How Can I Open Chat In League of Legends?

The league of legends is one beautiful and adventurous game you can never get tired of playing. It is a game that is being played by different people from every part of the world. This game is one game is rated as one of the top games available to people on the web.

Another beautiful feature of the game is the fact that is a multiplayer game. That is, you can join forces with other people to form a team while you face off against other teams in the online game. If you decide to join forces, one important thing you might be after is the ability to communicate freely with your team members while playing the game.

If you are looking for a way to open chat while playing the league of legends, this article is for you. In this article, we are going to be talking about ways by which you can open chat in League of Legends. 

How Can I Open Chat In League of Legends?

Opening chat in League of Legends is a very important thing as it will help you communicate with your teammates and also strategize on your strength and weaknesses. Below are ways to open chats in League of Legends.

The method to open a chat is pretty simple and uncomplicated, you can simply open a chat by typing /all while in-game. You can then press the shift button and enter the chat. 

There are different ways to chat in League of Legends. There is the global chat and all chat. There is also the voice chat feature which will help you communicate better while you are playing the game. Below is the method you can use to open a global chat in League of Legends.

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How To Open Global Chat in League of Legends

Below are the following steps to open a global chat in League of Legends.

  • The first thing you need to do is to press the escape button while you are playing the game. The ESC button on your keyboard is something you will have to press to get started on the global chat. 
  • After pressing the escape button, you will have to scroll to the left and look for the interface icon.  Once you see the interface icon, you will have to click on it as clicking on it is the next step to joining the global chat.
  • After clicking on it, you will see a list of options available. You will have to stroll down to the button of all of the options, once you successfully stroll down, you will have to put a checkmark in the box labelled “Show all chats” in matched games.
  • You can then press the okay button. Once you press this button, you get access to the global chats in league f legends. 

With the global chats, you should be able to chat with other players and your opponents in the league of legends.

How Can I Voice Chat In League of Legends?

The voice chat in League of Legends is another feature you can take advantage of. Many people do not even know that league of legends has a voice chat mode as it wasn’t part of the game from the beginning. However, it was later developed over the years as the game progressed.

If you are just starting the game, you might not have access to the voice chat as you will need to have attained some certain stage to be able to use this feature.

To open the voice chat in League of Legends, you will have to go to the setting pane on your desktop. Once this is done, you will have to turn on the join voice automatically feature. This is under the voice tab.

How To Chat With a Friend on League of Legends

It is pretty easy to chat with your friend in the League of Legends. You have to first ensure that the person has been added as your friend in the league of legends. To add the person as your friend, you will have to send a friend request to the person.

Once your request has been approved, you can then begin to chat with the person once you click on their name. 

You can also chat with your champion while you are playing the game. Below are the chats commands you can use while playing the game.

  • /dance; this will tell your champion to dance and also display their dancing skills.
  • /chat filter; this will let you know if the chat filter is on or if it is off.
  • /reply; this will allow you to reply to an existing chat in the game mode.
  • /taunt champion; this will allow you to get o the nerves of your opponents. It allows you to taunt your opponent and their champion.
  • /joke; this will allow your champion to make a joke while you are playing the game. Every champion has a joke that they can crack during the game.
  • /ignore; this will allow you to mute a particular player while you are playing the game. This is the best thing to do if a player is disturbing you during the game.
  • /full mute; this will allow you to mute all the players that are actively playing the game during your game session. With a full mute, you will not be disturbed by the chats and messages of other people playing the game.

When it comes to leagues of legend and other adventure games, different people tend to ask a lot of questions. Below are some frequently asked questions and answers that will help give you more information.

Is Chatting Safe in League of Legends?

This is one question many people who are new to the league of legends tend to ask from time to time. Chatting in League of Legends is relatively safe as long as you do not give out personal information such as your personal address, bank details, and other things.

Can I be Banned From Chatting in League of Legends?

There is actually a pretty big chance of being banned from chatting in the League of Legends if you are found guilty of violating the chat code. The chat code includes sticking to responsible behaviour among others.

If you threaten other members in the chat group, there is a pretty big chance the chat feature for you will be removed.

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It is a pretty fun thing to be able to chat with your client and also other people playing the game. If you will like to know how the entire chat process in league of legends works, simply go through this article. You will have a fun and beautiful time as you learn the entire chat process.

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