How to Fix Apex Legends Crashes Without Error Codes

Apex legend is one game that promises all the fun and excitement you need. However, it can be a little frustrating to see the game crashing without error codes as you become lost on what could be the possible reasons for the crashes and solutions.

You should know that there are a couple of reasons Apex Legends crashes on your pc without an error code. We are going to be guiding you through all these reasons. We are also going to help give you more information on the methods you can use to fix these problems, and a lot more.

Why Does Apex Legends Crash Without Error Codes?

There are a couple of reasons why Apex Legend might be crashing on your PC without an error code. From an outdated driver to a host of other things, below is a list you should consider once Apex Legends begins to crash on your system without an error code.

Reason 1: Outdated Graphics Card

This is the most common reason why Apex Legends might be crashing on your PC without an error code. Many people who complain about Apex Legend crashing on their PC usually come to find out that it is because they are using outdated graphics cards.

When playing a game like this, you need a graphic card that is up to date. An up-to-date graphic card will not just only help to give you a better gaming experience, but it will also help to prevent your game from crashing on your PC. if your graphic card is outdated, it will affect the performance of Apex Legends on your PC.

Reason 2: Corrupted Game File

This is another thing that could lead to your game crashing countless times on your PC without an error code. If you are using a corrupted game file, you will find it difficult to run the game on your PC without any issues.

Often, as you play the game on your pc, you stand a chance of the game file or log being corrupted because you expose your PC to other forms of external devices or you download files that are not secure on your PC. once malware gets into your PC, there is a pretty big chance your game file will be corrupted leading to the game crashing without an error code.

Reason 3: Overclocking or Hardware Issues

If there is one thing that can lead to Apex Legends crashing on your PC without any error code, it is hardware issues. The moment you have a hardware issue such as a hard drive problem and a lot more, you will find it difficult for the game to run smoothly on your PC. the problem of space will also affect the ability of Apex Legends to run smoothly.

Apart from a hardware issue, overclocking your PC can also be a reason why Apex Legend isn’t working as well as you will expect on your PC. one thing a lot of people don’t know is the fact that overclocking your PC can do a lot of damage to your PC if it isn’t done in moderation. Once Apex Legend crashes on your PC, you need to check if it isn’t the overclocking that is affecting it.

Reason 4: Network or Server Connection

The server issue is another reason why Apex Legends keep crashing whenever you are trying to play the game on your PC. this game is one game that requires a good and stronger connection to the server. If the server is done, there isn’t much you can do, Apex Legends might just crash without any error code.

Also, if you are using a bad network connection, you might find it a little difficult for you to play the game without the game crashing on your system.

How Do I Fix Apex Legend Crashes without Error Code?

You do not need to worry if you notice that Apex Legend is crashing without an error code on your PC. This is because there are many things you can use to solve this problem. Below is a list of possible solutions you might find useful.

Method 1: Update your Graphics Card

Your graphics card is the first thing you should check the moment you notice that Apex Legends keeps crashing without an error code. Since most people with this problem fixed it by simply updating their graphics card, you can fix yours by doing the same.

It is pretty easy to update your graphic card, it all depends on the type of graphic card you use to play the game. If you use NVIDIA, you can simply go to the NVIDIA workforce experience, check their driver’s update and update the card. This should stop your game from crashing.

Method 2: Repair Game File

If the crashing problem isn’t coming from outdated drivers, there is a pretty good chance your game file has been corrupted or you did a wrong configuration or installation. Any of these things will cause the game to crash without an error code.

It is pretty easy to repair your game file if it has been corrupted, simply follow the steps below to repair your game file.

  • Open the platform where the game is installed. It could be Origin or Steam.
  • Once  you have done this, you can open your apex legend library
  • If you use origin, you will need to find the gear icon and click on repair. Once you do this, your game file should be repaired immediately.

If the game file is repaired, you should be able to play Apex Legends on your PC smoothly.

Method 3: Disable Overclocking and Fix the Hardware Issues

There are different types of hardware issues and each hardware issue has its unique way of being fixed. If you are having a full hard disk, it will be relatively smart for you to get a larger hard disk and larger RAM.

On the other hand, if you will like to solve the overclocking issue causing the game to crash without an error code, all you need to do is to disable the overclocking. The moment you disable the overclocking, Apex Legend should stop crashing without an error code.

Method 4: Get a Good Network Connection

Since the game is heavily reliant on a good network connection for it to function properly, it will do you a lot of good to get a good network connection the moment you notice that your game is crashing without an error code. I will advise you to go for a wired internet connection as they often work better and faster than wireless ones. 

If you are having a server issue, there isn’t much you can do as you are not the only person affected by this problem. All you can do is wait and restart the game affect a while.

Where Are Apex Legends Crash Logs?

This is something you might be curious about when it comes to Apex Legends. Apex Legends crash logs are documents relating to the crashes of Apex Legends on your PC. you can easily find them in the “my document folder”.

Once you see them, you can submit them in the online forum as it would help the developers to find ways to improve the app.

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There are different methods you can use to fix the problem of Apex Legends crashing without error codes on your PC. however, you should know that the methods to use largely depends on why the game is crashing in the first place.

In this article, we have discussed why the game is crashing, the best method to use to solve this problem, and the location of the crash logs which will help the developers improve the app. With this, you shouldn’t have any challenge when Apex Legend crashes without an error code on your PC.

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