5 of the Best Offline Action Games for Android


One of the most popular genres in the gaming world is action games. Most gamers find action games appealing because of their emphasis on quests that require physical strength, hand-eye coordination, and reaction time. A lot of thinking and concentration is also needed to navigate through them. Mobile games have waxed so strongly that they gradually overtake game consoles in popularity. The non-stop improvement in the technology behind smartphones has the finest of games developed and made available on mobile app stores. However, the downside is that most of these games require a good internet connection to run, which usually affects the overall gaming experience. To help you have a fantastic gaming time, we have put together a list of the best offline action games for android. These are exciting games you can play on your Android device without having any form of internet connection.

best offline action games for android
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5. SoulCraft

The story of SoulCraft is that of the people of the earth who must expose the secret of immortal life as fast as possible. However, demons and angels have chosen to destroy the world and settle a dispute between each other, which would eventually lead to an apocalypse. The fight will then be between the people of the earth, the demons, and the angels. You get to decide which group you are playing for or supporting between these three. All fights and armed activities of the game take place in real-life cities like Cairo, Hamburg, Rome, etc. You get the opportunity to learn skills and buy weapons while playing SoulCraft. You can either fight with weapons or use magic spells, and for every new level, your need to increase the strength of your weapons and improve your skills. This game is undoubtedly one of the best offline action games for android.

4. Xenowork

Xenowork is a shooter game that puts your combat skills to test in an underground science laboratory, the location for a failed experiment. Your mission is an interesting one where you fight and kill mutants from the failed experiment and survive no matter what comes. The game has exciting features like a wide range of weapons that can be upgraded, special gameplay powers, and up to 70 different levels for you to play in. The icing on the cake for this game is that; it is free to play.

3. Space Grunt

The third of our list of best offline action games for android is Space Grunt. The story of Space Grunts starts with a group of problem solvers (who have their origins across the galaxies) sent out to examine a matter. The matter to be investigated is one of the moon bases built by the Earth’s space federation. You play as one of these intergalactic problem-solvers known as Space Grunts, and your mission is to find your way into the distressed moon-base and find out what exactly the problem is. While on your assignment, you will have to fight and dodge aliens, robots, and security drones to proceed. To discover the problem, you have to get to the core of the moon-base.

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2. Unkilled

Unkilled just had to make it to our list of best action games for android. This game is a zombie shooter game with features like special ops, multiplayer mode, and an extended storyline. You have to stay alive in an apocalyptic world with the scariest zombie outbreak, and you will play as part of a private military group designated to locate, track and get rid of any form of threats. The game has its location in New York City, and the story starts with one of the five distinguished characters that are members of a task force known as Wolfpack who are hired to do dirty work on Big Apple Street. While you go about your quest, you get to dig deep into sewers, subways, and back alleys of New York City and uncover unimaginable plots.

1. Critical Ops

This game is, without a doubt, one of the best offline action games for Android. It is a first-person shooter with a fast-paced FPS that tests your tactical skills. The game has two modes: The Defuse mode and the Deathmatch mode. The Defuse mode has a story of terrorists attempting to plant and detonate a bomb, while Deathmatch mode only has the player competing for the most kills within a given time frame. The game is an exciting one to play, and it is free to play.

Critical Ops
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