Everything on How To Jump Peek Valorant Explained

Peeking in valorant is one of the important aspects of the game, as it allows players to die less and kill more. Time in Valorant is not one of your greatest friends, so being able to peek efficiently is necessary to win gunfights and ultimately dominating matches.

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know to peek effectively in Valorant.

Everything on How To Jump Peek Valorant Explained

Jump peeking in Valorant helps provide information on an angle or help you bait an enemy. This kind of peek will help you access information without you necessarily commit to an angle, and help you remain a difficult target to hit.

Jump peeking is therefore an efficient way to bait out of shots. There are two types of jump peeking: the first is the standard jump peek, while the silent jump peek is the silent jump peek.

To do the standard jump peeking, you would have to approach the corner at an angle. Then, hold ‘w’ as you move close to the angle, and allow your momentum to move you forward. Your momentum will allow you to see the angle, and once you do, you can hold down the ‘s’ key and the directional key that will help you go back safely under cover.

The silent jump peeking is slightly different. You have to make sure you position yourself behind the cover at a head height. Then, you can hold down the crouch, jump, and then let go of the crouch key.

Pros of Jump peeking:

  • This is the best technique in the game for acquiring information.
  • If you jump peek properly, it will be hard for the enemy to hit you.
  • This advanced technique requires you to understand how to accelerate and decelerate valorant player models.

What are the Other Types of Peeking In Valorant?

Apart from the jump peeking, there are other forms of peeking that you can work with in Valorant to stay on top of your game. Let’s consider some of these peeking modes.

1. Jiggle peeking

Jiggle peeking is a form of peeking that helps you set up for short or wide peeking. With this peek, you can obtain information without committing to an angle, and it also gives you the option to also commit. You can use this peek to spot enemies or abilities, bait enemies into taking a fight that they can’t come out victorious, or even pre-fire an angle safely.

To do the jiggle peek, position yourself around a corner and start moving side-by-side, and swap between a- and d- movements.

Pros of Jiggle peeking:

  • This is excellent for obtaining information quickly.
  • It works well for baiting shots from an operator.
  • You can use it to delay enemies that are running toward you.
  • This peek is great for isolating in clutch 1v1 situations.
  • As an attacker, this peak is ideal for clearing corners.
2. Short Peeking

This peek is targeted toward helping you take a direct flight. This peek comes in fast and simple, and allows you to swing just far enough so that you can fight an enemy. However, with this peek, you can be sure that you won’t be exposed to too many angles or give your enemy too much time to react against you.

This peek is the most predictable peek in the game, so you would have to use abilities to ensure it is safer and can guarantee you wins in a one-versus-one situation.

To do this short peek, you will be required to position yourself around the corner.

3. Wide peeking

The wide peek is targeted at helping you take a direct flight. This peek allows you to throw enemies off, and comes with higher rewards, as you have to bear more risks. This peak is wider than the normal peek, just as the name indicates.

The idea behind this peek is that since your enemies think you will go for a short peek, going for this move will throw them off. This peek comes in more efficiently when you do it for an enemy closer to you. And this is because, on the enemy screen, you will be moving faster than you would seem.

To do this peek, position yourself in a corner and start moving to the side to peek the angle. Rather than stopping when exposed to a few angles, you have to move wider.

Pros of wide peeking:

  • When you wide peek with a teammate, you can be certain of a trade or kill.
  • You have to ensure you wide peek at an angle and advance your position on the map.

What are the Fundamental Mechanics of Peeking?

Peeking is one of the basic concepts that you must be aware of as a player in Valorant, as it can be the difference between winning and losing a fight. Let’s consider the fundamental mechanics you must also have about peeking.

1. Peekers advantage

This is the advantage that you have as a peeker against someone holding an angle. This advantage is usually more noticeable on a higher ping, although working with a low ping is not entirely bad. Working with a low ping will work for virtually any other thing in the game.

2. Pre-aiming angles

When peeking at a common angle, make sure you always do that through the wall. This is because the crosshair adjustments you will be making will be minimal when you peek this way. When you have a good crosshair placement, you can pre-aim better. The only adjustments you will make will be if they are playing off the common angle.

3. Tracing angles

Due to the limited time in the game, you might not be able to jiggle peek and pre-aim every angle. It, therefore, means you must also learn how to trace angles effectively. Trace peeking angles have to do with placing your crosshair at the head level along the walls of the map.

This will help you make fewer mouse movements, especially if enemies are playing at that angle. If there are no enemies, you can move to the corner of the next wall that you are exposed to.

4. Positioning

When peeking at an angle, ensure you take the fight as far away as possible. This is because when you are closer to an angle, the more of your body is exposed and the less you can see.

5. Movement

When peeking an angle, work with the ‘a’ and ‘d’ keys. Don’t use the ‘w’ key in combination with these keys. The thing is, when you use the ‘w’ key, your pace is slower, and it makes you an easy target to hit, rather than when you use the two keys alone.

When you carry out your peek, you have to make sure you don’t use the walk key. This is because when you walk, you make yourself an easy target for the enemy. Whereas when you run for short distances, you are still silent.

You must also learn how to strafe-shoot. This has to do with when you move from side to side and shoot as you change directions, making your shooting accuracy precise when you do so. This brief moment of precise accuracy is pivotal, because you can get off two to three bullets, and this will minimize the enemies’ chances of fighting back.

Do We Have Minor Types Of Peeking Apart From The Major Types?


We still have up to three types of peeking that are not commonly used as the other four types, and they are:

1. Shoulder Peeking

It is a form of peeking, like jiggle peeking, in which you serve as bait to the enemy by showing your shoulder, making a part of your body visible to the enemy, and withdrawing as soon as possible.

This will make them aim at you, thereby misfiring their first shot and enabling you to know their hideout.

Pros of Shoulder Peeking

  • It is the safest type of peeking, as far as you do not bang the wall.
  • It is a good opportunity to cross over when your enemy is reloading.
  • Enemies tend to be weak when they miss their first shot.
  • Their reaction time increases due to repeated shoulder peeking, thereby causing them to misfire so many shots.

Cons Of Shoulder Peeking.

  • Shoulder peeking is not as reliable as jump peeking, as the enemy’s hideout is based on assumption.
2. Crouch Peeking

This is when the player outsmarts the enemy by crouching around the corners to get information and possibly kill the enemy from that point. This is possible, as the enemy is all the way out guiding himself against a headshot.

Pros Of Crouch Peeking:

  • A beginner or a bad player can get kills or multi kills by crouch peeking.
  • You can gather sufficient information when you peek by crouching carefully.
  • They have their cross-hair placed higher than where you peek, so it is safe.

Cons Of Crouch Peeking:

  • As a beginner, you can get killed due to your low crosshair placement.
3. Dry Peeking

This happens when a player decides to peek at an angle without any ability.

How To Approach Angles When Peeking?

The way you approach your angles while peeking is important to your survival, as you might either get killed or bring the opponent down. However, you have to note that whenever you peek from an angle, any player far away will have the floor, and that is why you have to understand the basics of angles.

Do not expose yourself to many corners, but be in control of the angle by staying away from the corner as much as possible to have an advantage over your opponent close to the angle or corner. 

When playing valorant, you need to be at an advantage when approaching angles to peek under all circumstances, which will be explained below 

Method 1: Approaching Angle From An Open Wall

As a player, you must not move closer to the wall, especially when dealing with one corner, as the point of intersection of the line of sight is close to you, which is away from the wall, and towards the opponent close to the wall, as their vision is being blinded by the wall.

Once you disobey this rule and move close to the wall, the point of intersection of the line of sight will be pointed towards you and close to your opponent, as you will be the one blinded by the wall, therefore, putting you in danger.

Method 2: Picking Angle When You Have Two Corners

When you have two corners at both ends, with you having your hide out in one of them, but your opponent is standing at an alternate corner, what you have to do is distract your opponent by jumping, peeking to the other corner, and after shoulder peeking to bring your enemy down.

There is a higher chance your enemy brings you down when you are at an alternate corner to your enemy.

Method 3: Normal Corner Angle Approach

This approach is the simplest form of angle to approach, but so many players get shot at this angle because of the simplicity of the corner, especially the new players.

Therefore, the player must be careful not to stay close to the wall, as his line of intersection might clash with the enemy, making the fast shooter the champion of the angle. So, as a player, you must ensure the line of intersection is close to you and toward your opponent.

Which Point Can Create An Effective Angle For Me To Have A Good Peek In Valorant Haven?

There are a few locations that can create an effective angle for you to have a peek coupled with a good cover. I will be taking you through Haven, one of the biggest maps mostly played in Valorant.

– C Link Entrance

Players get a good angle to peek at the garage while standing at the c-link entrance. However, the angle will only reveal both heads with lots of information, but shooting might be difficult at this location.

– A load of Sandbags

At this angle, the player does not have to stress himself going for a jump peek or a wide peek. All he has to do is jump on the sandbag and have a peek, allowing him to have information concerning the opponent on A long. Besides, a good player can attack the opponent right from that angle.

– B bombsite.

This angle is an interesting and stressless point to attack the opponent, but you need to be on alert to catch the opponents off guard when they enter the bombsite, as that is the best way to attack and reduce their numbers.

You the player should stay on the A link or C link to site the opponent, who will peek from the back side into the bombsite, and this will grant you free kills.

– A- Long Bombsite 

This is the other end of the sandbags, as you can cover yourself with the stones or boxes at the right-hand side against opponents from A long. Besides, opponents are not known to check that angle.

– Boxes In A-Short

The top of the boxes in A short is another great angle to peek at and attack the opponent at the other end, clearing B or C angles.

What Are The Things To Note While Jump Peeking?

  • Do not slow peek by walking around the corner to avoid being killed, instead jump peek when moving around the corners. 
  • Place your crosshair at a head level when peeking at a corner, as you can protect yourself from being killed, not minding how close you might be to the enemy.
  • Master slow peeking, as you will need it when you want to jump peek, thereby making you a pro in valorant.

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Among the many techniques in Valorant, jump peeking is one of them that will help you stand out. It can be the difference between losing a fight or winning an enemy. We have highlighted what a jump peek is, the different types of jump peek, and how you can implement a jump peek in the game.

So, execute this new move.

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