10 Best Gacha Games You Need to Play

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Gacha games originate from Japan but now have great popularity worldwide alongside the continuous rise in mobile gaming. Gacha games are primarily mobile, old-school, combat mechanics jRPG with long storylines and different events. They sometimes have an online multiplayer feature, but the most interesting of all the features of Gacha games is the gacha element, where you can summon the game characters with in-game currency, often called pulls. You are probably already interested in Gacha games, so we will get right into our recommendation of the best Gacha game you should try.

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best gacha games 20 1200x675 1
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1. The Alchemist Code

The Alchemist code is a popular Gacha role play game that uses RPG mechabics rather than the usual jRPG. You as a player move units around the board to attack opponents. The features of the game include about 50 collectible characters, different specila events, competitive PvP and a multiplayer co-op mode.

2. Genshin Impact

While most gacha games last interactive combat, Geshin makes use of real-time action. This feature allows you to control every aspect of your character. The combat is not just interactive with the characters but also with the environment for instance if you fight an opponent near water, they become susceptible to Electro attacks. The game is loaded with content, its soundtracks are beautiful and the game in its entirety has a stunning outlook.

3. Azur Lane

This game is certainly an above average gacha game and is a variation of the the popular Kantai Collection game in Japan. The game feature a side-scrolling shooter mechanics. You summon characters, form flotillas and beat up the bad guys. Ther are over 300 characters in this game and there are a truckload of things to do.

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4. Fire Emblem Heroes

This game marks the entry of Nintendo into the gacha games world. The game is characterized by a lot of fun, colorful graphics, and content. There are a wide variety of characters to summon from the Fire Emblem. It uses strategy RPG mechanics just like the console games, it is fairly free to play, user friendly, and fun to play.

5. Bleach Brave Souls

This game has a long-running shone as its theme. There are other games similar to this game and they include; One Peace Treasure Cruise, Ultimate Ninja Blazing (Naruto), and so on. The features of the Bleach Brave Souls include; Many characters to summon, RPG mechanics, a fairly solid gacha system.

6. Epic Seven

This game is a turn-based role-playing gacha game that has an incredibly rich storyline. The full-frame animation sequence of the game helps to absorb you into the game and bring the story to life.

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7. Lord of Heroes

This game avoids the classic gacha clichés like overly sexual or violent character designs, it has a free–to–play system and the entire storyline is pretty decent. The game play mechanics are a fairly standard turn-based system with special abilities. The graphics are decent and it is a free-to-play game.

8. Marvel Strike Force

In this game, you assemble a team of your favorite marvel characters to fight against a new threat. The game has a pretty decent storyline but the characters are quite expensive to buy. It is a reasonably good gacha game to play.

9. Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag

There are only a few Sword Art Online games available on mobile and Memory Defrag is one of them. The players of this game can play the RPG roles and are also able to summon a ton of characters from the series. The game has one of the most active online social community tools. Its features include co-op missions, guilds, and so on; it is also free to play.

10. Tales of Crestoria

Tales of crestori game includes a story where the player builds a team with a bunch of characters from Tales games. The game is not the same as the action RPG combat of a typical Tales game but still has that fee of a Tales game. It is user-friendly and free to play. It is also a good pick for fans of Tales games and people wanting to explore the world of Tales games.


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