8 of the Best Block Games Every Gamer should Try


Preferences differ with people when it comes to game choices. Some people love adventure games that cause huge adrenaline rush, others prefer fighting game, and some others are lovers of survival games. Some people have their preference as brain-smashing block games. There is a wide range of block games available on different devices and you can easily find a truckload of available choices on app stores. As much as there are choices of games, there are also a lot of virtual cons that give you nothing in exchange for your time and efforts. To help you boycott these cons, we have put together a list of the best block games that you should try. These games are exciting, they promise an amazing gaming time.

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8. Jigsaw Puzzle Epic

Everything about Jigsaw Puzzle Epic is brain-smashing, from the thousands of puzzles in various categories to the exciting feature that allows you to create puzzles using your photos. Jigsaw Puzzle Epic takes you on a journey around the world where you get to see beautiful sceneries, visit unique places and experience different seasons without leaving the comfort of your space. Features that you enjoy in this game include beautiful photographs with High Definition quality. You can also have access to new puzzles every day, so you do not get bored of playing the same puzzle every day. Jigsaw Puzzle has over 10,000 puzzles in different categories and 11 difficulty settings with up to 625 pieces to accomplish.

7. Roll the Ball

This game puts your IQ to a great test and is an excellent option for gridlock and maze puzzle enthusiasts. You have to clear a path for the ball by sliding tiles. You slide these tiles to allow the ball to keep rolling without a stop. Roll the Ball gets your brain, eyes, and hands working, and it has the multiplayer mode that allows you to play with other people. The free version of the Roll the Ball app contains ads that can be overwhelming; you may need to upgrade to a paid version to enjoy the game without ad interruptions.

6. Brain it On

This game gives you challenging physics puzzles that give your brain a lot of work to do. If you are a lover of physics or would like to learn a few things about physics, this game would be a great pick. Brain it On seems easy on the outside but subtly challenges your brain with the several puzzles that put your logic to the test. The exciting part of this game is that you can play it with friends. There are multiple ways to solve each puzzle. You just have to find the ideal way to get the job done.

5. Puzzle 100 Doors

If you are bored with the classic block games, Puzzle 100 Doors is an excellent means of escape from that boredom. The game gives an entirely different experience that improves your problem-solving skills. You are trapped in a cryptic house, and the only way you can get out of the house is by solving puzzles that include finding hidden objects, logical and jigsaw puzzles, and many more. There are 100 doors in the house, and each door comes with a new challenge.

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4. Bloxorsz

Our list of best block games will not be complete without Bloxorsz. This game has you navigating a series of challenging paths while discovering terrific tiles and avoiding dangerous holes. You rotate blocks to their destinations and make sure that they don’t fall off the edges, put a two-story block into a square hole by rolling it around repeatedly. The levels in this game are grids, and each grid contains one square in which the two-story block can fit. Your end goal is to get the block into the hole without allowing them to fall off the edges of the grid.

3. Block Hexa Puzzle

This game is one of the most popular of the best block games. It is an excellent choice of game to improve your spatial intelligence and geometric skills. Block Hexa Puzzle offers unique hexagonal pieces that task your brain a lot more than the square or rectangular blocks. Your goal is to fit the block pieces into provided spaces. The game has no time limits, so you don’t have to rush to finish up with your challenge; however, you cannot move to the next level if you don’t fit all boxes in a particular level.

2. Unblock  Me Free

This game is one of the best block games and brain-smasher to kill time. It takes on the classic puzzle, making it an excellent option for puzzle enthusiasts. It helps develop and improve problem-solving and cognitive skills; it has a tiny design size but has a power puzzle-solving gameplay. It has over 180,000 puzzles with four different modes: Daily, Relax, Challenge, and Multiplayer.

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1. Block Puzzle

Block Puzzle has to be the best of the best block games available. The game is addictive as you will never want to stop once you start playing it; there are 550 levels that get progressively difficult for you to enjoy. There is an online version of the game that allows you to play anytime and anywhere. The simple rule of the game is that you need to drag blocks, and they will vanish once you can make one full horizontal or vertical line of blocks. This game is fun and safe for kids to play. Find more block games options here

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