Guide on How To Fix Elden Ring EAC Error and Causes

Elden ring is a newly released and promoted game that has got a lot of people excited. However, this game which was released in 2022 has a few glitches that may be a little frustrating as you play. One of such glitches is the EAC error.


The EAC error which is the Easy anti-cheat system happens when your launcher cannot guarantee the security of your device whenever you come online to play the game. This often results in the game hanging or crashing completely. Let me take you through the causes of the EAC error and the possible solutions.


Causes of Elden Ring EAC Error


There are a few reasons why you might be getting this error whenever you try to play this game on your PC. From a corrupted game file to a host of other things, below is a list of possible reasons why you are getting the EAC error


  • Corrupted Game File


This is the first possible reason why you might be getting an EAC error whenever you try to play Elden. If your game file is corrupted, there is a pretty good chance that you will not be able to launch the game successfully on your PC.


You might be wondering why. Well, the answer is relatively simple. This game doesn’t joke with the security and privacy of its users. Playing the game with a corrupted game file might put you at some level of risk when it comes to hacking. This game looks to prevent such a thing from occurring. This is why once your game file is corrupted, you will keep getting this error message.


  • Administrator Right


This is another thing that could be responsible for the EAC error you keep receiving whenever you try to play Elden. Sometimes, a minor thing such as the administrator’s right can affect the game from laughing or working the way you would like.


If the administrator right to the game is missing, the chances of the game running smoothly on your PC is pretty low. This could result in an EAC error. You will need to run the program through steam or the game as an administrator if you are looking to fix this administrator problem.


  • Damaged or Missing Game Files


If the game fire or the log on your PC is damaged, the likelihood of the game not running smoothly on your PC is pretty high. This is because damaged game files affect the performance of a game.


Apart from damaged gamefiles, if your gamefiles or game logs are also missing, you will have some difficulty playing the game. You might not be able to play at all. Viruses are the major thing that can cause your gamefile to be missing thereby resulting in an EAC error whenever you try to play the game.


  • Firewall or Antivirus


When it comes to the security and protection of PCs, people often use different types of firewalls. These firewalls work in different ways in different PCs. the reason you are having this EAC error could be because of the firewall you use.


Some firewalls restrict the access and features of some apps on your PC. if you use such firewalls or antivirus, there is a pretty good chance that you will get an EAC error as the EAC launcher on your PC might be restricted by the firewall you use.


How do I fix Elden Ring EAC Error?


There are different methods you can use to fix this problem the moment you notice that you are having difficulties launching the game. Below is a list of methods you can adopt to fix the error code problem.


  • Disable your Firewall or Antivirus


As stated earlier, you might be having one or two issues launching the game because you are using an overprotective firewall or antivirus on your PC. the firewall you use might have restricted the features or functions of the game. All you need to do is simply disable the firewall anytime you intend to play the game.


Disabling the firewall is pretty simple. Simply go to the task tray at the bottom of your screen and click on <firewall>.  You will be taken to the firewall settings where you should click on <disable protect>. Once you do this, you can confirm disabling the firewall. Try launching the game once you are done, the game should begin to work perfectly again.


  • Restart the Game

This is the first thing you should do the moment you start having the EAC error problem. You might have to take your time to restart the game or try to reboot your system. Once you do this, your game should begin to work well again.


A simple restart sometimes can help to fix all the minor bug issues are might be having on the game. These bug issues can often cause your game to not launch successfully. Once you have this problem, restart the game and if the problem persists, you can move on to the more technical solutions.


  1. Repair EAC


This is another thing you can do the moment you realize that you might be having this challenge because the game file has been damaged, corrupted, or missing. You can simply repair the EAC launching by repairing it.


Repairing the EAC is pretty simple. All you need to do is to follow the instructions give below.


  • Go to steam and go to the library 
  • Right click on the Elden ring game and click on <manage>, then <browze>, then <local files>. You should get access to the installation setup the moment you do this. 
  • Go to the folder and open the anti-cheat folder 
  • Locate the setup file and run it as an administrator
  • Choose the repair service and follow the instructions. 


Once you do the above, your gamefile should be repaifed immediately.


  • Run the Game and Steam as an Administrator


This is another thing you can do to fix the EAC error problem you might be having. You can simply run both the game and steam as an administrator. If you will like to do so, simply follow the steps below.


  • Open your file explorer and locate the steam application file
  • Right-click on the file, click <properties>, then click <run as administator>.
  • Right-click on the elden file and repeat the same steps.


Once you do this, the EAC errorshould stop. You can now relauch both steam and the game to see if the problem persists.


What is EAC Violation?


EAC violation is one thing you might get to face I you are not using a good internet connection. It is one challenge that tends to happen to a lot of people who play this game. This violation simply means that you are having a problem connectiong to the easy anti cheat servers.


When this happens, there is no way the server will verify you. Lack of verification leads to being kicked out of the game until the server can successfully verify you. Once your verificsation is done, you will be able to play this game smoothly.




Elden ring EAC error is a pretty common problem a lot of people tend to ace when they play this game. This error simply means your Easy anti-cheat launcher isn’t working. This often leads to you not being able to play the game. Reasons why this happens and possible solutions have already been discussed in the article.


A simply read through and you will get all the information you need about Elden Ring EAC error and a lot more.


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