List Of 11 Best Gifts For Minecraft Lovers and Junkies In 2022

Are you looking for the best of gifts you can easily give Minecraft lovers around you today, then look no further as we’ve helped compile a list of the most enticing and yes, affordable gifts you can always present to them?

Minecraft merchandise is pretty smart, bright and proves to always be the perfect gift item you can always give to a Minecraft junkie in your household. And also, they do speak uniqueness that only a Minecraft fan would enjoy.

There are usually lots and lots of options whenever it comes to procuring items related to Minecraft. These items do not only mean toys but also customized sweatshirts and t-shirts, backpacks, food containers and bottles all customized with the Minecraft design.

However, they can vary in terms of affordability and quality. Several of these products from either Minecraft or Lego are usually budget-friendly and are easily accessible, still, some of these items can go as high as $50.

To save your time and make your work super simple, we’ve decided to present you with a guide that will take away the guesswork and give you a choice to work on.

Read on.

List Of 11 Best Gifts For Minecraft Lovers and Junkies In 2022

Minecraft in recent times has become one of the most notable video games well-loved by children and adults. It is a game where you build, fight enemies, mine and explore the Minecraft ever-changing landscape.

It is very much interesting and thrilling with different play sessions to scour. There is the play to create, play to survive, play with friends and space readily available for you to explore.

This nonetheless, proves to be a major reason many people are so much in love with the game.

However, you might be finding it difficult to pick some Minecraft gifts for your Minecraft lovers, then why not save yourself the trouble of scouring needlessly. Below are eleven great items you can easily handpick for them.

1. Minecraft Redstone Torch -(Durable) 12.6″ LED Lamp

Prepare for an adventure using the Minecraft Redstone Torch which features an authentic game design that is 12.6″ tall, battery-powered, and is a unique replica of the Redstone Torch from the Minecraft games. 

This makes it a perfect Minecraft home decor that can be easily used as either a night light, standing lamp, a reading lamp or mountable wall light.

It is a versatile piece available for use for young children and as well can be used to add uniqueness to their homes. It is over a foot tall and can very much provide extra illumination in a gaming area.

Your only need is to either mount or stand it on a flat surface as decorative home decor since its mode of use is just limitless. And for a kid, it is a fancy collectable that can be used to spice up their room and make it look a lot more attractive.

On the Redstone Torch is also a USB rechargeable battery lamp that features a 3.7V 12000mAh battery power and can only be replenished with the use of a USB cable. Battery power is 8 hours and does take 3.5 hours to charge up.

2. LEGO Minecraft Pirate Ship Building Kits – 386 Pieces 

Weighing 0.026 ounces, this LEGO set which supposedly is meant to be built can be used to enjoy a Minecraft pirate adventure session.

You build a pirate ship with a pirate banner, gangplank, cannons and gold detailing with the Pirate Ship kits.

It is a great unisex gift item as both boys and girls aged 7+ can make use of this unique piece to easily aid in their creative thinking.

You can also easily swap the ship modular building sections to build a pirate base while also combining it with other LEGO toys to create a unique Minecraft world. There are 386 pieces in this one and are all made up of plastic.

3. Mattel Transforming Pickaxe

Designed to be used for a two-in-one action, you should be ready to battle enemies and dig for resources with the Mattel pickaxe.

For children aged 6 to ten years, this is a very good gift item you can present to them. The Pickaxe is a very utilized tool in the Minecraft game, and the sword offers the most damages and uses. This is just a perfect item for you to procure for your junkies.

This exciting two-in-one tool also has a new diamond layout which is brilliantly designed and has a large scale feel that is truly significant with its seamless transformation from a sword to a tool and back again all with the help of a swift motion.

4. LEGO Minecraft Polar Igloo Building Kits – 278 Pieces

Bring Minecraft to life with the Polar Igloo pieces for boys and girls aged eight years and above. 

It is such a fun and interactive product to get for Minecraft obsessed lovers. It’s easy to build function and the top of the Igloo coming off makes this beautiful set a perfect gift for kids.

On this particular Igloo set is an Alex miniature, a polar bear, a decorative banner, a water area with ice blocks, a tree, plants, an arrow dispenser, a stray figure and a baby polar bear all situated in a snow-covered area.

The LEGO building kits can easily be combined with all LEGO construction sets to build creatively and put out a unique Igloo design.

This LEGO set weighs 1.23 pounds in total and is constructed for young fans of the well-known sandbox video game.

5. Mattel UNO The Minecraft Card Game (Basic pack)

Explore, create, survive and play UNO which is an exciting game that easily brings the Minecraft video game graphics to your desk. 

This special edition combines games kids love the most together i.e UNO and Minecraft cards to enjoy adventurous gameplay.

On this unique UNO, the Minecraft card game is existing characters and environments in each card and will make it a prized collector item. Of course, everyone Minecraft junkie has a favourite character and that is where the deck gets its unique look.

There are 112 pieces of the card on this one and do include a special wild card Minecraft-themed. This wild card when in your possession can be shown to other players with which they will have to draw out three more cards to continue the gameplay.

The UNO Minecraft is quite a thrilling game to behold as it’s a lot interesting and exciting to play with others. This item can be gifted out as a birthday present to young kids since it is a perfect game for big or small gatherings of 3 to 10 players aged 7 years and above.

However, the creative and colourful designs on the cards will always thrill people and can easily make a whole family want to play.

6. Minecraft Zombie Diary

This is a very short story book that entails more about a twelve-year-old Minecraft zombie who has troubles at school. It is a hilarious story as you will be taken on a ride to take a peek at what is going on between the hollow eyes.

The reading age speculated for this one is aged 6 to 12 years and is subtitled in English, contains 106 pages, and is a best-selling Minecraft Fan-fiction book of all time.

7. Minecraft Interactive Smart Watch (Touchscreen)

The smartwatch is one of the numerous gift items you can present to your Minecraft lovers in the home. It comprises a selfie camera, voice recorder, pedometer, an alarm, a stopwatch, a calculator, and gaming features making a just very perfect for gifting out.

You can easily download your beautiful pictures and videos on this one and easily share those moments with loved ones miles away.

The smartwatch also has a long-lasting battery that allows for uninterrupted usage for a long period. The mode of recharge is through a USB cable and do require at least an hour of charge before use.

8. Minecraft T-shirt (Black and Green Creeper Face)

Kids and pre-teens gifted this will always look adorable and fashionable in the Minecraft T-shirt. Never will they want to give it out.

It is a perfect piece that is quite different from toys as it can be gifted anytime, anywhere, for any occasion be it Halloween, Christmas, or birthday.

They are pretty much comfortable to wear with the crew cut neck since it’s a nice short sleeve.

Prints are, however, available in X-Small-4, Small-5/6, Medium-7/8, Large-10/12, and X-Large-14/16.sizes.

9. Minecraft Kids Backpack – 4 Piece Set

Made to be durable and long-lasting, this four-piece set comprises a lunch bag, a bag, a pencil case, and a water compartment.

You could have bought all of these back-to-school materials separately but Minecraft has done well to bring all of these together to produce efficient schooling material.

They are not made out of cheap materials and are very sturdy to use. Not too expensive also as you can easily procure one for one of your Minecraft lovers.

10. JINX Minecraft Sketchy Sweatshirt – Crew Neck

This is very good stuff you can get your Minecraft junkies as shirt printing and manufacture are of high quality.

It is moderately affordable and we think you will always get your money’s worth.

11. JINX Wolf Plush Stuffed Toy (15 inches long, Gray)

Manufactured by JINX, this is designed especially for Minecraft fans to cuddle with. It is cute and soft, constructed out of soft polyester velboa fibres so you came easily play with your favourite Minecraft character.

It measures 15 inches in length and is suitable for ages 3 and above.

Factors and Guide to Choosing the Best Minecraft Gifts for Junkies

As always recommended, many of these products are pretty good for lovers of all ages, still, we would always advise you to know your recipient.

Younger children are always known to prefer play sessions that will include ninjas, swords, dragons, and costumes to strategic games Minecraft might be dishing out. 

The older ones on the other hand will always prefer playing Minecraft, board games, UNO card games, wireless controllers, or even the Minecraft activity book.

Above is a list of Minecraft gift ideas you can get for your loved ones anytime, any day. Nevertheless, you might not be too convinced of the best due to some factors you feel you have to be aware of. No worries!

We’ve got you things to always choose from to ensure you procure the most needed gifts for your Minecraft lovers.

1. Age Range

Minecraft as a game is mostly rated seven-plus, a major reason their products are always targeted at that age range.

That is, Minecraft products targeted at children aged 9+ might be very challenging for younger kids to engage with so also a toy aimed at kids aged 7 will most likely not engage a pre-teen.

Therefore in your choice of choosing gifts for your Minecraft lovers, do always ensure you know your recipient and be informed of what product or gift item is best for one child or the other.

2. Interest

What strikes interest whenever the video game is even turned off? This is a genuine question to always ask oneself before ever procuring any item to gift children.

So since Minecraft is more than just shooting darts at enemies and completing challenges. 

Its play to build and create has also been carefully modified to be represented in the physical world by designing creative LEGO tools in form of blocks to ensure that which they get on screen is also gotten offline easily.

If that easily does the trick of striking passion, then procuring gift items like the LEGO polar igloo building kits will be the best gifts for Minecraft lovers and junkies.


One unique fact about presenting Minecraft git items is that there is always a perfect present just available for your Minecraft lovers. Your only job is to filter which is best for each age range you might the presenting such a gift to.

Many of the best Minecraft products do play a similar role. That is, ensuring you develop creativity, problem-solving, and logical thinking skills.

The game is more than completing challenges and blasting off things with a gun, it does require players to stick to their imagination while coming up with solutions to certain problems. This is also well replicated with the LEGO and Minecraft items.

Nevertheless, not all gifts can serve the same purpose. Some like the imprinted T-shirt are there to add class and give a befitting look, though will still complete a job.

Conclusively, you will always just find the perfect match for your Minecraft junkies irrespective of their age range, mode of enjoyment, or passion. You will always find one.