Can I Download Valorant In Parts? Tips and Guide

In the space of one year, Valorant has become one of the most competitive shooting games. The game has gained a huge following over the year, with over 14 million active downloads, and the number is expected to grow every month.

For players contemplating whether it is possible to download the game in parts, this guide has come to help you. Stick around as we explore.

Can I Download Valorant in Parts?

Downloading the valorant game could take a while, depending on your internet speed. After the recent episode 4 patch, valorant now takes up to 20 to 24 GB of space on your computer. Downloading valorant in parts is actually possible, but you will need to download the game client.

This is a smaller program that is about 65 MB in size, and allows you to download the valorant game in parts. This means you can pause and resume downloading after a while. So, if you have a slow internet speed, you should try this hack out.

You might also be running out of power and want to shut down your computer while still downloading the valorant game. You can save the download progress by quitting origin. You just have to ensure that you pause the download before you quit.

What are Valorant download requirements?

As the valorant game becomes popular, many players want to participate in the game. However, not everyone has the required specifications to run the game. This means you must be aware of the system requirements of the game before attempting to download the game, so you don’t have issues in the download process.

The valorant download size rakes up to an average of 24GB. This is not the entire size of the game, as there is still the anti-cheat system of the game, which is the riot vanguard. The anti-cheat file and the game client measure up to 270 MB. You might think that all the space you need to run the game should not be more than 25GB.

However, we have realized that if you do not have extra space on your computer, the valorant game will be incredibly slow. The general rule of thumb is that you must have an extra 10GB space so you don’t have gameplay issues in the game.

This means that before downloading the game, you must ensure you have at least 34GB of free space. However, to run the game conveniently on your laptop, there are other system requirements you must look out for.

You must be aware of the valorant system requirements before downloading the game. These requirements are important, because if your system does not meet the requirements, you will have serious gameplay issues.

Let’s, therefore, consider what the minimum and recommended system requirements are.

  • Minimum system requirements

These specifications are the least that your computer must have to play the valorant game. You have to set your graphics settings to the lowest, so you can have 30 FPS and won’t have any issues playing the game.

If you have a low-end computer and want to play the valorant game at all costs, you must have the following specifications on your computer:

  • OS (Operating System): Windows 7/8.
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 (Intel) or Athlon 200GE (AMD).
  • Memory: RAM 4GB.
  • Graphics Card: Intel HD 4000 or Radeon R5 200.

Recommended system requirements

The valorant game recommends you have at least 60 FPS with your specifications. For you to have a pleasant gameplay experience, you must have the following system requirements:

  • OS (Operating System): Windows 10 (64-Bit).
  • Processor: Intel i3-4150 (Intel) or Ryzen 3 1200 (AMD).
  • Memory: RAM 4GB.
  • Graphics Card: GeForce GT 730 or Radeon R7 240.

How can I download the valorant game?

Once you have sorted the storage and system requirements of the game, the next step will be downloading the game. Let’s guide you through how to download the game in simple steps.

  • Head over to Valorant’s official website by visiting this link and clicking on the play button that you find on the website.
  • Once you click on this button, you will be notified to either login or create an account. If you previously have not had an account with the riot client, you have to create one. If you already have a Riot ID account, you can use the same details here.
  • Once you have signed in, you will see an option to download the game on your computer. Click on the download button on the page, and the game’s file will start downloading on your computer.
  • Once the download process is complete, open the installer file. This installer file will come with about 179MB of space. You will have to install the riot client and the game anti-cheat system, which is the riot vanguard.
  • After the download process is complete, the riot client will open up and you can log in your riot ID details.
  • Once you have logged in successfully, you will be required to accept the Riot Games terms of service. So, ensure you check this box.
  • After you accept the terms of service, the game client will start downloading the valorant game on your computer.

With these simple steps, you can download Valorant on your computer and start enjoying the game like everyone else.

To complete the installation process, you must restart your computer. You might likely have issues with error code 57 if you don’t.

With all the processes completed, valorant should not take more than we have stated of your hard drive space. Although something to pay attention to is the fact that Valorant is constantly receives updates, and as such, the game file might increase in size as the game evolves. Once the download size increases, we will keep you updated.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does Valorant download take so long?

One thing that makes the valorant download process get stuck at 0.1 KB/s is a weak internet connection. Even though this is not the only reason, it is the major reason. There are many reasons why your valorant download can get stuck. If you are experiencing issues with your DNS server, the download speed will be affected.

  • Will my computer continue to download valorant in sleep mode?

This is actually impossible. When you put your computer in sleep mode, it means you are putting off all the major processes of the CPU. This is the reason why the valorant game won’t keep downloading in the background.

  • Will Valorant run on 4GB RAM?

A 4GB RAM is enough to run valorant with high-end specifications on your computer. However, to have better performance with your CPU and GPU for the game, you will need to upgrade the minimum specifications of your computer.

  • Does Valorant consume a lot of data?

Averagely, valorant uses up to 200 to 400MB of internet data every hour. This is higher than the average data that most online games consume. Depending on different reasons, the game’s data usage might fluctuate, but it should not go beyond 500MB.

  • Why is my Valorant download frozen?

The major reason why your valorant download is frozen is because of your network settings. If you can try tweaking the network settings, the problem should be solved. Another place you might want to look at is your firewall. It might have some restrictions that are stopping the game from downloading.


Downloading the valorant game in parts is possible, you just have to ensure you have the riot client download the game and pause it. However, there are some requirements we have listed that you must pay attention to before downloading the game.



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