6 of the Best Xbox One Survival Games

The Flame in the Flood survival game

The nerve-wracking experience of hunting for food supplies amid scarcity is almost second to none. Characters in survival games either slowly starve to death or strive to live. They gather resources to maintain their vitals and valuable craft items, all in an attempt to stay alive. With how rigorous the journey of survival games seems to sound, it is pretty unlikely to fall in love with them but guess what? We love them! Regardless of how badly survival games keep treating us, we keep returning to them. They also keep taking us back into the world of intense struggle mixed with thrill. We have curated a list of the best Xbox one survival games, so you don’t have to rack your brain for options when it is time to make your return or have your first try.

The Flame in the Flood survival game
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1. Ark: Survival Evolved

This game starts with you waking up on a sunny beach with wiped clean memory and a bare body. Everything appears to be normal except that you have a strange implant embedded in your arm. The brush of the wind against your body reminds you that you should cover your bare body and the growl of your stomach brings to your attention the need for food. You set out to satisfy these pressing needs, but unknown to you something keeps following you everywhere you go. As you cut down trees to build a shelter and make a fireplace, you are being followed. Just as you complete the process of satisfying your basic needs, the worst happens. There are instant signs that something is eating your body up; the nibbling continues until life drains out of you and everything goes back. In a snap of fingers, you are back on the beach where you first were to start the survival process again. While you play this game, being mindful of toothed creatures like the velociraptor and tyrannosaur might help you survive long enough to reveal the secret of the Ark.

2. Subnautica

Subnautica is a survival game with an extraterrestrial Waterworld location. Rather than explore forests, islands, and other dry locations, you will maneuver through the depths of a mysterious planet. Your survival and escape are dependent on how well you can manage your oxygen while underwater. Well, that is only possible if the giant monsters in the water world do not feast on you.  This game allows you to explore as many locations in the underwater world as possible. While managing your oxygen and escaping the aquatic monsters, you will need to search for and gather food supplies to keep you alive. Sometimes, you have aliens to avoid too. Subnautica is undoubtedly one of the few best Xbox one survival games that we have out there.

3. Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the early survival games that made it to the gaming world. This game is best known for the wonder in the creative mode, but the real challenge lies in the game’s survival mode. You are tossed into the world of wonders full of blocks, expected to build your shelter, the source for food, and be on the lookout, so you do not end up being food to skeleton spiders and all sorts of crawling creatures.  You have weapons that can make your life easier as you find your way and avoid the all-powerful Ender Dragon from putting an end to your adventure.

4. The Solus Project

Solus Project sends you on an intergalactic journey of survival after the destruction of the earth. You are sent to explore distant planets with the hope of finding a substitute for the recently destroyed planet Earth, so you are out to look for a planet where the human race can thrive. While you are on this journey, it is pretty quiet on your galactic island until a storm hits. At this point, the survival element of the game comes to play. This game is basically about exploring the planets and reverting to people after your exploration. Still, you face significant threats in the form of a terrible climate and unknown secrets of these planets during your journey.

5. Green Hell

You are trapped in the Amazonian rainforest without food or mean of getting out, and you have to stay alive. This is the story of your life as a player of Green Hell. Despite facing the possibility of starvation, there are a million other threats to your life. This game combines realistic survival and psychological thrills as looking out for yourself, feeding yourself, and avoiding diseases and injuries that are serious enough to end your life are all your tasks. You have to care for your physical and mental well-being in this game to survive.

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6. Frostpunk

I would say that this game qualifies as one of the best Xbox one survival games because it focuses on a different thing from a random survival game. Frospunk puts you in charge of the last city on the earth. Your actions are not just to protect yourself and stay alive; they are to keep an entire town running and stop society from going crazy. You need to allocate resources, develop helpful technologies, establish a code of laws and make several difficult decisions to keep your people alive. When the icy cold climate descends on your city, you have no better choice than to watch helplessly.

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