Guide on How To Lower Pings in LOL(League of Legends)

How To Lower Pings in LOL – Playing a game like league of legends with a high ping can lead to a lot of frustration. It could affect the rapid movements you want to make in the game. You might also not be able to keep an eye on opponents or teammates well.

So, playing with a high ping can cause a lot of issues when playing league of legends. You must therefore know how to fix this problem if you want to have a smooth run in the game and climb up the rank ladder soon. We will be putting you through the simplest processes you can use to achieve a low ping.

So, let’s dive in.

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Step-by-Step Guide on How To Lower Pings in LOL(League of Legends)

There are various methods that you can use to lower your ping. This will help you experience fewer issues in the league of legends game.

So, let’s get right into it.

1. Download the Latest Game Patches

If you are playing other online games, the best practice will be to open these games and see whether you have high ping on them as well. If the problem remains, then, the problem might be your connectivity issue. It could also be down to the game server.

If the ping can only be attributed to your league of legends game, then, you have to contact riot games for assistance. You can either submit a ticket or wait till they resolve the issue themselves. They can resolve the issue by releasing new patches.

You might not have to worry about these missing updates because the game will download the latest patches when you launch it. You can also try optimizing your network for better speed.

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2. Restart your Router and Modem

You can try turning off your router and modem especially if you have not turned them off in a while. Just give them some time to cool off and clear up the cache. After turning them off, you can wait for say, thirty seconds to allow these devices to cool down.

Then, you can start your modem back up and wait till the indicator lights come up. Plug the router also and ensure that the indicator light returns to its normal state. You should then go ahead and launch the league of legends game. If it is a connectivity issue, it should be resolved by now.

3. Close Bandwidth Hogging Applications

Bandwidth hogging applications can slow down your network speed and this can lead to a high ping in the league of legends game. So, you have to shut down every resource-hungry application before playing the game.

To do this, you have to launch the run dialogue box by pressing the Windows key and R at the same time. Type in resmon in the box and hit enter. You will then be directed to a resource monitor window. Locate the network tab here and take note of the total b/sec column. You will be able to see which application is taking the major part of your bandwidth. You can right-click on the application to end it.

The issue might sometimes be caused by interference from antivirus software. You can check this to be sure. Disable your antivirus software temporarily and see if the high ping issue persists. If you do not have any high ping issues, you could change your antivirus program.

Be careful of the sites you visit and the emails you open when your antivirus is disabled though.

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4. Update your Device Drivers

Some players have said that the moment they updated their drivers, their ping level went back to normal. We can therefore recommend this hack too. So, the first step will be to check if your drivers are up to date.

You can get to do this via your device manager. Although this might take a lot of time and patience. You will have to check if each driver is updated, if not you will have to do it manually. You could encounter issues in doing this manually. There is software that you can download to help you out with this.

5. Use the Hextech Repair Tool for Automated Troubleshooting

Hextech repair tool is an automated troubleshooting utility that Riot Games has made available. It can be used to diagnose whatever technical issues you encounter in the league of legends, high ping inclusive.

You can download the repair tool via this link:

Once you visit the link, follow the instructions to install the repair tool. Install it and wait to see if any high ping issue surfaces again.

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6. Disable your Proxy and VPN

If you are using a proxy or VPN, you have to make sure you disable it before launching the league of legends game. These tools can be used to prevent your privacy online. However, they can cause high ping issues in league of legends.

  • So, if you want to disable the proxy or VPN, you can rightly follow these steps:
  • Press the Windows logo key and I key at the same time to take you to the settings tab.
  • Then, access the network and internet section.
  • In this section, try to locate the proxy tab. Then, toggle off automatically detect settings and use the setup script.
  • Do not forget to disconnect the VPN you are using too.

You can now launch the league of legends game and see if the ping has returned to normal.

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What Exactly is a Ping?

You might have heard a ping being referred to as latency. A ping typically tells you how long it takes to send data from your computer to a server and then back to your computer again. The ping is used when you are trying to talk about a two-way latency. This ping can be any action in a league of legends such as simply moving around the map.

Keeping track of a good and stable ping in a league of legends is not something difficult. You can even enable the ping to show up on your screen at all times. This will help you monitor the ping so that it does not get too high.

To enable this, just head over to your settings section. Then, try to locate the display section in the settings. You will see a toggle FPS display command in there. Enable it. Once you have done that, the ping will show at the corner of your screen in the loading section.

The ping can vary from player to player. For instance, professional players can play with a ping as low as 1. A ping of 1 will be difficult to reach when you are playing on official servers. An instance will be the EUW server, you will have a ping range of 10 to 70.

Anything within this range is normal. Although if it rises above 70, then, it could get laggy. The ping will largely depend on your location and internet speed.

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Ping issues can affect your performance levels in the league of legends. It is therefore imperative that you get the issue sorted as fast as possible if you want to move up the rank ladder.

We have shown you a few hacks to get this ping issue sorted. So, you can follow our instructions and be certain that all the ping issues will be resolved.