How To Fix The Riot Client Not Opening On Windows 11(Updated)

Have you tried launching your riot client on your Windows 11 gaming computer only to be greeted with issues? Well, that can be frustrating, right? Just as we thought. Different reasons could be responsible for your riot client not opening on your Windows 11 computer.

In this article, therefore, we will be considering why the riot client will not open on Windows 11 and we will be helping you troubleshoot those issues.

Why Is The Riot Client Not Opening Windows 11?

If riot client will not launch on your Windows 11, different reasons could be responsible for this. You must know that you are not the only one experiencing this so there is nothing to worry about. We are here to guide you through. So, let’s explore some of the reasons why the riot client is not launching on Windows 11.

First off, internet connection is one of the reasons why your riot client will not launch. What we are trying to say is if you don’t have a stable internet connection, the riot client will not launch. It could also be that your firewall is restricting riot clients’ access to your computer’s network connection. Either way, it won’t run if you have internet connection issues.

Another major reason why riot client will not launch on your Windows 11 is interference from other running applications or processes. Sometimes, third-party applications could restrict riot clients from launching or they could interfere with the smooth running of riot clients on your Windows 11.

You could also be experiencing this issue if you have an outdated graphics card. These old drivers may not work well with riot clients and consequently, it will affect the smooth launching and running of the game on your Windows 11 computer.

This issue could also be caused by a corrupt game client or shortcut. Over time, game clients or shortcuts can become corrupt. If this happens, the client will not run as it is supposed to. Also, if you have missing game files, you will have issues running the client on your Windows 11. If you don’t also have admin privileges, you could hit a roadblock with the riot client.

Is there a way out of all these issues? Definitely. We will be guiding you through how you can fix these issues so the riot client can run smoothly on your Windows 11 again.

How To Fix The Riot Client Not Opening On Windows 11?

If your riot client is not opening on Windows 11, there are a few hacks that you can try out to make it run smoothly.

We will therefore be guiding you through those hacks so you can have your game up and running again.

i. Initial checklist

The first thing to check and put a stop to will be all multiple unwanted processes so that new processes can run optimally. When your RAM is full or you are using a chunk of your CPU storage by running too many processes you do not need, it could affect the riot client from running smoothly on Windows 11.

However, if the processes that are running are important, then, you will have to upgrade your RAM. Just ensure that you check through first. Then, you want to make sure you have a good internet connection in place. Without an internet connection, launching the riot client might be a bit difficult.

You can also check if no firewall is restricting the access of your computer to the internet. Once you have all these checks in place, then we can proceed with the hacks.

ii. Check for riot client update patch

When a network is detected or you just launched the client, any updates get automatically applied. If these updates are not received by the client due to one reason or another, then, it can interfere with the running of the client on your Windows 11. You will have to check for the updates manually and update it from there.

iii. Troubleshoot your computer in a clean boot state

Just as we said earlier, some third-party processes or applications can interfere with the running of riot clients on Windows 11. This might most likely be the case here as well. In this case, you will have to do what we call troubleshooting in a clean state to get your riot client up and running.

What this will do to your Windows 11 is to help it start with a minimal set of drivers and programs. This means that every unnecessary program that creates conflict will be eliminated and your riot client will be able to launch properly.

If you see that the riot client runs smoothly in this state, you should restart other processes one by one. This can help you detect where the fault is coming from so you can avoid it in the future.

iv. Update your graphics card driver

If your graphics card is outdated as well, your riot client might not open on Windows 11. What happens is old drivers are usually not compatible with riot clients. So, you will have to update your graphics card driver.

You can install the graphics card driver from the website of the hardware manufacturer. You can also update it manually from your device manager if you have the .inf or .sys file downloaded for the driver. Whichever of the paths you use will help you update your driver.

v. Verify the integrity of the riot client file

Shortcuts or launchers tend to become corrupt with time. So, when this happens, it could interfere with the launching of the riot client. If there are missing files for the client, it will also prevent it from opening. What you can do in this case is to get the files back and check how authentic they are. This will help you repair any corrupt or faulty files in the installation process.

To verify the integrity of the client file, open the file in your computer directory. Then, initiate full repair from the menu option in this directory. This will help restore whatever file is missing. If there is any corrupt file too, it will be restored to a proper state.

vi. Reinstall the file

If all of these hacks that we have provided did not work out, you might have a case of several corrupt files and a minor repair might not be sufficient enough to fix the issue. In this case, the viable solution will be to reinstall the client to clear whatever issue could be wrong.

The first point of call for you will be to clear all the previous files you have of the client on your computer. This can interfere with a fresh install so ensure that there is no residue file. You can also use a third-party installer to make certain of a safe process for your computer.


Riot client not installing on your Windows 11 can be quite frustrating especially when you have a game planned out. However, there are fixes to go around it. We have carefully pointed out some of the hacks that you can use to get the riot client up and running on your Windows 11.

So, go through our hacks and go get your riot client functioning again.

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