Can’t Invite Friends In League Of Legends – Solutions

League of legends becomes more fun when you play with friends. Sometimes though, a recurring bug might prevent you from inviting your friends to play in the league of legends. This might prevent you from seeing your friends list and you won’t be able to add them.

In this article, therefore, we will be considering some of the reasons why you can’t invite friends to the league of legends. We will also review how you can sort out these kinds of issues.

Why Can’t I Invite Friends In The League Of Legends?

The major reason why you might have issues with inviting friends in the league of legends is a recurring bug. The bug will make it almost impossible for you to invite friends to the lobby. This bug does not have a defined name yet but it prevents you from seeing the players on your friends’ list. To worsen the case, it could also prevent players from accepting invites.

  • Riot games have come out to acknowledge this issue many times although it seems to be recurring with every patch release. This bug seems to be a result of Riot servers. Players of the game have however developed some tricks to manoeuvre their way around this bug. Riot Games also came up with a method to fix this issue.
  • In inviting friends to the league of legends, something you must bear in mind is that you must be on the same server as your friend. You could tell your friend to create an account on the same server as you. Otherwise, you might not be able to invite them. This means that if your friend is in NA and you are in EUW, it will be impossible for both of you to play together.
  • Once you are both on the same server, you can easily add your friend with their Riot ID via the add button in the top corner of the game’s interface. After which your friend can accept your request and then, you guys can play together and share gifts and rewards.

If you have ensured that you guys are on the same server and you are still experiencing the bug, then, there are fixes that you can employ to sort out the bug. We will therefore be guiding you through these fixes as we look to sort these problems.

Troubleshooting League Of Legends Can’t Invite Friends

In addressing the bug, Riot Games shared a way out of this problem. The first thing to do will be to delete the Riot client and the league of legends. This will have to include all the hidden files and the executable files.

Then, you can reinstall the game by downloading the executable file from the client’s website. This method should work out for you. You can also try syncing your computer’s clock. If this doesn’t work, however, community players worked out some fixes that could help. So, let’s guide you through those fixes.

Fix 1: Carry out a relog

Even though this sounds simple, carrying out a relog is one of the most effective and time-saving ways of sorting out this bug. So, we, therefore, recommend that you restart your computer by shutting it down completely.

Then, you can wait for a while and you should also turn off your router or modem. This will increase your chances of getting in as you will be covering a lot of ground. You can wait for a while before turning on your computer and modem again.

This relog should help fix the bug. So, try logging into your league of legends and see if the bug has been sorted. If it hasn’t, stick with us as we explore other options.

Fix 2: Log in via different methods

Another way you could fix this bug is by creating a new account and try logging in to see if this solves the issue. Some players have even said that when they changed their DNS, they were able to get past this bug.

You can also try tweaking your league of legends compatibility settings. You can work around all the options available in the settings. You should check the box beside the option tagged run the program as an administrator.

If this does not work, try applying the same changes to all the client files on your computer. This can include files like “LeagueClientUx.exe”.

Fix 3: Delete Lol-related files in multiple drives

Players sometimes who have the liberty of two drives can sometimes move around the league of legends files to save space on their SSD. This can make the league of legends leave different files on both drives which could confuse the client.

In this scenario, what you can do is uninstall the league of legends. Then, check your drives for any traces of the game. You can check your documents folder and program files; you could have traces of the game there.

Once you have uninstalled the game, you can download the recent setup from the client’s official website. Reinstall the game and run the client in administrator mode. As an extra step of precaution, ensure you don’t turn on the stay active feature until you are certain that you can add invite friends to the lobby with this hack.

Fix 4: Close all the league of legends processes through your task manager

Different players have reported that when they closed all the league of legends processes on their computer, the bug with the friends’ list was fixed. So, you can try searching for your task manager via your taskbar. Then, ensure you close all the processes that have to do with the league of legends there.

You should also close all the processes associated with the Riot Client. This can help fix the bug you are experiencing with inviting friends.

Fix 5: Allow league of legends in your firewall

Your firewall could be the reason why you have several issues and bugs with your league of legends. This means that you have to launch your firewall and ensure that the game is one of the applications that have been allowed access.

This is a very critical step particularly if your league of legends is experiencing issues with connecting to the server too.

Fix 6: Synchronize your computer’s clock

Remember how we said that syncing your computer’s clock could help, right? Exactly. This is a hack that many players have tried and have approved to be effective in fixing this bug. Doing this will help you see your friends’ list and invite friends to the game lobby.

Riot clients have developed an approach that might be a little complicated for some players. Removing the client and uninstalling the game is not the most convenient option as it could take a while. However, this process of syncing your computer’s clock could do the trick.

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Whether you are a high-level summoner or not, the game can prevent some issues from time to time. So, there is no cause for alarm if you are experiencing issues with inviting friends in the league of legends. It is most likely down to a bug that you need to sort out.

The fixes we have highlighted in this article should help you get past the bug. So, you can easily solve the bug, invite your friends and enjoy the game.

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