How To Counter Teemo In League of Legends(Updated)

The league of legends is a very beautiful game that promises all the fun, excitement, and adventure. Different people from different parts of the world play this game. When playing this game, you have the option of joining forces with other players around the universe to play against other groups. This game is a thrilling game that will keep you captivated.

There are a lot of levels in this game and each level comes with different characters, groups, and adventures. Each of these adventures gives you a new thrill that will make you marvel at every experience you have while playing this game. There is one character in the game who has been giving different players trouble at different levels of the game. This character is called Teemo.

You do not need to get edgy when coming against Teemo. In this article, we are going to be talking about everything Teemo, how to counter this game character, and a lot more. 

How Can I Counter Teemo In League of Legends?

Teemo is the league of legends mascot that is responsible for ruining the game of thousands of players from all over the world. It is one of the character that your opponent will likely use against you if he is looking to slow you down or destroy you in the game. 

Teemo is one character we all hope to avoid as he uses his shotgun and explosive mushroom to not only make this game difficult for you, but your opponent can also use Teemo to kick you out of the game.

Below are characters and steps or methods you can use to counter Teemo in the league of legends.

– Yorick

This is the first character in the league of legends that should come to your mind if you are looking for the character that is best suits to counter Teemo in the league of Legends. Yorick is a very fast and mobile character which makes him a perfect fit to counter Teemo at any stage of the game. 

One of the weaknesses of Teemo is the fact that he doesn’t have any dash or jumping abilities which makes him a piece of cake for you if you know how to use Yorick well in the game. Yorick has a very high jumping ability. With Yorick, you can trap Teemo in a cage for a while while you quickly do trades with him. 

If your opponent decides to use Teemo against you, you will have to be smart and calm down at first.  Your opponent will likely want to take advantage of Teemo and be super aggressive when coming up against you. You will have to calm down and focus on hitting your last monnions while coming against him.

You can also wait till your W is ready. Then you can pick a fight against him. Teemo cannot win a battle against Yorick if your W is ready.  You also need to be careful of his blinding darts as it is the only thing Teemo might want to use against you. If you can avoid the blinding darts and you have your W ready, you will defeat Teemo in no time.

– Irelia

This is another character you can rely on if you are looking to find a way to defeat Teemo whenever your opponent decides to use him against you. Irelia is one character that will give you the result you need. With Irelia, you have a very high chance of defeating Teemo with no stress as long as you know how to use the character.

“Why is Irelia perfect against Teemo?” You might wonder.

Well, the answer is pretty easy. Irelia has a lot of kill pressure and high sustain which makes Teemo a piece of cake for her.  If you are using Irelia against Teemo, make sure you keep farming along with the game.

One flaw many people who use Teemo have is the fact that they often focus on harnessing their opponent’s strength so that they forget their minions. These minions are where your life health and regeneration come from. You will allow your opponent to harass you in the game while you focus on getting the minions.

Once you have gotten the minions, you can then come all out for Teemo. Teemo has a low health regeneration and zero sustain.  Once you return from your first recall, all you need to do is to buy mercury thread and go all out for Teemo. You will have no problem defeating him this way. 

– Darius

This is one of the best characters you can use when coming against Teemo in the league of legends. With Darius, you don’t have to worry about Teemo’s attacks. The attacks will have little effect because Darius has a feature called Q ability which will sustain him against all the attacks your opponent might want to use against you.

Once you use the decimate feature, you can then move on to apprehend Teemo. Most opponents you have at this time will likely panic and try to use the blinding feature against you. This feature will block all your basic attacks for a while. Once the blinding attack wears off, you can go all out for Teemo. You will have a pretty good chance of apprehending and destroying him in no time.

With the methods started above, you might be wondering who this Teemo character is and how he came out in the league of legends. Below is a brief history of Teemo in the league of legends.

What Is The History of Teemo?

Teemo is a league of legends mascot that first showed up in the league of legends alpha. He started as a scout in Badle city and has steadily evolved over the years. He has different features and abilities you should be wary of if you are coming against him in the game.

Does Jack Counter Teemo?

Yes, Jack can counter Teemo in the league of legends. Jack has a 48% counter rate against Teemo.

Can I Beat Teemo In League of Legends?

There are different ways you can beat Teemo if he is up close against you. You can use the equilibrium strike among other moves to defeat him easily.


You can use different methods if you are looking to counter Teemo easily in the league of legends. Simply select any of the characters listed above and you will have no problem defeating Teemo.

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