How Old Is Vex League of Legends?

League of Legends is a fun game that has gotten a lot of people addicted to their PC. With this game, you will get to enjoy different adventures while you get to face different people from different parts of the world. This game is one game that promises all the thrills and fun you desire.

There are different stages in League of Legends and each stage comes with different adventures and challenges. You’ll get to meet different champions across each stage. These champions have various abilities that might be enough to deal enough damage to your champion.

There are different champions in the League of Legends such as Illaoi who is popularly called the Tentacles Queen. There is also Mazahal and a lot of other champions.

One champion many people tend to be curious about is Vex. Vex who is a champion in the League of Legends is a character that never smiles. If you use Vex, you will get to enjoy different abilities as he has different abilities and skins. However, if you are coming up against this dark mist-loving character, you are going to have to give it your all as Vex can defeat your champion if you aren’t careful.

“How old is vex? What is his history? What are his abilities? You might ask.

All these questions and more are going to be addressed in this article.

How Old Is Vex in League of Legends?

This is one question many people who play the League of Legends game tend to ask whenever they stumble upon this character. “How old is this character in League of Legends? When was he introduced in the game? You might ask.

Well, the answer is pretty simple. 

Vex which is a villainous character was introduced into the League of Legends in September 2021. It was a highly anticipated character as many people were looking forward to this character after watching the trailer video of his ability and history. 

About Vex’s age, it is not possible to ascertain her age as Vex is an immortal being. All we know is the fact that she is as old as other characters in the game. According to the story, Vex was a little kid in a very happy village who felt like he never belonged. The origin of this character goes way back and it will be discussed further in this article.

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What Is The History Of Vex?

Vex has a very interesting history according to the legend in the game.  According to history, Vex was born and raised in Bandle City. This is the city that has produced a lot of champions in the game. Despite the love and affection shown by her parents, she never felt like she belonged in the village, she never felt like she belonged with her peers and parents. 

She was more of a loner and disliked all the bright colours that existed in the city.  She never had any like-minded friends because of her weird behaviour. She also couldn’t find any Yuldle spirit.  As a kid, she spent most of her time in her room usually sulking. She found a company in the shadows as it never said anything. The shadows were also dark and she loved dark places.

According to her story, before she met the shadow, she was completely lost in a city of light and happiness.

How Did Vex Met Her Shadow?

Now that we have addressed the history of vex, it is high time we talked about how she got to meet her shadow and her abilities.

Well, as the story continues, the black mist which is a shadow of darkness eventually came to Bandle City. When this mist came around, other members of the city fought against it. They battled against the darkness. However, Vex didn’t fight it. Instead of fighting it, she was fascinated by it. She decided to follow the mist to the source which is the Shadow Isles.

When she got to the Shadow Isles, she found the place perfect.  It was a place that was dark, gloomy, and full of dead spirits. As she spent more time in this place, she noticed that the dark mist was beginning to combine with her passive Yurdle Spirit. This made her shadow gain sentience. It also transformed her magic allowing her to be able to cast dark spells. 

After a while, she met Viego. She decided to ally with him. This alliance was directed at plunging the world into total darkness. However, the alliance couldn’t last for a long time as she later discovered that Viego wasn’t as evil as she would have liked. She found out Viego’s true goal which was to bring his dead wife back to life. She felt disgusted by this show of love and decided to call off the alliance. 

She decided to go back to Bandle City to tell her parents about her adventures to bask in their disapproval. While her parents were displeased by her adventure, they, however, allowed her to know that they still love her unconditionally. This angered Vex the more as she called her parents the worst parents ever. She left her parents angrily and decided to stay in Shadow Isles. 

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What Is Vex Appearance Like?

Vex is a champion with pale skin and purple eyes. She has light turquoise hair with a black nose and mouth. She loves to wear a big purple sweater that has an emblem of Shadow Isles on her chest.

What Gender is Vex in League of Legends?

Vex is a female character in League of Legends. She is a naughty character that promises to give you a thrilling adventure.

Is Vex a Teenager in League of Legends?

This is one question a lot of people tend to ask when it comes to League of Legends. Vex is an immortal being that is more than 18 to 19 years of age.

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Vex is one character that you will find amusing in the League of Legends. This Yurdle is a dark loving sad villain that loves to infect everyone around her with sadness. She is one character you should try out in this game.

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