The 10 Best NFT Games for Mac Reviews and Comparison

Digital investment has taken a new turn as many people are beginning to turn to NFTs to store their assets. The security and dependability of this digital investment with zero possibility of theft make it easier for more people to join in. Here’s good news for you; you can have fun while you make money with the best NFT Games for Mac.

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Gaming is exciting, making money while gaming is all the more exciting! Don’t just be a gamer, be a millionaire gamer with the large varieties of NFT games available for both pleasure and earning good money. You can earn up to $100 a day in these games. To help the process of identifying these games easier, we have put together a list of the 15 best NFT games for mac.

10. Sidus NFT Heroes

This fantastic NFT game for Mac is powered by the Sidus coin and is a sci-fi game version of the legendary Mass Effect series; so if you are a huge fan of Mass Effect, you might want to try your hands on Sidus NFT Heroes. Sidus NFT Heroes has very impressive visuals and playing the game involves voting, homesteading, crafting, combat, and pet breeding.

The main in-game heroes are NFTs, you can use Sidus coins for character/weapon customization, consumables, loot boxes, paying for resources, and pets and heroes collection. Accompanying the SIDUS coins are Senate tokens that facilitate creating and managing the already created factions through voting. Either Sidus or hero NFT can be locked for APY gains ranging from 20% to 60% based on the lock-in period. Think of the best NFT games for Mac? Sidus NFT Heroes sure hast to be one of them.

9. Ember Sword

If you had a great time playing the all-time favorite massively multiplayer online role-playing games like Warcraft and RuneScape, Ember Sword is one of the best NFT Games for Mac that you would love to play. Ember Sword is the flagship NFT game for the Bright Star Studios, with a visual style similar to that of Wakfu except that the combat in Ember Sward is conducted in real-time.

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Ember Sword has a vast ecosystem that is made of NFT land plots, resources, crafting, character skill progression, and a dynamic economy. The animation quality of the game is fantastic and it has a coherent aesthetic. The game has four biomes and they are Ediseau, Sevrend, Duskeron, and Solarwood. Each biome has resources that are unique to them and they are further divided into three sub-biomes which are Kingship, wilderness, and Outlaw territory.

Each sub-biome has a gameplay style and objectives unique to it. The territorial division in this game allows a variety of gameplay as different biomes have resources that are unique to them. This advances both land ownership and caravan trading as the game’s major features. Keep your fingers crossed and anticipate the release of Ember Sword into the gaming world.

8. The Sandbox

The Sandbox is an attempt at making the blockchain version of Roblox. This explains how the game’s assets are 3D voxels. The good thing about this approach is that the 3D assets are easier to create and handle by a non-professional.

The Sandbox handles the 3D assets in three different modes which are; the VoxEdit which is a suite of tools for creating voxel objects and mint them as NFTs, Marketplace which is where voxelized and tokenized assets are traded and GameMaker which allows you to build your games following The Sandbox rules just as it is in Roblox. The Sandbox game has a lot of support and backing including Atari and crypto kitties. The SAND token is in charge of paying for all the transactions within The Sandbox metaverse.

7. Champions: Ascension

Jam City is extending its capacity beyond mobile gaming into blockchain gaming with its upcoming NFT game for Mac, Champions: Ascension. Jam City’s Jurassic World Alive game showcased high production values and Champions: Ascension has been designed to follow that standard.

The game is a ‘Triple-A’ adventure game with its location as a high fantasy setting. You as the player choose a champion to fight in an arena of gladiators. Champion: Ascension gives the Mortal Kombat feel and we anticipate more role-playing games with world-building elements in the game. Champions: Ascension will be available on Mac devices so if you have access to a Mac device, this is one of the best NFT games for Mac you should try your hands on.

6. Surf Invaders

This game is one of the best NFT games for Mac that simple and easy to interact with as a gamer. If you are new to NFT games, Surf Invaders will be a good place to start. It is a lot easier to understand the dynamics of this game than understanding how massively multiplayer online works.

Surf Invaders is an 8-bit endless runner-type game. In this game, you aim to have the highest score by outrunning a monster, avoiding obstacles, and picking up power-ups along the way. It sounds a lot like a subway surf kind of gameplay, but the difference is that you can increase the number of lives you have to play the game by using Aloha NFTs. The more NFTs you have, the more lives you have access to.

Earning a position on the leaderboard gives you a portion of the platform’s revenue; this is how players get rewarded. The game Surf Invaders is a simple and interesting way to make money while having fun.

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5. Mines of Dalarna

MoD as it is fondly called was released recently and is the first 2D blockchain game with procedurally generated levels. In this game, you control a miner which is similar to an arcade platform game. With every mine run, you collect different resources like artifacts and rare relics which are in turn used in crafting and combat.

The game Mines of Dalarna also has different biomes that can be explored; they are Terra, Ice, Lava, and Darkness. While you craft and mine, have to fight different monsters to be able to gather the resources that you need. The deeper the mines you are working on, the tougher it is to conquer the monsters you encounter. There are also unique attack types for every mine.

In MoD, you can buy land plots with the game’s main token which is DAR. These land NFTs can be rented in exchange for DAR rewards. At the start of the game, you must purchase a starter pack consisting of a pickaxe and an oxygen supply.

4. My Neighbor Alice

This game rides on the success of Farmville, a Facebook game that was launched in 2009. It is a multiplayer blockchain game that borrows inspiration from Animal Crossing as a social simulation game.

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As the player, your base of operation in My Neighbor Alice is the NFT land plots designed as virtual islands. All in-game assets and resources like animals, houses, decorations, outfits, vegetables, and so on are purchased strictly with ALICE tokens which is the game’s cryptocurrency.

There is a reward system in My Neighbor Alice that rewards players for being excellent landowners at the end of the game.

3. Illuvium

Second to Gods Unchained, Illuvium is one of the anticipated and the best NFT games for Mac. This game defies the already existing low standard of visuals in NFT games and takes the visuals quality several notches higher with a ‘Triple-A Production values built on the cutting-edge Unreal Engine 4/5.

To begin with, Illuvium is an open-world sci-fi game that centers on a spaceship that crashes into the world of aliens. You as the player then take up the role of a hunter that is set to explore a landscape that is new and unknown while he captures creatures called Illuvians.

Just as it is in Axie Infinity, the alien beasts are NFTs. Illuvium also has a similar combat system to Axie Infinity; however, Illuvium had a highly detailed 3D arena.

2. Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained  Is a trading card game (TCG) having its game’s director as someone who has worked magic on games like The Gathering Arena, Asheron’s Call, Infinite Crisis, and many other  Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games.

Gods Unchained doesn’t only look good, it is also the first blockchain game to be released on the layer-2 scalability protocol for NFTs Immutable X. The trading cards in Gods Unchained are NFTs that are traded on the Immutable X marketplace. These trading cards are ranked in order of value and quality; there are four ranks: diamond, gold, meteorite, and shadow.

You earn the GODS token which is the game’s native coin by playing the game and winning tournaments. You can use the token to craft new cards for trading, buy chests or stake the token to yield more reward. More interestingly, you can sell both NFT cards and GODS tokens to get real money.

With the high value offered and the player’s ability to earn real money and not just pass time with the game, Gods Unchained is next to only the very few best NFT games for Mac that you can think of.

1. Axiel Infinity

Axiel Infinity is arguably the pacesetter for the best NFT games for Mac and the entire NFT gaming space at large. The game currently has over a 2.7million active monthly players and has generated up to $2.3billion in revenue since its launch in March 2018.

The game is all about players engaging their combat ability. You as the player take control of three Axies, fantastical and rotund creatures that can be traded. You get Smooth Love Potion as a reward for winning battles fought.

Each Axie has four major attributes which are health, speed, skill, and morale. These attributes determine the performance of Axie in combat. Axie is a complex metaverse consisting of crafting, biomes, land plots, roads, and so on; however, it’s a 2D metaverse.

You can buy NFT land plots as your operation base but these land plots are expensive to purchase. If you play the Axiel Infinity every day, there is a high possibility of earning up to $400 per month and having fun while earning that much.


NFT games are so much fun to play. They can be a bit complex to handle considering how technical some of them can be. However, they become extremely rewarding once you have a full grasp of them. Get on your Mac device today and make money while you enjoy an exciting gaming experience.