15+ Best Minecraft Seeds For Building a City In 2022

Have you been looking for a Minecraft seed that has everything? Well, it’s time to stop looking! In this blog post, we will share the best Minecraft seeds for building a city in 2021. From mountains and valleys to rivers and lakes, these are the top seeds out there.

What is your favourite type of Minecraft world? Do you like living on flat land or do you prefer a mountain range? If you love exploring new things then one of these best Minecraft worlds might be perfect for you.

You can start from scratch with your very own plot of land or just take what nature has provided. The possibilities are endless! Let’s get started with some great Minecraft seeds…

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15+ Best Minecraft Seeds For Building a City In 2022

Do you want to build a city in Minecraft? Do you love the idea of building towering skyscrapers with your friends, but find it difficult to find an awesome seed for doing so?

The search is over as this list of best Minecraft seeds will give you everything from great starter resources to space for your city.

1. Seed: 7wo

7wo is a seed that spawns players in a plains biome, making it one of the best Minecraft seeds for building cities.

Some of the exposed chunks are mountainous, so if you play on peaceful mode, you can use them to get exposed ores. The exposed chunks are mostly exposed gold, which means you’ll have plenty of resources to build your city.

2. Seed Code: -154516451848514

This is a cool seed. You would be surrounded by several different kinds of biomes. Here you can find an oak forest as well as an acacia forest, desert, a great shoreline etc, this means you have access to various building materials for your development.

3. Seed: -6120648606982687686

This seed creates a small floating island in the middle of a large ocean. It’s a great setting to build a city.

There is a wealth of natural resources surrounding the island, so you can do whatever you’d like! The only thing you have to watch out for is the occasional creeper that appears out of nowhere.

4. Seed: -568564931

This Minecraft Seed is for anyone who wants to build the perfect city. If you start at the spawn point, you can go to the left onto snow-covered hills or to the right onto flat ground. If you choose the left, you’ll be able to access the cave with seven diamonds and some coal.

Also inside the cave is lava, which you can use to make a lava-based city with factories and smelting plants. If you go to the right, you’ll end up at the ocean, where you can build a port and boats to go explore the world.

5. Seed: Glacier

This is an awesome seed that allows you to start in a snowy biome with a few trees. If you go south from the spawn point you will run into a frozen river. If you go west from the spawn point, you will run into a desert biome.

To the east, you will run into a forest. If you go straight up from the spawn point you will run into a desert biome. If you go down from the spawn point you will run into a jungle biome.

6. Seed: Reptar

This seed spawns you next to an ocean monument and a desert temple. Dig straight down and you will find a dungeon with a small village nearby.

There are plenty of hills and mountains as well as a mesa biome for building purposes. It’s a great seed for building near water as well as starting a village with a desert temple as the centre.

7. Seed: 4179

You will find this area surrounded by sand, sandstone, and easily harvested wood for your building. The area also has caves branching out in all directions where you can go spelunking for ores and items.

This seed is perfect for building, mining, or scavenging because it’s in a wide-open space surrounded by sand in all directions.

8. Seed: mantus23452345

If the idea of building an underground cavern then is the seed for you. With this seed, you would get a cavernous, shifting mountain with plenty of room to build great structures of your choice in the base of the mountain or underground entirely.

9. Seed Code: -4889139758271612536

This seed spawns you to a vast Savannah which is close to a desert biome. It gives you a varying environment to build on.

There is also a beautiful village on this seed which could serve as a perfect neighbouring city for your creation.

10. Seed: Mazzi

This seed is a standard flat land seed that is perfect for players to build on. Though there are bumps and divots throughout the land, with careful usage of materials, this is something you can easily fix.

11. Seed: Super Flat

This Minecraft seed is ideal for anyone who wants to build. When you spawn, you are in a very flat area with plenty of hills, plains, and forests surrounding you.

You are also very close to a mushroom biome. This is the perfect place to create the building of your dreams.

12. Seed: 103674645

This seed is perfect for any medieval or Nordic build. Any snowy or wintery builds that players aspire to make would fit just right here. There are plenty of supplies available to support your creativity.

13. Seed:8586509969403413533

This seed is fascinating to see, there are three converging biomes and a brilliant shoreline. This seed is suitable for varieties of construction.

14 Seed: 1776267154993242836

This is a great seed because it has a village that is easily accessible and a stronghold nearby. Also, it has a great starting point that is near a ravine and a cave.

15. Seed Code: 249956136855891076

This seed is perfect for creating a perfect winter wonderland. You get icy peaks from the vast snow biome which adds a nice vibe to the landscape.

You would also find a huge cave built like a stunning underground cove on this seed which can serve as a touch of natural addition to your city.

16. Seed Code: 3562011352150227537

This seed spawns you next to plains and desert biomes. The biomes have a lot of flat space to accommodate your designs.
There are many both unfinished structures and completed villages, so your new city has some well-established neighbours already.

How Many Minecraft Seeds Are There?

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The Java Edition has a map size of 3.97 billion × 3.97 billion blocks (or 43.18 billion km2), there is an estimation of a maximum of 18 quintillions (18,446,744,073,709,551,616) seeds possible. The actual number of possible seeds is significantly lower.

The Bedrock Edition has a map size of 8.8 billion × 8.8 billion blocks (or 97.5 billion km2), there is an estimated 340 trillion (340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,768,211,456) seeds possible.

What Is The Rarest Minecraft Temple?

The Jungle Temple is the rarest in Minecraft. It is the only place where the Totem of Undying can spawn. The Jungle Temple is made of Jungle Wood instead of the usual Pumpkin/Oak Wood. It also has the Blue Dungeon Bed in it.

This is a bed that you can’t find in any other temple. All the other Temples have a Bed of Roses instead. Gates are the only thing blocking the treasures of this Temple.

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In this blog post, we’ve discussed not only collated the list of best Minecraft seeds for building cities, but also let you know the features that set them apart.