Tips on How to Clean Nintendo Switch Screen and Maintain

The greatest method to enjoy our electronic equipment completely and for a long time is to keep it in good working order. We invite you to stay with us if you want to learn how to effortlessly keep the screen of your Nintendo Switch clean.

We’ll not only show you how to maintain the screen of this particular device clean but also how to keep it in good working order. This is not a toy for small children, as it contains numerous accessories that must be handled with care.

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Tips on How to Clean Nintendo Switch Screen

You must look after all of the pieces that make up a Nintendo Switch for it to work properly. It necessitates extra care, especially while cleaning. We’ll show you how to clean and preserve your device’s screen in this article. It’ll amaze you how simple and affordable it is:

  • Get soft cotton or microfiber cloth, preferably one that has been used to clean lenses, glasses, or spectacles.
  • Wipe the dirt off the Nintendo Switch’s screen with a soft cloth.
  • If necessary, dampen the cloth slightly and wipe the screen again, being careful not to leave any traces or drops of water on the screen.
  • To clean the screen, begin at the top and move the cloth down in a fluid motion to the bottom. Circular or side-to-side movement of the cloth is not recommended. Keep in mind that the screen is haptic and contains extremely sensitive sensors.
  • Lift it when it reaches the bottom of the screen and repeat the process to bring it back to the top. If a stain needs additional attention, resist the urge to press down on the screen. Short, soft movements should be applied to it until it vanishes.

It’s critical to realize that washing the screen of your Nintendo Switch only requires water; cleaning chemicals, on the other hand, include ammonia, which can cause it to malfunction.

Safety measures to keep your Nintendo Switch’s screen in good working order

You can see that cleaning the Nintendo Switch screen is not difficult at all; all you need is a microfiber cloth and, in rare circumstances, a little water. However, cleaning this crucial component of the gadget is not the only option. We’ll go through several procedures to keep your Nintendo Switch’s screen in good working order:

  1. When docking and undocking the device from its base, be careful to avoid scratching the screen by rubbing it against the dock’s edge.
  2. Keep the console in a dry, suitable location away from moisture and dust.
  3. The Nintendo Switch should not be dropped or hit. The LCD screen and other components could be permanently damaged.
  4. Extreme temperatures can damage liquid crystal displays (LCDs). In cold temperatures, the operation of your Nintendo’s touch screen may be quite slow, and it will deteriorate if exposed to direct sunlight for lengthy periods.
  5. If the device comes into contact with liquids, wipe it down with a dry or slightly damp microfiber cloth as soon as possible, and do not charge it.
  6. Retain the Nintendo Switch gamepad from sharp things and pressure, as these are touchscreen enemies.

On the Nintendo website, you’ll find a wealth of additional information to help you care for your prized item.

Other Things to Take Care of on Your Nintendo Switch

  • Make sure all of your console connections are in the right places.
  • When unplugging the Nintendo Switch, do not pull on the cord; instead, pull it out of the socket.
  • Only use Nintendo-approved power adapters to recharge your Nintendo Switch’s battery.
  • Make sure the power adapter is set to the correct voltage.
  • To avoid tugging the wire when using the Nintendo, plug it into a nearby outlet.
  • Keep your fingertips away from the game card connectors.
  • When turning the Nintendo Switch on and off, keep this in mind.
  • When playing with a controller that isn’t docked to the Nintendo Switch, use the wrist strap.

Utilise Cartridge Carrying Case with Pockets.

The size of the game cartridges is perhaps one of the Nintendo Switch’s biggest flaws. They’re quite small. This could be beneficial. How many consoles, after all, allow you to carry a half-dozen games in your pocket? They can, however, be quite easy to misplace.

If you plan to use your Nintendo Switch as a comprehensive gaming device, you’ll need to invest in a carrying case. Look for cases with compartments built-in for the game cartridges. It’s worth it to spend a bit more money for a case with game storage. Carrying the cartridges in your pocket is the last thing you want to do.

Don’t Forget to Wear Straps When Playing

Many Nintendo Switch games are designed to be played with a pro-style controller, so you won’t always need to use the straps that come with the controllers. However, when playing games like 1-2 Switch, it’s critical to keep those straps in mind. Years of experience with the Nintendo Wii have shown that controllers don’t always adhere to your hand like glue. And it’s far preferable to spend the extra time tying them to your wrist over dealing with a fastball that flies straight into your widescreen TV.


If you follow each of these steps accurately, you have no need to worry about your Nintendo Switch getting spoilt anytime soon.

Keeping your device from any damage goes a long way to show how much you value it. The above procedures are sure to help.