List Of 10+ Best Minecraft KitPvP Servers You Should Try

Minecraft is a popular video game that requires creativity and problem-solving skills from gamers. There are many different types of servers for people to play on

But if you’re looking for one specific type, then this article is perfect for you as we will be going over the 10+ best Minecraft KitPvP servers you should try out.

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List Of 10+ Best Minecraft KitPvP Servers You Should Try

Minecraft is a game about building. And one of the best ways to build in Minecraft is to play KitPvP servers. There are a lot of great servers out there that have different features and rules. And here are the ones we think are worthy of your attention.

1. Starcade

Server IP:
This server has a wide range of features that have been designed to provide a great Minecraft experience to all players.

Features such as a mod pack give you more of a challenge as well as extra abilities such as friend teleportation and removing the ability to break anything below bedrock.

Also, they have a discord bot with a number of benefits such as auto sorting your inventory and auto selling your items. You should definitely try this server.

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2. Cosmic Craft

Server IP:
This server is very stable, with no lag. Other than KitPvP, It has game modes like Factions, Skyblock, Creative, Minigames, and Survival.

Furthermore, Cosmic Craft also has staff that is very helpful. We also have kits to protect players in PVP.

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3. MineBuds

Server IP:
The best way to get started playing Minecraft is to join MineBuds Minecraft KitPvP Server. This server offers players unlimited building space, a friendly community of players, multiple game modes, and more.

With MineBuds, you can choose to play either survival, adventure or KitPvP. KitPvP is a game mode where players fight against each other using kits with unlimited life, invincibility, and instant healing. It is a lot of fun and can help you and your friends improve your combat skills.

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Server IP:
MineSuperior is an exciting Minecraft KitPvP server. They have a range of features for you to enjoy. For example, MineSuperior features a highly original and exciting kit PVP environment and it is updated frequently with new content.

They have an active and kind community: you’ll see the MineSuperior community is friendly and active. They have high quality and dedicated admin team: the MineSuperior admin team is dedicated to ensuring the players have the best possible playing experience.

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5. Herobrine

Server IP:
This server features a variety of plugins to enhance the gameplay of players, including WorldEdit, AutoRespawn, and WorldGuard.

When it comes to Minecraft KitPvP servers, Herobrine Minecraft KitPvP servers are a cut above the rest. You should try this server to discover how great it feels to play with others from across the globe.

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6. Mineland Network

Server IP:
Mineland Network is a Minecraft KitPvP server that features both KitPvP rules and land protection rules. The KitPvP rules allow players to fight each other with special powers while the land protection rules are for players who are miners or simply interested in building.

All players are given Golden Apples. Golden Apples are the currency of the server and are used to spend on in-game items.

Golden Apples can also be used to unlock commands, create new items, and much more. There is a wide variety of commands and worlds to explore and utilize.

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7. WildPrison

Server IP:
Wild Prisons Minecraft KitPvP Server is one of the best Minecraft KitPvP servers you will find. Start off by choosing from one of three different maps, each with its own unique twist. When you’re done with that, choose between three different PvP modes.

These modes are KitPvP, Survival, or Anarchy. If you’re all about building, you should definitely try their creative mode. Keep in mind that this server is also completely free to play. The server is custom coded by their admins, so you will only find the best possible Minecraft KitPvP Server experience.

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8. UltimisMC

Server IP:
This server has an awesome staff team that is very active in addressing any issues or talking to players in the chat.

You can also donate to the server in exchange for awesome perks. The server is running SpongeForge for better performance and stability. It is also running Bungeecord, so it is completely raided proof. It is also running the latest version of Minecraft.

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9. Complex Gaming

Server IP:
Complex Gaming Minecraft KitPvP Server boasts solid performance with a host of features to improve your player experience.

It includes 24/7 Uptime, large and friendly community, Custom Plugins, Fun Donator Perks, Kits, Parkour, PvP Arena, PvP Games, Raiding, Roleplay, Multi-worlds, Hunger Games, Battle Games, Skyblock, Hardcore Factions, PokePVP, Survival Games Arena and Troubleshooting guide

10. JartexNetwork

Server IP:
JartexNetwork Minecraft KitPvP Server is a server that features plugins that allow players to manage their own worlds.

The server also features an online store that allows players to buy and sell items. What we like about this server is its community features, which function as an extensive community forum that allows players to chat about the game, get information, and get tips on how to play better. You should try this server.

11. MineHeroes

Server IP:
MineHeroes is a free Minecraft KitPvP server running Bukkit 1.7.9. They have a wide range of plugins on their server to enhance the KitPvP experience.

They have a vote rewards system, a points system for those who kill targets, a fully functional kits system, a 500×500 start area for those who join, a 2000x 2000 area for those who donate, a fully functional main arena, 24/7 Global staff, and much more.

12. FadeCloud

Server IP:
This server allows players to connect to the server and play the game without any limitations. It provides a variety of features to the players. Such as; Players can interact with other players, build structures, mine resources from the world, and fight monsters to get better items and experience. No lag and you would have so much fun on this server.

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Server IP:
The server has a lot of nice features, such as the ability to become a VIP for a day, cool ranks, and lots of plugins. Most importantly, it’s a lot of fun, you should give it a try.

Features are Survival Games, Parkour, Parties, Raiding, Team Deathmatch, Skywars, SkyBlock, Capture The Flag, Bedwars, Skygrid and more. There are a lot of plugins for this server, such as; Grief Prevention, BanHammer, Residence, etc

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We have not only listed the Minecraft KitPvP servers that have been around for many years but also have a range of features and content to keep you entertained and engaged in the game. For example, MineSuperior features an original and exciting kit PVP environment which they update frequently with new content.

Nonetheless, other best Minecraft KitPvP servers like MassiveCraft, FadeCloud, MineHeroes, UltimisMC and the Mineland Network won’t fall in standard.