10 of the Best Flash Games Websites You should Try

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This list of best flash games websites will thrill you! Online games are one of the most popular and most loved software pieces. Despite the introduction of unique consoles into the gaming world having games with the best graphical quality, many gamers still prefer to kill boredom with simple online flash games. There is a truckload of websites out there for different types of flash games, from casino games to simulation games, puzzles, and so on. Some of these numerous flash games websites come with loads of viruses and security risks. Knowing this, we have come up with a list of the ten best flash game websites for you to try out. These websites offer flash games for free, so you do not have to break a bank to have fun.

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1. Kongregate

This website has a collection of over 128,000 free online games. Kongregate uses the SuperNova shockwave flash to enable users to access their favorite flash games, and it gives badges to players upon achievements in different games. Game developers can host their games on the Kongregate website as it has an open platform for all kinds of web games and a publishing program for game developers. Popular games on this website include; Kingdom Rush, Learn to Fly 2, Swords and Souls, etc.

2. Armor Games

This site is one of the best flash games websites as it is the home of strategy and adventure games, so if you are a lover of these types of games, find your way to Armor Games without thinking. There are also loads of other categories of games to choose from on this website like arcade, sports, simulators, etc. You can create a free account on the website to reduce the number of ads you get while playing your favorite games.

3. Addicting Games

This flash game site is an interactive one with one of the largest databases of games with over 4000 games and counting. You can track your scores in your favorite games and share them on your social media pages at your will. All the games on this website are free to play. Having a premium account on an addicting games website gives five family members and friends access. It also gives you access to upcoming games that are yet to be released to other accounts.

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4. Miniclip

This website is one of the earliest and best flash games websites. This website offers APIs to developers to allow them to develop influential games that are more interactive. A feature that is not commonly found in flash games websites. Miniclip also has a platform for Android and iPhone games. Popular games on this website include Free Realms, Flip Master, 8Ball Pool, and a host of others.

5. 247 Games

247 Games is one of the best flash games websites, and it is best for games like Sudoku, solitaire, chess, mahjong, and their likes. Navigation is simple on this website, and the website has a lot of games on it.

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6. Games.co.id

This website is another excellent choice of flash games website. The website gives access to various games across different genres ranging from sports to action, puzzles, adventure, etc. The website has Indonesia as its origin; therefore is developed with the Indonesian language, but the language can be translated anytime using Google translate.

7. Nitrome

Nitrome is another excellent option of gaming site with about 160 game titles available on it, some of which have been converted to the HTML5 version. The entire Nitrome catalog of games yet to be converted to HTML5 version can be accessed using the SuperNova chrome extension. The games available on this website are great, and they include Bad Ice Cream, Flightless, and so on.

8. Big Fish Games

While some games on this website can be downloaded, others are only trial versions that require purchases. The website allows you to watch walkthroughs of other games while you are stuck on one. Some of the big titles on this website are Hidden Express and Burger Shop, amongst others.

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9. New Grounds

This American-based website is the oldest Flash portal with an indigenously built user rating system. Several games across different genres are available on this website, including casino, action, puzzle, adventure, and many more. New grounds has movies and videos offered to visitors as side attractions.

10. Freewebarcade

This website is free, easy to navigate, and makes playing games a walk in the park for users. A click on the game category of your choice opens and gives you access to the game. This website also allows developers to submit their games.

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