How To Get More FPS In Valorant: What To Do

For most online games, getting a steady FPS count is vital. Even though Valorant does not require a robust PC build, you can experience lags if you play this game on low-end computers. The good news, however, is that you can still use some tweaks to increase your FPS to have a better gaming experience on Valorant.

This is precisely what we will teach you in this guide. We will show you how to get more FPS to improve your gaming experience on Valorant.

Step-by-Step Guide on How To Get More FPS In Valorant

Valorant is relatively easy to run and does not need too much of a high-end computer. It is just that working with a low-end computer for the game can somewhat affect the performance. Some players have reported better gaming experiences by toying with specific settings we will be briefing you on.

Viewing the game surroundings in high definition is essential in making the game appear more refined. After updating your GPU, it is best to boost your video settings to take advantage of your new GPU.

Let’s see how you can get more FPS in valorant.

1. Make sure the computer meets the recommended settings

For every Riot game, there are recommended, optimal and minimum settings for a computer to run the game effectively. This is pivotal in knowing that your hardware can easily power the game for good experiences.

The ideal requirement for your computer to run Valorant is as follows:

  • CPU: Over 9900K.
  • GPU: Over 1080 TI.
  • RAM: 8GB.
  • 256 SSD.
  • 144 FPS.

If your system’s configuration meets the desired requirements, you can check out the next step to boost the performance of valorant on your computer.

2. Windows performance settings

You can work around some optimal settings on your Windows to help boost the performance of valorant on your PC. Let’s show you what tweaks you can make to help your computer perform better.

  • Access the control panel settings of your computer.
  • Once you are in, locate the option and show additional plans. You’ve found it. Great, click on it.
  • Observe the high-performance power plan of your computer.
  • Ensure the game mode is turned on. To check this, you can enter game mode settings in the Windows search bar and turn on this option. Ensure you turn off the Xbox game bar.
  • You can also add valorant to high preference. This will help boost the performance of the game on your computer. To do this, enter graphics settings in the search bar and turn on the accelerated GPU settings. Restart your computer at this point, and then revisit this tab. Locate the path for valorant and paste the link for valorant to add it as a high preference.

If, on the other hand, your system’s configurations do not meet the desired requirements, the next series of guidelines will show you how to optimize your computer for better experiences.

3. Work with a higher refresh rate monitor

You will have to determine whether your monitor has a high refresh rate. You would have to consider buying a higher refresh rate if it does not have one. Most monitors come in at a standard 60Hz, which is not ideal for having an optimal FPS.

If you can get a monitor with a 144Hz or 240Hz refresh rate, the FPS will fare better, especially if you have hardware that packs a punch. If you work with a 60Hz monitor or a powerful rig, you might not get the most out of it.

4. Lower your graphics quality settings

This is another excellent way to boost the FPS of valorant. This might not be the best option, making the game appear worse. It is just a cost-effective option compared to other options on the list. The game will run better if you lower the graphics quality settings.

To do that, access the settings tab in the video section. Then, you can make all the changes you need to make. This will encompass lowering the material quality, texture quality, detail quality, UI quality, and anisotropic filtering.

You might have to scale everything down to the barest minimum, although that depends mainly on your hardware. On some computers, just a few tweaks will get the game functioning optimally, but for others, you will have to go way down.

5. Lower the resolution

This is another cost-effective approach to increasing the FPS in valorant. If you are using a powerful computer with a 4k monitor, there is every tendency for the high resolution of your computer affects the FPS of the game.

So, lowering the resolution to 1440p will boost the FPS in valorant. Similarly, if you use a 1440p monitor and have the same issues, you can reduce the answer to 1080p. Reducing the resolution of the computer will help the game perform better.

6. Turn off background applications

You also want to check out the background and startup applications. If additional actions are in the background, you can experience a lag in your game. This is because your GPU might struggle to handle it.

If your Windows is fond of starting programs while the game is running, you must ensure that you turn off all unnecessary applications. Closing these programs can free up good space for your game to run smoothly.

7. Restart the Game and the Computer

Sometimes, you could run into issues with your computer running Windows updates or other tasks while the game is ongoing. So, the best practice is to restart the contest and, subsequently, your computer before playing the game. This will help free up space that will help boost the FPS.

8. Ask for Community Help

You can also seek assistance from communities and post a query regarding what you are experiencing. There is every tendency that someone has gone through the same issue you are going through.

  • Once you have done all that is needed to do with your computer, launch the valorant game and access the settings tab by pressing the ESC button.
  • Ensure you turn off all the FPS restricting options by testing them in range. For example, if you are using a low-end PC and have gone on, it will significantly drop the FPS levels. So, you have to ensure you turn off this option.
  • Ensure you turn off blood corpses, too, as this will help save CPU usage and boost the FPS levels of the game.
  • Locate the others section and ensure that you deactivate the show mature content, show corpses, and show blood options.

Is 240 Fps Okay for Valorant?

Professional game shooters in valorant for competition mostly use a monitor that displays 144 frame rates. Though this is ideal, you may want to produce higher frames while on a competitive track to be a better player.

Advancing to 240 frames per second will be ideal, as it will be more advantageous over players using a lower refresh rate, say 120Hz. But it will need a powerful GPU. Unlike the previously manufactured GPU, the modern graphics card has been ultimate for games.

However, if your budget can’t meet 240hz, it will be okay to go for 144 frames per second but not below challenging games.

What Is the Optimal FPS for Valorant?

Valorant games require a minimum of 60 FPS, but this is not recommended when gaming competitively. As a Valorant professional game shooter, 120 FPS and above will be perfect, especially when you are playing competitively.

While it is advisable for 120 plus FPS, you should know that the condition and strength of your PC’s hard is also an essential factor to put in place to ensure it is upgraded to get a better result. And also, ensure you have a consistent and adequate power supply if you use a laptop to get a better result from hardware.

Why Is FPS Dropping In Valorant? What To Do

FPS can drop and be low in valorant even if the hardware is balanced enough. This is usually an everyday challenge players face. This seems to persist even when Riot keeps updating valorant. When FPS drops, you must know all your graphics and performance settings. You might wonder why fps dropped in good condition. One of the known reasons is thermal throttling (that is, CPU or GPU reducing its frequency and performance if it has reached its temperature).

You should have a hardware monitor app on your PC, as it can check the temperature of your CPU and GPU if it is still expected.

Also, if you notice your FPS drops drastically, it might be that there are some background apps like AMD replaying features even when they are not in use, resulting in substandard performances. Get an Xbox game barre software as a substitute.

What Should You Do to Solve the Common Challenge of Fps Dropping?

This section is everything you need on how to fix common challenges of dropping in Valorant FPS:

Method 1: Installation of Latest Window Updates

It may interest you that when you update your system, it will help resolve FPS problems. Now that you know this, do you want to update your Windows 8 and 10? If yes, how do you go about it?

How to Update Windows 8 (Steps)

  • To locate the universal toolbar (charms bar), move your mouse cursor to the right-hand corner of the system screen (alternately press the window + I keys together)
  • Locate the setting on the charms bar and click on it
  • You will see the PC setting below the panel; click on it
  • When it brings up a list on the left-hand side, click on the window update, and then it will update your window.

Steps to Updating Windows 10

  1. On the keyboard, locate windows and click (or press the window + I keys down together)
  2. Locate and click on the setting tab (you will update & security)
  3. Locate and click on ‘check for update,’ and then it will update
  4. Lastly, ensure it is updated after the system update installation.

You might wonder why Windows 7 is not included. The support for Windows 7 has stopped since January 14, 2020. Now that you have updated your window and the FPS issue persists check out the next solution.

Method 2: Optimization of PC Power Plan

This might help resolve FPS issues, but note that a high-performance PC power plan will consume a lot of power. How do you optimize the PC power plan?

  1. Open the run command window by pressing window + R together, and it will show below the left corner of the screen.
  2. In the run command tab, type’ control powercfg.cpl’, then click the OK button (or strike the ENTER key on the keyboard).
  3. Then click on the high-performance power plan.

Method 3: Installation of the Latest Graphic Driver:

Install the latest graphic driver if you have optimized the PC power plan, and the FPS issue still displays. To do this, follow the steps below.


  1. Locate the AMD Radeon setting by right-clicking
  2. A menu will pop up; click on new updates
  3. Select the desired driver option
  4. Click on express upgrade
  5.  Then click proceed.

For Nvidia Users: you need an Nvidia Gefore Experience on your desktop; download it if you don’t have one. Register and log in. When you open it, you will see the ‘driver’ click and ‘check for update’ display. Locate the download option and install the driver.

Method 4: All Background Programs Should Be Stopped

A common problem that results in FPS dropping is that background apps like Skype, Discord, and Chrome are running. Note them and ensure they stop them from running unnecessarily before gaming.

Method 5: Optimizing In-Game Graphics Setting

If, after stopping the background apps on your desktop and you still experience an FPS drop, check for unoptimized graphic settings and optimize them to have a better experience while playing.

Method 6: Disable Fullscreen Optimization

Enabled full screen of your desktop can also lead to an FPS drop. How do you disable the entire screen?

Go to file manager on your desktop; you will see the valorant.exe file, right-click and open the properties. When you click on the ‘compatibility tab,’ it will take you to the settings. Locate and click on disable full-screen optimization.

Method 7: Turn off the Xbox Game Bar

These can also lead to FPS dropping search for it and turning it or disabling it, though it may be needed sometimes. It’s okay to turn it on whenever you need it. To disable, press window + I simultaneously to locate the PC setting, search for the Xbox game bar from the game, and turn it off.

If you have tried all the processes above to resolve the issue of FPS dropping, and it seems to be no response, I will advise you to reinstall the game. Reinstalling the game will help solve most of the known FPS problems.



For you to have an optimal experience with the valorant game, your FPS level must be excellent. Different things can be responsible for a reduction in the FPS of your valorant game. The first step is ensuring that your system’s requirements align with the configurations. We have highlighted how to get optimal results, whether you have a high-end or low-end computer.

You can be sure that the highlighted guidelines will help you get the best gaming experience.

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