8 of the Best Fishing Games on iOS


Real-life fishing is considered one of the most relaxing activities to engage in; the same thing goes for fishing games. The perk fishing games on iOS have is that you do not have to go to a pond or any water body to fish. You can fish right on your phone, so you can start one of these games whenever you are bored.  You can visit these game apps as often as you want to, they are simple to play, and you can choose endless locations to fish at. Several fishing games have been developed to bring fishing to users’ comfort zones, some of which are not of good quality in different aspects. If you are ready to play some exciting fishing, you will find this list of fishing games on iOS helpful.

Fishing Games on iOS
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8. Fishing Clash

This game is undoubtedly one of the best fishing games on iOS devices. The High Definition graphical interface of the game gives an experience close to that of real-life fishing. You can choose to play in a clan or as an individual, and there are a lot of areas where you can fish, and the type of fish you catch depends on the fishing location of your choice. The more games you win, the more fishing gears you have and the higher your chances of catching bigger fish. Fishing Clash allows players to compete with each other and win prizes. There are even more exciting options to come.

7. Ace Fishing: Wild Catch

Ace Fishing is one of the fishing games on iOS that is free and easy to maneuver, even for people who have never had real-life fishing experience. Ace Fishing gives a double experience as you get to explore different locations worldwide while catching fishes. The game’s mind-blowing realistic 3d graphics contributes considerably to the fun gaming experience. You get to compete with other players; the more competitions you win, the more gears you have to fish with. You can either play with others for the fun of it or challenge them to a match to show your fishing skills.

6. Master Bass Angler: Fishing

This game is great pick for lovers of bass fishing who don’t have enough time to go fishing physically. The game is an easy to start one with an amazing user interface. The game has free bass tournaments that players can participate in every day. The reward for winning bass tournament is an upgrade in your fishing gears. The game also offers head-to-head challenges so you can challenge other players in many fishing locations in the USA that are available in the game.

5. Rapala Fishing- Daily Catch

This game is one of the fishing games on iOS. The game is pretty easy controls and is suitable for anyone regardless of the experience level. The game is ideal for occasional players, and it has tournaments available for frequent users. While playing this game, having the sounds on helps increase your tournament success rate.

4. Master Bass Angler: Fishing

If you are a lover of bass fishing, this game is custom-made for you! You can fish different bass species, including striped bass, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, and many more. The game is suitable for bass anglers and those who want to become one. It is more of a game than a simulator, so the features are not exactly realistic. However, it is a very addictive and entertaining game. There are many actions and almost no waiting time, daily tournaments are accessible, and you can participate whenever you want to.

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3. Fishing Deep Sea Simulator 3D

Here is one of the most exciting fishing games on iOS devices. In this game, you fish in the deep sea from a boat, and you get to see all kinds of deep-sea creatures. The controls are easy enough to be understood by children or someone who likes to take it slow and steady. Deep fishing is not something you get to do every day in real life; however, this game gives you access to a deep fishing experience as often as you want to. Tournaments and challenges are not the central part of the game, so it is an excellent pick for anyone who wants to play solo. The game is simple to play and exciting but is not a good option for those interested in challenge and competition.

2. Hungry Shark Evolution

This game is a different one from the regular fishing games that are related to catching fish. Hungry Shark Evolution lets you see the world through a shark’s eyes. You play the role of a hungry shark that eats everything that comes its way. This experience allows you to see and live in the underwater sea world as a shark. There are several sharks available for you to choose from.  The fantastic 3D graphics of the game makes it feel like you’re actually swimming underwater. You are equipped with accessories like jetpacks, top hats, lasers, and so on. Like a real shark, you can sink your teeth into different missions. Winning more challenges lets you activate a gold rush that allows you to survive for a longer time. You can play the game offline.

1. Let’s Fish: Sport Fishing Game

In reality, it is almost impossible to go for all types of fishing, but this game allows you to go for any kind of fishing at any given time, from fly fishing to bass fishing, ample fishing, ice fishing, and more. Also, there is access to several fishing locations where you can catch an unlimited number of fishes. Let’s fish has a fantastic graphical user interface that is realistic. You can invite your friends to fish with you, engage in exciting competitions and win prizes. Have fun catching salmon, whale, tuna, and any other fish you want. Looking for a game to give you maximum satisfaction while relaxing? Let’s Fish is that game.

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