How To Check ELO In Valorant: Tips and Guide You Need

Knowing how much Elo you have in the valorant game is important, because it tells you how close you are to ranking or deranking. It will also help calculate how many games you need to win to rank up or down.

In this guide, we will show you how to check Elo in the valorant game. So, stick around as we explore.

How To Check ELO In Valorant: Tips and Guide You Need

Valorant is a competitive shooting game that can leave players in Elo hell whenever they matchmaker. Every player has his Elo, just like other games out there. The only difference is that in valorant, you can only see your rank, not the Elo.

Each rank comes with a certain Elo, even though this Elo is invisible. The higher your rank, the higher the Elo you have. The basic way to gain Elo is by winning games, and as you must have guessed, when you lose games, you lose Elo.

When you surpass the Elo threshold for a particular rank, you will be awarded the rank for the main time. If you defeat a team with a higher rank than your team, you will gain many Elo. However, if you lose this kind of match, you will only lose a small amount.

This same rule applies when you play smaller teams. It invariably means you will lose a lot of Elo when you lose to a team with a lower rank than your team’s. If you win the match, the amount of Elo you have will be small.

To check the Elo you have in the valorant game, you can follow the steps below:

  • Visit the GitHub repository via the link below, and download the file tagged
  • Ensure you extract all the files from this folder.
  • You have to now head to Microsoft’s official website and download the .net core file. This is if you do not already have the x86 version.
  • Launch the file tagged ValorantStreamOverlay.exe.
  • Once the launch process is complete, you can head to the settings section and insert your riot ID details.
  • Also, set the refresh option to 30 or 60 seconds, and you can click on the apply button.
  • You can close the app and restart it. Once you do this, you will see the Elo you have.

Why Is The Valorant MMR Important to Elo?

Just like many other games, the valorant game uses an MMR (Match Making Rating) system, which is the ladder that contains all the players competing in the game at a particular time. Each player in this ladder is ranked based on their Elo. The player at the top of the ladder has the highest Elo.

When you win games and your Elo increases, the Elo of the player you defeated will reduce. This will help you climb up the ladder and overtake players with a lesser Elo than your new Elo. MMR and Elo are the invisible rating systems behind your ranking in the valorant game.

What Is Valorant Elo Checker About?

The Elo checker uses your username and password to initiate the API login token of the Riot games. This will read the game data through your Riot ID, which has your Elo stored on it. Once you follow the steps we have highlighted above, there will be an interface that displays your rank, Elo, and other numbers.

The RP value is the point that you have amassed in your current rank, and the Elo value is the total amount of Elo you have. If you look closely towards the bottom right, you will observe green and red points that indicate the wins and losses you have respectively.

The wins and losses will tell you how much Elo you gained or lost in your past three games.

Is the Valorant Elo Checker safe to use?

The opinion of players in the valorant community is that the checker is safe and works well with the Riot vanguard. Different players and programmers who have used the checker have said the codes they are embedded with do not look malicious.

If the program was malicious, since it uses your login details, you will need an email confirmation to change your password and hack your account in the process. However, none of that has been reported by any player of the valorant game.

How Can You Improve Your Elo in the Valorant Game?

The first step to improving your Elo in the valorant game is by looking through videos of your gameplay. Try to observe your patterns and mistakes. Once you narrow down the areas where you are lacking, you can start practicing to get better with the game.

Tip 1: Improve your aim

The aim is the most noticeable gameplay in valorant. When you expand your understanding of aim in valorant, it will take your gameplay to a different level. The first step to setting yourself up for success with the gameplay is by establishing good crosshair placement.

You must know that headshots do the most damage to your enemy in the game, and as such, crosshair at head level is important for good shots. In the valorant maps, there are design elements that allow the crosshair to be put in the correct area from different angles.

These design cues help you place your crosshair in the game as you move and focus on every other thing in the game. Some weapons in the valorant game allow aiming down a sighted scope, and most times low Elo players overuse this technique.

Learning to strafe when shooting as against crouching is also important in improving your Elo, because it will make you a more difficult target to hit. This will also help you manage your bullets, because you will have better accuracy. Working on your aim will help you take advantage of other lower Elo players in the game.

Tip 2: Find your agent

In competitive play, the agent you select can be the difference between winning and losing. This means playing with an agent you are comfortable with is essential. You can gain experience in using an agent when you use that agent more frequently.

You can try different setups, positions, and retakes time and again on different maps. This will help you understand what the agent can do and how pivotal that agent will be for your gameplay. Different online guides can show you the agent’s roles and how you can use its abilities better.

Tip 3: Know your utility

Situational awareness and quick thinking are some ways to understand how to use your utility to help your team’s performance. You must ensure you use your utility for good purposes, rather than throwing it into an area with hope.

If you want to use abilities that will do a lot of damage, don’t place it where your teammates will be. In all, you must be fully aware of your surroundings and be timely before using the utilities you have.

Tip 4: Pay attention to sound

Sound in the valorant game is an important element. Whether you are attacking or defending, sound can be used to give off information. For the attacking end, you must always stay in touch with your teammates before deciding to make noise or distract the enemy.

On the defensive end, paying attention to the enemy’s footsteps can help you know where the enemy is located, so you can know if you need the help of a teammate. Learning the sound cues for different areas will help you stay aware of the enemy’s positioning.


Knowing your Elo in the valorant game is important, as it can tell you your rank. However, you cannot do it without the aid of a third-party application. We have highlighted how you can do this in the guide.

So, read through and improve your Elo.

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