gameboid emulator is not available on the Play Store, but you can download it via your phone browser here. Once the web page opens, click on the download option.

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Step 1: Download the gameboid emulator. Once the download is successful, go to the file’s location and install the emulator by clicking on the file.

Step 2: You need to download the game ROM file for access. Again, ensure that the file you want to download has the ‘.gba file’ extension because files with any other extension may not be supported.

Step 3: Download a BIOS file from your browser. This file ensures that the game emulator works perfectly on your device.

Step 4: Move the ROM and the BIOS files from the ‘Downloads,’ which is their destination upon download, to the Gameboid folder that has already been created in your SD card. Click on ‘File manager on your device home screen to change location.

Step 5: Open the new location you would like to move your files to by clicking on it. Afterward, long-press the files you desire to move; a dropdown menu shows on your screen, giving you options of what you would like to do with the selected files. Select the ‘Move’ option. Choose the ‘Gameboid’ folder and click on ‘OK’ to successfully move your files.

Step 7: Open the Gameboid emulator on your device by tapping in the Gameboid icon on your home screen. Please wait until it loads the games and gives you options of what you want to get done. Choose the ‘Gameboid’ folder and click on ‘OK’ to successfully move your files.

Welcome to the world of Pokemon games on your Android device. Enjoy your game!


These steps on how to play Pokemon on Android might be helpful for other games that require the use of an emulator to run, so You might want to apply them to the use of an emulator for another game on your Android device.

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