7 Methods on How To Convert Sens From Valorant To CSGO

Valorant and CS: GO are similar games. Even though they differ in the fact that one has a more military and realistic approach, and the other uses a skill and fictitious approach, they are still similar shooting games.

So, if you are a CS: GO player and you don’t know what Sens to use, you have hit the right spot. In this guide, we will show you how to convert Sens from Valorant to CS: GO.

7 Methods on How To Convert Sens From Valorant To CSGO

These two games are designed to excel with great teamwork, precise aim, excellent movement, and good game knowledge to be the best at the game. They come with peculiar styles that appeal to different people. It might be difficult to point out the better game, but they are both fun to play and exciting once you get in the groove.

If you are a hardcore CS: GO player and are looking to explore more skills and fun abilities, you should take a shot at Valorant. There are some beautiful skins up for grabs in the valorant game too. If you are bothered about starting from scratch in the game, there is a way out. Some skills are transferrable to the valorant game effortlessly.

The first thing to put in place is to decide on the right valorant sensitivity. This is where converting the Sens you use on CS: GO to valorant comes in place. There are some methods that you can try, so let’s consider these methods.

Method 1: The manual approach

If you fancy math and computing, you can use this do-it-yourself approach. There is nothing to fret about here. You can work with a calculator if you want accurate measurements. Doing this conversion requires knowledge of division. Remember that from your arithmetic, right? Great.

All you have to do is divide your CS: GO sensitivity on your calculator by 3.18181818, and the result is your valorant Sens. If you are unsure about the precise value of your CS: GO sensitivity, you can follow the steps below to check it:

  • Look for the cogwheel icon in the main menu tab of the game, and click on it. Have you found it yet? Great. This is the settings section of your CS: GO.
  • Locate the Keyboard/mouse option and click on it.
  • Now, in the list that appears, select the option tagged Mouse sensitivity. You will find your sensitivity value for CS: GO here.

Then, run through the division, as we have explained, and the value you arrive at will feel the same as your CS: GO sensitivity. Adjusting your aim with this Sens should have come with no trouble.

Method 2: Game sensitivity converters

If you are someone who does not favor the computing approach, you can use game sensitivity converters alternatively. These converters will help you with the computing, and all you have to do is put in your CS: GO Sens, and they will provide you with the valorant equivalent.

Let’s consider some of those converters and how you can run through them.

Method 3: Gaming smart

Gaming smart features a clean and easy-to-use interface. This gives you all the computation you need, and it is precise with its functions. They do not have other features or services, but their converter can be used for many other games, and not just FPS games alone.

All you have to do is select your CS: GO as the game you want to convert from, and enter your Sens and current DPI. Then, you will have to select valorant as the game you are converting to, and put in the desired DPI. Under the convert sensitivity tab, you will see the result, and you can use it as your valorant Sens.

Method 4: Aiming. Pro

Aiming. Pro offers professional aim training services. They come with smart and personalized workouts that help improve your aim and get better in many FPS games. They state that their workouts can help you get better at your aim 32% better than other aim trainers.

These services are paid for, which means you have to subscribe to gain access to top-tier game trainers, have premium courses, and create drills and playlists. Although, their mouse sensitivity feature is free. Good news, right? Exactly, we thought so too.

The converter features two modes. It has a basic mode that only needs you to put in the game you are converting from, the Sens value you are using, and the game you want to convert to. It will display the result that you can paste into your valorant game.

If you want to see your cm/360° or inches/360° because you are using a mousepad space, you can work with the advanced mode.

Method 5: Sens Converter

Sens Converter is another great platform that you can use to convert game sensitivity. It features a clean interface that is easy to use, and works for over seventy games. They come with a bonus eDPI calculator that you can use to find the best aim sensitivity to use.

To convert your CS: GO sensitivity with this platform, enter CS: GO and the sensitivity you are currently working with. Then, look towards the option tagged convert to, and it will do the computing for you. If you want to see the cm/360° or inches/360°, you can enter your mouse DPI, and it will give you the equivalent.

Method 6: Mouse sensitivity

When it comes to converting game sensitivity, mouse sensitivity is one of the best platforms out there. This platform can be intimidating for those who want to know only their CS: Go sensitivity, which is why it has been designed for hardcore FPS gamers.

It is compatible with many games, and it continues to add more games as the game goes by. The sensitivity calculator on this platform considers your monitor size, resolution, type of aim, and FOV type, among other things.

Apart from the converted sensitivity, it can also provide you with information about the 360° distance, max discrepancy, pixel ratio, and the default FOV of your game. It can be intimidating, but if you want to fine-tune your aim and your sensitivity, it is a platform you should try out.

Method 7: Sensitivity Converter

Sensitivity Converter is another easy-to-use game mouse sensitivity converter. It allows you to convert and copy your sensitivity from one game to another. It supports different games. All you have to do is select CS: GO under the from game option, and then enter the sensitivity you use and the DPI type.

You will also have to select valorant under the to game option, and then your sensitivity will be displayed in the converter. There is a copy feature that you can also use to copy and paste the sensitivity results directly to the game.

These are the ways you can convert your CS: GO Sens to valorant Sens. When you have the same sensitivity across different games, it will help you achieve a better and more consistent aim, and you can play as many games as possible without having issues.

Consistency is key when you are trying to land great shots in Valorant and CS: GO games. The only way to achieve this aim with both games is to train with the same mouse sensitivity. This way, you won’t have to waste time learning the same movement you have previously learned.

With the sensitivity converters listed above, the need to worry about altering mouse movements when you switch between both games is eliminated.

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It is understandable if you want to work with the same sensitivity for both your valorant and CS: GO games, because this will help you aim better in both games. We have highlighted the different methods you can use to work around it.

Read through and enjoy the best of both games.

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