Fixing Call of Duty Warzone Error Code 48 “Download Failed”

Call of Duty Warzone Error code 48 is one problem that is affecting a lot of players worldwide. Since its latest update, a lot of players have complained about the fact that they keep getting an error code 48 whenever they try to update their call of duty warzone. This error code simply means a download failed whenever you try to update your call of duty warzone.

A couple of things could be responsible for the Call of Duty Warzone error code 48 that you keep having whenever you try to download the latest update. Allow me to guide you through a few of those things, the possible solutions, and a lot more.

What Are The Causes Of Call of Duty Error Code 48 “Download Failed”?

When it comes to Call of Duty Warzone, there are different reasons why you keep getting a code 48 whenever you try to play the game.

Below are possible reasons why you are getting an error code 48 ‘download failed’ on your call of duty.

1. Bad Internet Connetion

This is the first reason why you are getting an error code 48 whenever you try to play Call of Duty on your PC. if your internet connection is terrible, it becomes increasingly hard for you to be able to download Call of Duty Warzone.

When trying to download a game like this, you need a very good internet connection. If the internet connection isn’t good or your router is slow, you will get an error code 48. A bad internet connection is one of the most common reasons why you get this error code.

2. Failure to Download Automatic Update

This is another reason why you might be getting your error code on your PC or gaming console. If your PC doesn’t automatically download the latest update, you will be getting an error code 48 when you try to play the game.

Since the latest update, many individuals complained about having an error code 48 because their PC or gaming console failed to automatically download the update.

3. Firewall or Antivirus

If there is one thing a firewall can do, it is the ability to restrict or block other apps from performing certain functions on the PC. this is why you should probably check your firewall if you are using a PC and you keep getting an error code 48.

There is a pretty fair possibility that your firewall or antivirus has restricted the app from being able to update on your PC. it does this by interfering with the game module and the update module. Once it does it, your PC will not be able to download the latest update hereby resulting in an error code 48.

4. Corrupt Game Installation

This is one thing that gets to affect a lot of people who complain about having an error code 48 whenever they try to play Call of Duty Warzone on their PC or gaming console. If there is a problem with the game installation somewhere, you will have issues playing this game.

Sometimes, when your PC or gaming console does a partial update instead of a full update, your game log and installation process will get corrupted. Once it does, it becomes impossible for you to update or download the latest version thereby causing error code 48 or a download failure.

How Do I Fix Call of Duty Warzone Error Code 48 “Download Failed”

While there is no certified method you can use to fix this problem, there have been a couple of methods that have worked for different people. Below is a list of methods or solutions you can try out. One of them will work for you.

– Get a Good Internet Connection

This is the first thing you should consider doing if you keep getting an error code 48 when you try to play call of duty warzone. You know that it is relatively hard for anyone to download an update with a bd network.

Simply change the network connection of your PC. once you do, you can try to relaunch the application. The update should come automatically the moment you relaunch the app. If it doesn’t, you can then proceed to manually update the game as long as you have confirmed that the internet connection is pretty strong.

– Manually Update the Game

This is another thing you can do once you notice that your call of duty isn’t updating automatically by itself. Instead of waiting for the automatic update to take place, you can simply do it yourself manually as long as you have a pretty good internet connection.

To perform the manually update, simply follow the steps below

  • Click on go offline on the failed download screen
  • Then go back online and go to  and click on warzone
  • Click the options and check for possible updates

Once you do the above steps, your PC should begin to download the latest update automatically as long as there is space and a good internet connection.

– Disable the Firewall or Antivirus

This is one thing you should do if you notice that you keep getting an error code 48 despite numerous attempts to manually download or update the Call of Duty. You should confirm if the firewall or antivirus isn’t restricting the game download process.

If the firewall or antivirus is on, you should disable it from your PC or taskmaster log.  You can simply exit the game and expand the icon on your system tray. Once you do this, you can then click on the antivirus. 

Click on <pause protection>. Once you do this and follow the instructions, your firewall will be disabled. You can then proceed to relaunch the game as the automatic update should begin.

– Delete and Reinstall the Game

If every other solution results to no avail, you can then delete and reinstall the game. This will correct the problem of wrong installation, corrupted game files, and a host of other things. One thing you should do before you delete the game is to back up your progress on the game.

By doing this, you wouldn’t have to start all over when you install a new Call of Duty Warzone. you will need to do is load the backup on your PC and you will be good to go. Simply go to and uninstall the game. Then wait a while and reinstall the game. Once you do this, the error code 48 should cease immediately.

What Happens If I Delete Warzone Saved Data?

Deleting your Call of Duty Warzone saved data is not a good idea as you will lose every progress you made on the game. By deleting the saved data, you are deleting every progress you have made on the game. 

This will lead to you starting from the beginning of the games you have already lost your progress by deleting the data. 

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While there is no particular fix to solve the error code 48 problem, you should know that there are different solutions you can use which might end up working for you as it has worked for other people. A few of those solutions have been discussed above.

We have also given you possible reasons why you keep getting an error code 48 whenever you try to play the game. With this, you should have no problem figuring out what to do the moment error code 4 on your screen when you try to play call of duty warzone.

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