Can You Play Dragon Age 2 on PC With a Controller?

The Dragon Age 2 is a pretty exciting game. With the adventure, the storyline of the game, and the graphics, you will have a fun time playing this game. If you are a core gamer, you might be looking for ways to improve your gaming experience. One of such ways is by using a controller.

Now, as a core gamer, you should know that it isn’t all the games you play on a PC that works with a controller. Once you know this, you might be wondering if Dragon Age 2 can be played on your PC with a controller. Well, we are going to be discussing all of these and more.

Can You Play Dragon Age 2 on PC With a Controller?

While Dragon Age 2 gives you a quality user experience and controls that will be excellent with a controller, you cannot play the game with a controller. You might be wondering if your Xbox controller or other types of controllers can work with the game, well, it won’t, except if you find a way to tweak the settings of the game completely.

This is because Dragon Age 2 does not offer any native gamepad support. You are simply restricted to using your mouse and your keyboard as controls for the game on your PC. while there are exciting features such as the 3rd person camera and button masking attacks which shows that this game was designed with the idea of a controller being used, you should know that you still cannot use a controller for the game.

How Do I Customize My Character in Dragon Age 2?

Customizing your character in Dragon Age 2 is a very easy thing to do. If you will like to customize your character, simply follow the steps listed below.

Step 1: Choose your Gender

This is the first thing you need to do if you are thinking about customizing your character. Once you begin a new game, you will be required to select a gender you desire. The gender you choose will determine the character you control. There is Garret Hawke which is for the male gender and Marian Hawke which is for the female gender.

The gender you pick determines your appearance and dialogue, however, you should know that it doesn’t determine your class, stats, or controls.

Step 2: Choose your Class

This is one thing that is important if you are customizing your character. The class you choose influences a lot of things from your preferred playstyle to your stats, abilities, power, armor, and a lot more. 

There are 3 classes you can choose from when you want to play the game. Below is a list of the 3 classes:

Mage: This is the first class available. It is a magic casting class. In this class, you can inflict serious damage to your opponents using spells. You can also play a supporting role in this class using your healing powers.

The problem with this class, however, is the fact that you are very vulnerable. You cannot take much damage as you have to stay as far away from the enemy as possible.

Warrior: This is the second class you can always choose from. In this class, you will be regarded as a tank or damage dealer. This is because it will be easy for you to deal enough damage as you can be wielding a 2 handed weapon. Apart from wielding the weapon, you can also conjure a defensive shield for yourself.

The major weakness however is the fact that you will not have the magical powers mages have.

Rogue: This is the 3rd class available to you. With this class, you can get to enjoy speed as rogues are always super fast ad pretty good with their daggers. They are good at attacking one single opponent but terrible at group fights.

Step 3: Customize the Looks of your Character

Once you are done selecting the class of your character, you can then move on to the next thing which is customizing the looks of your character.  By customizing the appearance, you will get to decide a lot of things such as the skin, mouth, nose, ear, hair, and a lot more.

After customizing the looks, you can then decide on the portrait look. The portrait look determines how your character will look in the picture. 

Step 4: Choose a Name and Difficulty Level

This is the next thing to do the moment you are done customizing the appearance of your champion. You will then choose a name you will like the champion to bear and the level of difficulty you will like to play. 

If you are new to the game, you need to pick a relatively easy level. That way, you will get to comprehend and enjoy the game even more.

What Is the Maximum Level in Dragon Age 2?

This is another question a lot of people tend to ask when it comes to Dragon Age 2. You might be curious to know if this fun and adventure have an end, Well, sadly, it does. There is a maximum level to dragon age 2.

Dragon age 2 has 50 levels of fun and excitement. Each of these levels has its objectives which you have to accomplish before you are allowed to go to the next level. Once you have accomplished the objectives in all the 50 levels of the game, you are good to go as you as successfully finished the game. 

How Long Will It Take To Finish Dragon Age 2?

The length of time it will take you to finish Dragon Age 2 largely depends on how well you can play the game and the amount of time you are willing to spend playing the game. Normally, this game is around 26 and a half hours in length. That is for you to complete the basic missions needed for you to finish each level.

If you are pretty good at the game and you spend an average of 3 to 4 hours a day on the game, this game should take you more than 1 week to finish. Could be more or less, it all depends on the amount of time you are willing to dedicate to the game.

On the other hand, if you are a core gamer dedicated to completing every aspect of the game, you will spend a lot more than just the normal 26 and a half hours of game time. The reason is simple. For you to explore almost every part of the game, you will have to spend close to 60 hours of game time.

That is, you might have to spend well over 2 to 3 weeks playing this game if you will like to know everything about the dragon age 2.


While the gaming experience for Dragon Age 2 is pretty crazy, you should know that you cannot use a controller to play the game on your pc no matter how tempting it might be. The game wasn’t programmed to be used with a controller when playing it on a PC.

You should also know that it is pretty easy to customize your character when playing this game. All you need to do is to follow the instructions given in the article. The length of game time and more have also been discussed in this article.

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