How To Move Riot Games to Another Drive

The League of legends is one of the trending games on the web today and almost everyone likes to play it on their PC. 

The buzz and hype associated with it on social platforms keep increasing the demand for the game and the urge to play it.  When playing it, various problems such as your drive being full can necessitate the need to move your Riot game folder to another drive. 

How do I move my RIOT games to another drive? I hope it won’t affect the proper functioning of the game? Will I have to start over from the beginning if I move the game?

 All these questions and more are what you might have when you want to move your Riot games to another drive. Follow me as I shed more light on ways you can move your RIOT game folder to another drive.

How To Move RIOT Games To Another Drive

There are different reasons why you might want to move your Riot game folder from one drive to another.  Space, better gaming performance and a lot more are possible reasons why you might want to change your drive when it comes to RIOT games.

There are various methods you can use if you want to move RIOT games such as the league of legends to another drive.  Below are the following methods you can adopt.

– Through Copying and Pasting

This is the easiest and most common way to move your Riot games folder to another drive. 

Some games require re-editing and relaunching when you move it to another drive. That is, they don’t work with copy and paste. Luckily, Riot games aren’t one of those games.  A simple copy and paste of the game file directly on the new drive are good enough for the game to run perfectly without any issues. 

To copy and paste the Riot games on another drive, all you need to do is follow the steps below.

  • Go to the folder where the game is installed and right-click on the folder. Then, click on the copy or cut option
  • Once this is done, go to the drive where you’ll like to move your game, right-click and click on paste.
  • You can then click on the game folder and select the league of legends folder, then double click leagueclient.exe. this should launch the game automatically if you’re always signed in.

It is however important to note that this method doesn’t work with every PC. It works for some and it doesn’t work for others.

– Reinstalling The Game On The Other Drive

This is also another method you can use if you want to move your RIOT games to another drive. Sometimes, the game might not function optimally, or worse, it might not work at all if you try the copy and paste method. This is where this second method might come in handy.

You might have to reinstall the league of legends on the new drive, although it may take a much longer time and might be a little tricky, this method is bound to work if you go about it the right way.  

Below are the steps to take if you want to uninstall and reinstall the RIOT games.

  • Go to the settings on your PC and click on the app
  • Select RIOT games such as league of legends and click on uninstall. 
  • After successful uninstallation, you can go to the folder directory and delete everything where the game was formerly installed
  • You can then go the official website and download any of the RIOTgames again
  • Once you’ve downloaded it,  start the installation and select the new drive you’ll like to use as your new location.
  • Once this is done, launch the game and you’re good to go.
– Through a Third Party Software

If you follow closely as I gave the previous two methods, you’ll notice that the first method can put you at risk of losing your data while the second method takes a much longer time than you’d like. This is where the third method comes in. 

Using third-party software is the fastest and most efficient way to move your Riot games to another drive. It is also the safest and easiest way to move your game. There are different types of third-party software you can use and each software comes with different procedures.

 Below are the simple steps to move your games with the help of a third-party software

  • Install and launch the third-party software on your PC
  • Choose a copy or cloning method you’ll like to use to move the game to the new drive
  • Select the hard drive where the game is located and click next
  • Select the location or the new drive you’ll like to move the RIOT games 
  • There are different types of editing methods. You can choose the default copying method which saves you the stress of having to make any adjustments
  • Click on apply or proceed and the right games will automatically be copied on the new drive. 

It is important to note that the type of third-party software you use goes a long way in influencing the type of editing or cloning method you can use to move it to a new drive.

Can I Change The Default Install Drive For Windows 10

It is very much possible for you to change the default install drive. All you need to do is to click on the search bar and type in settings. Select the settings and select System from the menu. In the menu, you’ll have to stroll to the left and click on the choose storage path.

You’ll then click on the change option under the more storage settings. Then you’ll select the new default location and click on save. Once this is done, you’re set. This procedure is mainly for Windows 10 as other processors might require a different method entirely.

Is It Possible To Change My Riot Game Location?

It is also possible to change your Riot game location depending on the type of PC you use. Most PC’s come with the option or feature of changing storage location or drive to create more space and for better game performance.

To change the location, all you need to do is locate where the folder is saved. Right-click on the folder and click on copy or cut the file. 

Choose the new storage and paste it there. Once this is done, your setup file has been moved to a new location and you would have successfully changed the Riot game location.


Riot game like League of Legends is one of the popular and trending games which requires some amount of time when you want to download and install them. If you don’t have enough space on your drive, it might make your game lag and you will not enjoy the best gaming experience which might necessitate the need for you to change your drive.

If you Intend to change the drive, all you need to do is follow the steps listed above and you’ll save a lot of time and stress as you enjoy the best gaming experience.

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