How Many Fans Does a Gaming PC Need

A gaming PC is a high-energy consuming pc that requires a lot of air. I do not want to make you hit the panic button, however, it is important you know that your PC will likely crash or develop one or two issues if you do not ensure it is properly ventilated to allow for air to cool down the components as you use them.

A normal PC that uses way less energy than a gaming PC requires proper ventilation for it to work well, otherwise, it would switch off by itself or worse, develop a fault. If a normal PC that uses less energy can develop a fault due to lack of proper ventilation, a gaming pc will crash due to lack of proper ventilation. 

Since there is a high chance of your gaming PC crashing due to lack of proper air or ventilation. You might begin to wonder “ how many fans does a gaming pc need for it to be properly ventilated?”

How Many Fans Does a Gaming PC Need?

This is one question that many core gamers tend to ask when it comes to gaming PCs and maintenance. There are two types of fans you can use for your gaming pc even if it has an internal cooling system. The two types of fans are the case fans and the normal fans.

– The Case Fans

This is the fan that is inbuilt into your gaming PC. The case fan is the fan that is responsible for the airflow and ventilation that goes on inside your pc.  Since your pc is the brain of your computer, it generates a lot of heat due to the amount of work that is being done.

With the amount of work that is being done in the processor, you must have at least 2 case fans inside your PC. One case fan inside your gaming pc will not do like the amount of heat generated will not be cooled down by just one fan. This is why you need at least 2 fans.

“What’s the purpose of using at least 2 case fans inside my gaming PC?” you might ask.

The answer is relatively simple. If you are using 2 case fans for your PC, it becomes way easier for your PC to cool down. One of the case fans will be responsible for blowing cool air into the processor. This will help to cool down the gaming system. The second case fan on the other hand will be responsible for blowing the hot air out of the PC. This will also help in making sure the PC is cooling down as fast as possible.

Without having a minimum of 2 fans in your PC, your PC will be at a higher risk of crashing as time goes on.  At least, 2 case fans are what you need for your gaming PC.

– Normal Fans

This is another type of fan most gamers use for their PC. With normal fans, you can keep the environment around your PC well ventilated among other things. If the area around your PC is well ventilated and cooled down, it will also help in reducing the impact of the heat your gaming PC  generates.

This is why a lot of people advise that you keep your PC and other electrical components in a well-ventilated area. You do not need to worry so much about the number of external fans your PC will need. It all depends on the environment.

If the environment is properly ventilated and airy, you might not need more than one external fan. However, if the place isn’t properly ventilated, you might need up to 2 fans for your gaming PC.

How Many Case Fans Can Your Gaming PC Use?

If you ask me, I will tell you to make sure your game PC uses as many fans as possible, especially if your PC is quite expensive. If your PC is expensive, you should get as many case fans as your gaming PC can accommodate. If your gaming PC can accommodate up to 5 to 6 case fans, then you can buy them and put them inside your gaming PC. Always ensure that the outflow of air is the same thing as the inflow of air. 

If you buy 3 fans to help with the inflow of air into the PC, it is important that you also ensure that you buy 3 fans to help with the outflow of air. This will help balance the rate at which air comes in and goes out of your PC.

If your gaming PC isn’t expensive, it might be a waste of money for you to buy more case fans. Don’t get me wrong, case fans are good, but they aren’t necessary if you are using the relatively affordable kind of gaming PC. If you got your gaming PC for let’s say 500 dollars, getting case fans at additional costs will be quite unnecessary.

How Does The Fan In The Gaming PC Work?

This is one thing many people tend to miss interpret. Most people believe that the larger the number of fans, the better ventilated the gaming PC will be. This is very wrong as the ventilation and the cooling system won’t depend on the number of case fans you have, it largely depends on the level of air circulation inside the CPU.

If your CPU case is well ventilated or if there are enough holes in the case for air to enter, there will be proper air circulation as long as the inflow case fans are the same as the outflow case fans. 

The case design and the game you play largely affects the way the air circulation in your PC goes. 

Is It Okay To Run GPU Fans At 100 Per Cent?

It is okay to run your GPU fans at 100 per cent. The only problem you might have is the noise of the fans. However, if you can handle the fans, you are good to go.

What Is The Ideal CPU Fan Speed For Gameplay?

This is another question many people tend to ask when it comes to CPUs, fans, and games.  If you are using a stock CPU, the recommended fan speed for such a pc is 70 per cent RMP.  50-degree Celsus is the standard fan speed for your CPU.

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Everyone wants their gaming pc to function well and optimally for a very long time. This is why the number of fans you use for your gaming CPU is very important. If you want your CPU to function at the best possible capacity for a long time, read the article above as we have discussed the number of fans your pc will need. You will have a fun and informative time.

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