6 Tips on How To Get Gemstones in League of Legends In 2022

Gemstones are one vital part of the crafting system of the league of legends. The league of legends has been acclaimed to have one of the most confusing crafting systems amongst video games. It is usually difficult for newbies to find their way around this game. They usually struggle to understand the hextech crafting system.

Not to worry though, we are here to help you out. We will be helping you get a clearer understanding of how gemstones work in the game. We will be showing you how you can earn them and get them faster.

How To Get Gemstones in League of Legends

You can earn gemstones using different strategies. So, say you’ve been wondering how to earn gemstones, we are here to help you out. So, let us consider some of the ways you can earn gemstones in the league of legends.

1. Hextech Chests

This is the simplest way of accumulating gemstones in the league of legends. You earn these chests when you get an S- rank or even above when you participate in a match. You can also earn it if a participant in your group gets the S- rank.

Getting hextech chests is not something too difficult. What makes it quite complicated is the key you use in opening them. Getting the keys can be quite a difficult process. It must be said that you might not always get gemstones from these chests. They only offer a possibility.

2. Masterwork Chests

These are top-class models of the hextech chests. They however offer you better rewards than the hextech chests. They also offer a greater chance of earning gemstones through them. You can receive masterwork chests by buying them with riot points in the store.

You have a better chance of earning gemstones from these chests. They also come with great fortune protection that you can unlock after establishing three masterwork chests.

3. Levelling Up

Levelling up is not one of the most common places to get gemstones from. This is because Riot games have not made it quite smooth to earn gemstones through this means. You will have to attain summoner level 150.

Once you attain the summoner level 150, you can get gemstones after attaining every fifty-stage milestone. This means that you have to grind very hard in the game to get higher levels. You can also shop for XP to boost your progress level.

4. Events

Events come in now and then. You can be certain that there is at least one event every month. The system around each event varies but you can earn tokens from every kind of event.

These tokens can be used to purchase loot packing containers that have great possibilities of offering you gemstones. After a few events, you should be able to use the tokens to buy as many gemstones as they can offer.

5. Essence Emporium

The essence emporium is a yearly occasion and it was introduced as far back as 2018. It is an occasion where different objects are up for sale and you can get to buy from them using blue essence.

Urfwick has the most likely potential to get you gemstones. However, they are quite expensive as you will require about 150,000 gemstones to get at the Essence emporium. Gemstones used to be bonus objects that you receive after purchasing 50,000 BE objects or more.

What can you purchase with these gemstones?

Gemstones are the rarest type of currency available in the league of legends. They can be used to access some of the most exclusive items in the game.

So, let us see some of the exclusive items you can get to purchase in the league of legends.

– Hextech Skins

One of the things that gemstones can be used to purchase is hextech skins. There are some exclusive skins that you can only get to purchase via the crafting system of the game. Gemstones are a great way to get these skins.

You will need to have up to ten gemstones to buy these skins. There are about fourteen champion skins that you can get via gemstones.

You can also randomly get these skins via masterwork chests, hextech chests, champion capsules, or honour capsules.

– Event Skins

You can purchase some event skins and legacy skins with the use of gemstones. An instance will be the 2018 lunar revel event where you could get to purchase one lunar revel skin using about five gemstones.

Another instance will be the Neo PAX Sivir skin that could be bought using ten gemstones in 2017. So, you can get to buy event skins via gemstones.

Is There any Way to Earn Gemstones Faster?

The fastest way to earn gemstones will be to spend some of your hard-earned money. You will have to splash some cash so you can get gemstones through the Riot store. Since most players run on a very strict budget, they might not be willing to take this option.

The other way will be to open hextech chests. So, you will want to focus on hitting the S- rank or even higher so you can get a lot of free hextech chests. You will also have to stack up a lot of blue essences so you can buy gemstones at the yearly essence emporium events.

It is not as easy as we have said though. Here is the thing, you can only get about four hextech chests every week. You will have to wait after a week though before you can claim these chests. This means that there is no quick fix to getting gemstones with the league of legends.

You also have to remember that you need keys to open these hextech chests. This means that while playing you must ensure that you have to remain on your best behaviour. This way, your teammates will honour you and you can get key fragments easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Worth Buying Masterwork Chests to get Gemstones?

If money is not a concern for you, then you can opt for the masterwork chests. They hold the highest possibility of getting you gemstones. You can also get to roll some skins by buying the masterwork chests. Although, they are quite expensive.

What are Masterwork Chests?

The masterwork chests are premium versions of the hextech chests. They will give you better reward offerings than the hextech chests.

You have a better chance of getting the gemstones through these chests. The only way to get them is through riot points.

What are Gemstones?

Gemstones are very rare crafting materials. You can earn them through the Hextech crafting system. Although some events could help you earn some variants of these gemstones using riot points or blue essence. You will have to use large amounts of riot points or blue essence.

Gemstones also allow you to get new skins, wards, or chest bundles. You can forge one gemstone to give you a key and chest bundle. If you have up to five gemstones, you can forge them into a ward and ten gemstones will get you a new skin.

Final Words

Racking up a bunch of gemstones might not be easy but we have helped you to simplify the process.

We have shown you how you can earn these gemstones without issues. So, as long as you follow our guidelines without issues.