5 Of The Affordable Best Gaming Desks With LED Lights 2022

Gaming desks are one of the greatest additions to a gaming setup in your home. These desks can make your gaming experience so much better and when you choose a gaming table that comes with LED light, it can just make your gaming experience so much better.

Although gaming tables with LED lights could be a little pricey, they aren’t outrageous and not unaffordable. As many gamers could attest to the fact that PC gaming is an expensive hobby that can easily empty your wallet faster than you can say “Jack Robinson”. That’s why every penny counts when it comes to spending your hard-earned cash.

It’s for that reason that we have put together this list of the best gaming desks with LED lights that are under $200, that you can easily purchase for an amazing gaming experience without too much strain on your pocket.

5 Of The Best Gaming Desks With LED Lights That Are Under $200

Most desks aren’t built for gaming and that is one of the major issues for a gamer. All gamers know how important having a gaming desk is, if you have a poorly constructed desk you will not have a good time when gaming.

We handpick the best among the gaming desks with led lights that are under $200. These tables are the best the market has to offer currently and you are assured of a beautiful gaming experience with any of them.

1. ANDASEAT Eagle 2 Lightning Gaming Desk

ANDASEAT Eagle 2 Lightning Gaming Desk is one of the greatest gaming desks to buy since it has a lot of extra features to help you have a better gaming experience. It has a headphone holder, a cup holder, cable storage, and an extra-large mouse pad for your gaming keyboard and mouse.

This gaming desk boasts a stylish carbon fibre texture and plenty of room for your game monitors, keyboard, and other gaming accessories on the gaming surface. The gaming surface is 140cm broad by 64cm deep and can accommodate a 40-inch monitor.

This $199.99 desk has a cool design, is quite strong, and is designed in a Z-shape. Four levelling feet are included to ensure that your PC gaming desk is level and stable.

It features a versatile cable box with storage for your gaming equipment, so as to keep things organized and your desktop looking tidy. It has adjustable feet to keep it from swaying when adjusting feet. The glide is long-lasting and scratch-resistant.

Toughened with a cold-rolled carbon steel structure and firmed up with a combination of powerful load-bearing and a unique structural engineering design, it’s more sturdy than normal ones, allowing gamers to operate more precisely. The maximum load is 330 pounds.

The surface is distinguished by its toughness and style; it is finely processed with a carbon fibre pattern that makes it skid-proof and wear-resistant, making it ideal for next-generation gaming mice tracking capabilities.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fully covered table mat
  • Laminated carbon fibre texture tabletop
  • Headphone hook and cup holder
  • Carbon steel tube
  • PB tabletop (P2 criteria)
  • Lighting LED
  • Edge Wrapped Design
  • Multifunctional cable box.
  • Mouse pad

2. EUREKA Z2 Gaming Desk

The Eureka Z2 Gaming Desk is the answer if you want to step up your game and get rid of your old, boring office desk. To withstand your gaming demands, this gaming desk features an exceptionally robust and sturdy Z-shaped leg design.

Multiple cable connectors on the gaming surface allow you to route your wires under the desk, freeing up valuable space for your gaming gear. A slot with cable ports for your mechanical keyboard and gaming mouse cables is located in the centre of the desktop. Cable ports for your monitor and speaker cables are located at the back of the desk.

The Z2 also includes a power strip compartment on the side. Dynamic RGB LED lights bring this desk to life. You have the option of choosing your preferred colour or turning on the multi-colour light show. Simply connect your desk (by USB connection) to your gaming computer, gaming laptop, Xbox, or PlayStation 4, and the light will turn on.

The Z2 has side support arms at the top of the legs that serve to create additional legroom and keep the gaming desk from shaking in high-stress situations. This desk also includes a built-in retractable cup holder and a headphone hook, providing not only beauty and creativity but also convenience.

For added convenience, this desk has a mobile device slot where you can place your phone or tablet in your line of sight.

The carbon fibre textured work surface is 50.6″L * 27″W and is quite cool, smooth, and robust, perfectly fitting your work or gaming needs. This desk is simple to put together and will provide excellent value for your money.

These glides provide a scratch-resistant, long-lasting floor levelling device. There is a power strip storage box and two-wire management trays to keep your cords orderly.

Highlighted Features:

  • Legroom
  • Sturdiness
  • Ergonomic Inclined
  • Retractable gear holders
  • Cable management system
  • RGB Light
  • Mobile device slot

3. It’s_Organized gaming desk

The gaming computer desk’s dimensions are 47″ long by 23″ wide and 30″ tall, giving it plenty of room to set up 2-3 monitors or screens. It’s ideal for use as a computer desk, home office workstation, study table, writing or gaming desk in your study room, bedroom, or workplace.

One of the greatest gaming desks with led lights is this $169.99 desk. The desk has a larger surface area, as well as more stability and weight-bearing capabilities. A custom mouse pad is included with the gaming desk. This mouse pad provides a top-notch user experience with its ultra-durable stitched edges and superior rubber zero-slip base.

This attractive gaming desk includes a rack on which you can store a few controllers and games for added convenience. There are also four USB ports available.

This one-of-a-kind gaming computer desk was designed by It’s Organized using only high-quality materials. The gaming desk is ideal for both work and gaming. With the gaming desk, you may upgrade your office workstation and have a better experience.

Built with the highest-quality materials available on the market. You can easily get water at any time from the cup holder during the game and return to it quickly. A headphone hook is built into the desk to save space on the desktop and make it easy for you to use.

This gaming desk features four charging ports, so you can charge your phone, iPad, or headphones as you work or play. The legroom, sturdiness, and ease of assembly are the features we enjoy best about this desk. It has adjustable feet that aid in the balance of the desks.

Highlighted Features:

  • Adjustable Feet
  • USB Game Handle Rack
  • Double Headphone Hook
  • Stand Cup Holder
  • Mouse pad
  • Large Working Space
  • Full Covered Mouse Pad

4. Bestier L Shaped Corner Desk

This $189.99 gaming workstation with led lighting is a popular choice among gamers. To create an amazing and immersive gaming environment, simply turn on the RGB Strip lights. This desk has a variety of lighting modes and colours to choose from when customizing your gaming experience. It incorporates an anti-slip pad that helps you maintain a firm grip on the desktop while allowing for smooth and precise cursor movement.

Its dimensions of 55.2″ Length x 55.2″ Width x 36″ Height provide you plenty of room to keep anything you need within easy reach. The viewing angle has been designed to be as pleasant as possible. It can support a maximum weight of 100 pounds. It fits wonderfully in small spaces while yet providing plenty of room. Your room or office will have a sleek, contemporary appeal thanks to the modern, clean, minimalist design with an open-air style. Its clean and basic lines make it easy to match your office, home, or other spaces.

Under the monitor stand board, LED strip lights create a unique, exhilarating, and fantastic ambience for gaming or working. It has a rounded corner on the central board to avoid scratching.

It comes with easy-to-follow instructions, as well as tools and accessories. The elevated monitor stand on the Gaming Desk allows you to raise your screen to a comfortable viewing height, easing the strain on your neck and shoulders.

It’s simple to switch the two sides of this three-piece L-shaped desk. The monitor shelf board on the left or right side of an L-shaped desk can be installed according to your preferences. You may arrange the two desks in a U-shape to accommodate more monitors, and you and your partner can play games or work together at the same time.

This is a robust desk with an elegant appearance. To maintain stability, it has robust metal frames and modern, one-of-a-kind metal brackets. With a multi-function headphone hook/cup holder, you can keep your workspace neat and tidy.

The switch box on the Bestier colour-changing strip light has three buttons, giving you straightforward control over the lighting. To turn on/off lights, lower brightness, or change colours, simply press the button. It has 14 lighting options (7 different colours) to help you customize your gaming experience.

Highlighted Features:

  • L-shaped Corner
  • Spacious and cosy
  • Simple 3-button Control
  • Multicoloured and dynamic lighting
  • Headphone Hook & Cup Holder
  • Self-assembly as all fixings and tools supplied.
  • Dynamic RGB Lighting

5. Koya Gaming Desks with LED Lights

For seasoned gamers or those just starting, the Koya gaming desk with led lighting provides a sleek yet ergonomic gaming experience. With excellent quality, comfort, and well-thought-out utilitarian design, bring your virtual reality or fantasy game to life.

The luxurious Koya game desk table is composed of high-quality carbon fibre, ensuring your comfort and support. A multi-functional design with a sleek and durable appearance. Every time you play, the 8 vivid led lights for desk gaming colours deliver a unique experience.

With Koya gaming desks, space is king. The black gaming desk is designed with gamers and gamers’ performance in mind, boasting 24″ by 55.5″ of flat-out desk space for all your top-notch gaming gear. This big gaming desk 55 inch top allows you to have a superior gaming setup, from several monitors to keyboards and controllers, so you can conquer your game.

It’s ideal for an adult, adolescent, or a child’s gaming table. It’s intended to supply things that will help you on your way to victory. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned gamer, you’ll need a gaming desk with LED lights that improve functionality while also providing “forget-it-there” comfort. The Koya computer table achieves just that by assisting you in bringing your virtual environment to life.

You need to be able to access all of your gaming accessories in one spot when you’re in the gaming zone. This large gaming workstation has a headphone hook and a drink holder that are both easily accessible. It’s the ideal 55-inch gaming desk for individuals who are serious about gaming, whether marathon or not.

The brand’s mission is to give the best virtual reality and fantasy gaming experience possible. This gaming desk is made of high-quality materials and is both attractive and functional. A 30-day money-back guarantee is included with each gaming desk.

The black gaming desk has a flat surface area of 24 inches by 55.5 inches. You can easily switch between various monitors, keyboards, and gaming accessories. It comes with a headset hook to hang your headset on, as well as a drink holder to keep you hydrated during those long gaming sessions.

Highlighted Features:

  • Functional Design
  • Ergonomic inclined
  • All parts for assembly are included
  • 8 LED Color Options
  • Sleek Design
  • Headset hook
  • Spacious space


It is important to note that the gaming desk is an essential part of your setup and a good gaming desk can make a huge difference to your gaming experience.

All of the gaming desks mentioned above have all the right features that would suit any gamer. Whatever your choice is, do remember that a good gaming desk needs to be sturdy and give you plenty of workspaces. It also needs to have the right amount of space for your equipment.